Karen and Becky's visit Part 2

Sunday, December 7, 2008

We really enjoyed having Karen and Becky visit us. Will especially bonded with lil Miss Becky! He was incredible with her walking around the house and at the park. We look forward to a lifetime of memories together! I have so many photos that I decided to put these in a slideshow.  As you can see...we are still not completely unpacked. Tomorrow is Harry's birthday, so I am working on a special post all about him:)


  1. LOVE the pictures..
    The girls are sooooo BEAUTIFUL...
    Glad you had soooo much fun..
    Great memories to last..
    Can't wait to see Harry's Birthday pictures..
    Happy Early Birthday Harry..

  2. Such beautiful children, all of them! What an amazing red thread, huh? Love Kate's Henrietta MJ pants. Paige wore hers to school and her teacher told her to cut the buttons off or not wear them again, because she was jingling too much : )

  3. Great pictures! I'm so glad you decided to share them all.

    Happy Birthday, Harry!

  4. What beautiful pictures! Happy birthday to Mr. Harry, tell him we will celebrate for him here in VA if he will celebrate for us in TX. My bday is Tue and Adam's (dh) is on Wed! Can't wait to see pix!

  5. What a doll little Becky is... I love all the photos! It's so sweet to see Will taking good care of Becky & Kate. :) I'm glad you all have had such a wonderful visit ~ looks like SO much FUN!

  6. Great pics Kim. I love them all. Becky is such a pretty little girl-- just beautiful-- just like her pal Kate!! What part of CA are they from (southern by chance??)

    Kate climbing on the bench with the goat cracked me up becuase that is exactly what Mia would have done. She has no fear and in her mind all animals are friends and are just like her big dogs at home. Too funny!!!

    Christy :)

  7. Your house guest is adorable. All the pictures are great and you blog has Christmas all over it. Love it all.

  8. What great pictures!! It looks like you had a wonderful week together....It is so cute to see the boys with little Becky!!

    I hope that Harry has a Happy Birthday....can't wait to see your special birthday post!!


  9. Such an adorable post!! All those beautiful children in one room : ) I hope Harry has a wonderful birthday!

  10. such beautiful little girls!

  11. Oh, too much fun and cuteness!


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