Friday's Finds~My drugstore faves!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

I have ignored the blog this week and I apologize. We have been to the pediatrician twice in the last week. Harry had strep (Again!). Kate had severe eczema causing her to lose most of the pigmentation on her face and she was back again today with a bladder infection! She still has horrible eczema around her eyes and it is super red and irritated.

Also, I have had the honor and privilege of posting for my friend Karen (see below) to her blog while she is in China and anything I would post here seems so insignificant to new families being formed.

However, my bloggy friend, Colleen started Friday's Finds a few weeks ago and I wanted to participate this week. I have decided to post a few of my inexpensive drugstore beauty finds. I love good beauty products but I also love a bargain. The following fit both categories.


Nivea Soft. This is THE BEST body moisturizer EVER! Read the reviews here. Seriously, I love this stuff. It is very hydrating but not greasy at all and it has a delightful and extremely light scent. It feels very luxurious but only costs $6.79!

55-98-354 ExptShineControlInstantMatte-1

I get forehead shine. I hate it but it is who I am (unless I am juicing regularly-but more on that in my next post). Living in an extremely humid city only makes the forehead shine worse. I have tried every single product out there and this is the best and the cheapest. It is Boot's Instant Matte and it is only $5.99 people!!!! I LOVE it. You can get it at Target.


To me, mascara is the most important cosmetic I purchase. I have tried the expensive brands such as Chanel and Lancome and the new very popular Yves St. Lauent, Singulier. It is supposedly all the rage. But none of them can hold a candle to this mascara. Really! In fact, I returned the $30 Singulier because it was horrible compared to my beloved $7.99 L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara in blackest black. I have been using this since it first came out and really, it ROCKS!

So, there you have does not need to cost a fortune.

I already have a few great finds for next week too:)

My sweet and adorable Harry is representing his class in the school Spelling Bee this morning. I am so proud of him. Keep your fingers crossed and say some prayers for him. I will let you know how he does!


  1. Love this post! I didn't know you could get Boots stuff in the US. I really LOVE Boots and I miss it because we don't have it here in Spain. I must look out for the instant matte when I am back in Ireland.

    I use the same mascara! It is GREAT, I came across it by chance.

    Yeah for Harry. Praying it goes well for him.

  2. I am a big drug store mascara girl too. I splurge for the rest but Drug store Mascara is the best.

    I don't know what you use on Kate's eczema but just in case you ever look for something new, I thought I'd pass this on to you. My daughter also has eczema and has trouble tolerating most products. We have tried everything from organic to prescription. One of her friends gets eczema to the point where her legs were totally covered in outbreaks. She told us about Curel Itch Defense. It totally cleared her daughters legs up. Sophia has used it all winter and has not had a single outbreak {or reaction to the lotion} It has really been a blessing and it's even nicer that it is so inexpensive.

  3. First, can't wait to hear all about the Spelling Bee--he is gonna be fantastic!
    Love the Friday favorites--I think I might have to switch back to L'Oreal I have been hung up on Clinque's thick lash!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. I just did a post asking for face shine help! I'm looking for this at Target tomorrow- thanks for the tip!

  5. I may try each one, love to have recommendations so that I am not buying things that aren't quality. Thanks!
    Have a great weekend!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy

  6. Nivea is the best , specially in winter for the little ones !
    thanks for sharing!

  7. Kate sweetie...I feel your troubles. I get the worst eczema and it is not fun. I just cant seem to figure out what to do with it. All the dermatologist will give me are steroid creams and I really do not like using them. If you ever find any ways to resolve her discomfort please please let me know. I would truly appreciate it.

    I have to try that mascara, it looks fabulous!

    Good luck in the spelling bee Harry, you'll be great!

  8. You are right--L'oreal mascara is the best! And thanks for the moisturizer tip--I must try it. Living here in the chilly NE really does dry out the skins something fierce...

  9. Great finds!!! I love Boots products but this is one I have never tried...I'm trying it because I have such dry skin...I do live in the North Pole ya know LOL
    I have to look for this mascara...I agree, mascara is so important...I have really sensitive eyes so a lot of mascara's make my eyes turn red...gotta love allergies. I'm off to Target this morning and I will pick up a tube of this mascara...I happen to be out and now would be a great time for me to give this mascara a try : )
    Wish I had a shiny forehead...that would mean their was a little humidity in the air...can you send a little my way, mixed in with some warmth?
    Thanks for participating....Great post!

  10. I am off to target to buy that mascara. You must have read my mind this week,mini makeover attempt happening here; 0 Good lick Harry!!!!

  11. Thanks for the tipS! I need some mascara now! I'll let you know what I think. TEE HEE!

    Hope your little ones feel better soon!
    Have a great Weekend!

