Miraculous Monday

Monday, January 25, 2010

I think if we look around we can see God's miracles in our everyday life. Today is one of those days where I am seeing His work all around me.

First, our friends Jennifer, Richard and their 3 boys (who we have been lucky enough to get to know in real life here and here) met their beautiful daughter/sister Wesleigh Jane in China. Just a year ago they were at our house loving on Kate and dreaming of their daughter and now they have her!!! In the past few weeks, they faced a lot of challenges with the adoption paperwork and red-tape but Jennifer remained faithful and fought like heck to get to China and meet her daughter.


I love how she is smiling up at her Mommy.


Jennifer has the most beautiful and peaceful glow I have ever seen here.


A few days ago, Dave's best friend from boarding school (they have know each other 32 years!) and my dear friend (I have known her for 17 years!), Karen met her daughter in China too. I have blogged about them lots before (here and here and here). Last week, Karen travelled with their toddler daughter, Becky (also adopted from China) and a friend to adopt their daughter, Katie (love that name:). She is amazingly strong! Karen's faith is truly inspirational. Congratulations to Karen, Doug and their family!

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Here is Karen with her two bundled beauties climbing the Great Wall!


Here are the two adorable new sisters (Becky and Katie) getting ready for a rick-shaw ride!

The real beauty of these two stories is that God called each of the families to specifically adopt them. Katie and Wesleigh Jane were both in the Special Needs program in China. Jennifer and Karen listened to their hearts and followed the call to become Mommies to these precious angels.

Please pray for these two families this week. While these trips are filled with joy, they are often filled with pain and grieving as well. It is so hard for the little ones but it is also hard on the parents to see their little loved ones hurting.

Very soon, my dear friend, Diana, will be traveling to China to bring home her gorgeous daughter, Sienna (another miraculous story!). I am not sure my heart can take much more!


  1. Beautiful post Kim. God is so faithful and he amazes me daily at his awesome wonders. thanks for the encouragement. PS love the photos of Kate in the previous post. SAL

  2. Kim, beautiful post! On Wednesday, my cousins leave for China...their gotcha day is 2/1/10...I will be there to meet them on the 12 and welcome home their sweet 3 year old...she will be such a blessing to them and our entire family! I can't wait!
    Jennifer's face is amazing in the photo of Wesleigh sleeping.....God's peace is all over her!

    These are the moments that make my wait that much easier..
    I know one day God will have my bundle of Joy (Isabella) in my arms..
    Love ya my friend..

  4. What a beautiful post!!! I love post like this...the babies are beautiful!!! What a wonderful Monday!!!!!! : )

  5. I almost lost it this morning when I saw the pictures of them with Wesleigh!! I was so excited! And Jennifer already had a big bow on her head! This is so sweet of you to share on your blog, Kim :) I can't wait to see more pictures!

  6. Thanks for sharing these beautiful, amazing stories with us!!! My hubby knows I'm looking at baby blogs because I can't help the happy tears from falling!

  7. I love reading these posts about you and your amazing, dear friends. What a wonderful life you are all giving these precious children - AND what a wonderful life they are giving you! I will pray this week especially for these families.

  8. Being one of those momma's that God clearly led to the SN program and lit the path to our daughter, I have such a warmth in my heart and an appreciation for this post. And I can't wait to see Sienna in Di's arms. God had His hand all over their story, and the connections still blow me away! I keep hearing more and more stories like this. I love to see the Lord working through those who have open hearts for the orphans. He is mighty and to Him be ALL glory!

    Blessings and Hugs,

  9. I too have been so excited about these two families receiving their babies. It is just amazing to see God's hand in the whole thing. Both are amazingly strong woman!!!

    I just read your Kate post and so enjoyed it. She is adorable and cracks me up- that dimple is to die for. Maybe she can hang out with mia someday and mia will speed her up and maybe kate can slow her down. Mia needs some slowing down-phewwwww!!!


    Christy :)

  10. What a sweet post. God is so good!

  11. No words this morning... Just, "Love Love!"

    :) Me

  12. these posts are so inspiring!! i love them! thanks for sharing kim:)

  13. Love this! I enjoy seeing how God orchestrates uniting daughters & sons with their families. Thanks for sharing!

  14. I totally got goose bumps seeing this post ... I can't wait until we receive our travel call! Thanks for the post!


  15. I love seeing children united with their families. Jennifer is a wonderful and amazing person. I am so happy for her. She has really kept the faith and I am so glad that her day has come.

  16. I have got a really silly question i have been dying to ask you forever. In most of your posts you link websites.... How do you link the website using the family's name instead of typing out the website address?

  17. It is so great to watch these families finally reach the end of their journey!! What a miraculous time in their lives........ can't imagine the range of emotions they are all feeling right now.

    I agree....Jennifer is just beaming. It was a tough road with lots of bumps.... but he saw them through and now they have Miss Wesleigh!

    Beautiful post:)



  18. Because I know a dear friend that apoted from China and she is like dear family to us,
    the story sends chill up my spine!
    God is a faithful just God, and answer the prayers of the hearts that seek after HIM!
    Those children are a blessing to the parents as well as the parents will be blesssed by the children
    As you said though the road is ROUGH some days but GOD is GRACIIOUS and ALWAYS willing to help when called upon
    I do call this a miracle Monday post
    GOD bless these three families!

  19. Love all the China adoption stories! We just returned home on the 1st of Jan. with our precious 3 1/2 year old son. That makes 3 China beauties for our family. So blessed...


  20. Love this! I could follow china adoption blogs all my life! :) those first pics always set my heart racing....love them!

  21. These stories are truly amazing and inspiring!

  22. This post is so filled with love, hope and joy...it absolutely made my heart sing!!

    Love and Blessings,


  23. Such an exciting time for your friends! Thanks for sharing their stories with us. I'm now following each of them.

    LOVED getting to see you on Saturday! I could have talked ALL day! Hope to get together again soon.


  24. What a wonderful blessing to both! You are so right, the look on your friends face just says it all.


  25. Such great stories and beautiful children!!

  26. Wow, these are so inspirational and moving. I will be praying for all the families.


Thank you for your kindness.