  12. Love this post! I'm always looking for new beauty products to try. Thanks for sharing your finds:)

  13. First, I hope Kate's eczema clears up quickly. ugh.
    I LOVE Boots products and totally forgot they are now available at tarjay. I used to stock up when in the UK. But it has been awhile
    Prayers for Harry during the spelling bee! Can't wait to hear how he does!


  14. What a super fun post! Who doesn't love a bargain? The Nivea cream is wonderful, isn't it? Did you know that the ingredients are VERY similar to that of Creme de la Mere? Woo hoo!

  15. Great finds!Mascara is my must have. I'll have to give this one a try.

    Hope everyone is feeling better soon. My son has been very ill at school. It's been hard not being near him to make sure he is healing.

    Have a great weekend~

  16. Wow -- thanks for the tips -- really need some new mascara, so will definitely give this a try!

    Hope the kiddos are feeling better! Way to go Harry! That is so exciting! I won a little class spelling bee in 5th grade and got a beautiful statute of St. Theresa -- still remember how proud I felt! Hope you have a great weekend.

  17. Kim,

    I started Friday Finds today too and I didn't even know someone else was doing it.

    Too funny.

  18. I love all your suggestion. Nivea is one of my favs but I don't know this cream. I'll try it. The girls both have such dry skin.

    I wear L'Oreal mascara but I haven't tried this one yet. Thanks.

    Hope your son aces the spelling bee!

    Wanda (at Last...)

  19. Love this Friday Finds! What a way to pass on GREAT BARGAINS!!! Hoping Kates eczema clears up and Harry does great on his "bee"! Have a great weekend "3Peanuts"! Honker down, I heard we're gonna get a cold snap! Guess I can put the open toe shoes up...well, until next week that is!! Gotta love Southeast TX!!!

  20. Kim...I just saw the instant matte at Target and almost bought it, but didn't know if it worked...I am so excited to know it does and will head back there today!!

  21. So, so sorry the kids have had such a hard time. I especially cringed to hear about Kates skin around her little eyes. I hope it all clears up really soon! Bailey woke up at 3am with a fever. We don't know what it is yet but since she started preschool she is sick constantly while last year when she was always home she coasted through the whole year with hardly anything! URG.

    (I still use that pink and green mascara from high school!! lol) I will have to give this one a try.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for harry!!!

  22. I love this post, Kim. First of all so sorry about Kate's is truly miserable and I know that first hand because my Will has it too. It can get quite severe on his legs. Thankfully he's never had it on his face.

    Will definitely try the Nivea soft cream and the mascara (always on the look for a better mascara).

    Have a great weekend!

  23. Thanks for the suggestion on the mascara..... I feel like I am forever trying new brands to find "the one"...... Can't beat a bargain price like that either!!

    Good luck to Harry and I hope that Kate is feeling better soon.....sounds like a rough week!!



  24. Those items are on my list and forcing me out into the cold to purchase them!!! Thank you for the tips! YOU rock!

  25. Thanks for the great baragin goodies. Good Luck Harry, I'll pray for him and just know what ever happens he will do his absolute best!

  26. I am going to buy that mascara tomorrow! I do not like the one I have, and I didn't like the one I had before that either!
    Thanks for the Friday faves!

  27. You have sick kids and so do I. Can't wait to try out these products. Making a trip tomorrow! Hope everyone feels better this weekend!!!

  28. Hmm.....I am going to send Elisabeth to Target to get me some of this mascara! I looked today at Costa Rica's "Walmart" and all of the mascara was $20.00......can you believe that? I have to have mascara but I may have to give it up for seven months until I get to Mexico! lol

    Kim...I am so sorry you and your babies have been so seems each time I come on here someone is sick. I will continue to pray for all of you and your health. Love you.

  29. My forehead tends to get a little shiny in the afternoons... Instant Matte seems Instantly fabulous! Another reason to head to Tarjay tomorrow!

    Prayers for sweet Kate and Harry with their conditions - and Harry's spelling bee. Whoo Hoo! Have you seen Akela and the Bee? It's a great movie. We have even DVRed it. Hope Will is doing well too!

  30. Oh, I am a SERIOUS Nivea lover. In fact, I lived in Amsterdam for a few years and I became addicted to everything Nivea (they have so much more variety of products than we do there) and I used their deoderant. Well, whenever friends come to visit they KNOW they won't stand a chance getting off that plane without some Nivea for me. Hats off to Nivea!

    As for mascara.....I couldn't agree more. I refuse to pay more than $7 for mascara and I have read countless times that the old pink and green mascara is a staple in every makeup artist's color kit...I believe it!

    Great Finds!


  31. Kim,
    I know this won't help Kate's ezcema around her face, but have you heard of "bleach baths" for ezcema? If you google it you can see several articles on reputible sites like Mayo and such about it. It is supposed to work wonders.


  32. Poor kids. I hope they're both better soon. I have to lotion Kerry up as soon as I get her out of the tub and if she goes out in the cold or her cheeks flare up. Thanks for the tips, I've been thinking of trying a new mascara. I don't wear a lot of make-up, but mascara is a must for me.

  33. first of all congrat's to Harry on the spelling B
    your finds sound wonderful too!
    I am going to be trying the mascara for myself as well, for i have very allergetic eyes!
    I need it bad I need mascara that does not cause such allergies either!

    Hope Kate is better!
    And Harry strpt is gone too!

    Conrats to you families as well on their new forever families!
    this is all such a wonderful post!

    hope every one gets well soon!


  34. How did Harry do in the spelling bee? How wonderful! I'm sorry to hear the kiddos were sick. Hopefully the weekend will have everyone rested and healthy again. I am meeting up with the entertaining house blog friend tonight in CT and will be in NYC Sunday. My bff from California is here visiting. We are having a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing your beauty must haves!

  35. Kim,

    I'm so excited to try this mascara. (Only a woman could write that sentence.) I am a bit of a mascara junkie and feel like I'm on the never-ending hunt for THE mascara. (Still haven't found IT by the way.) I'm going to go buy some of the L'Oreal today. I think I'll try that Nivea cream too.

    Thanks. And call me for your Fancy Nancy phone consult anytime. :)

  36. There is nothing like a good drugstore find. I love your profile picture, it could not be cuter.

  37. hi! yes. olivine used to be in Uptown Park, but she had to move and was going to move to West Gray. so i selfishly said - move to the village. the what? she checked it out and moved the next month. love it.

    and - get this. two summers ago i wrote about the historical houses in Galveston - and helen spends the summers in her house in the cashiers - and she read that, came home, and bought one with this inheritance from a great aunt! wow! now she has three houses. she is a hoot. the nicest person in the world. but for some reason i seem to be able to influence her real estate choices. I'm trying to get her to move from the woodlands to west u!!! wish me luck!!

  38. Kim,

    I'll definitely keep the Nivea and mascara in mind. My skin has been so dry's been extremely cold up here and despite putting moisturizer on daily, I'm starting to feel a bit 'alligatorish', if you know what I mean;-). I'm SO due for new mascara...getting those little annoying clumps. Thanks for sharing!

    You have definitely had a busy week!! I hope your kids are feeling better, and you are so kind to lend a helping hand to me DESPITE the crazy week you just had.

    You're a blessing!


  39. Thanks for this post! I will definitely try the body lotion and the mascara. So sorry about Kate's eczema. When my son had it I swear we bought Cetaphil by the gallon.

  40. I'm going to buy the mascara today! My daughter has her 4 year check up on Thursday and I want to address her eczema as well. Her face is also discolored. I've cut out all dairy products (which I found out about from your blog :) ) is there anything else you would recommend? Other foods we need to cut out? Would you want to post a little about how you treat Kate's eczema? Thanks!

  41. I am having the hardest time finding good mascara. I am going to try yours. Thank you for the suggestion! I hope that Harry did very well at the Spelling Bee!

  42. I love good deals - THANKS! A good regime IS very important :) I bought the mascara today as mine was out & I didn't love it anyways!

  43. I use the same mascara Kim ... and I am going to buy the Boot 'shine-stop' ;) today!! It is almost always humid here in FL and I've tryed many other products (more expensive) for the forehead shine. Can't wait to give this one a try.

    Thanks far the suggestions!

  44. I posted today about a product that might be great for Kate's eczema. It works wonders!

  45. My daughter also lost a lot of pigmentation on her face from eczema.She is very fair skinned for being Chinese so it really shows. The dermatologist recommended using CeraVe [you can find it in CVS, the one in the tub not the lotion] and it has helped tremendously. Her face is so soft. I even use it now. I also use Bio Oil.

    Thanks for sharing such great tips!

  46. I love these helpful posts. I'm excited to try the lotion, as I have very sensitive skin. Unfortunately though, I didn't have as good of luck with that mascara when I tried it. I'm a Lancome girl. Though I do like another of the Loreal mascaras that is my second choice! ;)

    I can't wait to hear more about your juicing. I remember when you posted about it last summer, and how it helped your stomach problems. I bought a Breville after that, and we do really like it, though we usually only make carrot/apple juice, so I'd like to learn some new recipes with more veggies, etc. If you get a chance to share some of your favorites, I would LOVE to hear them!


  47. Love all of your favorites... I know this is off of the subject, but I was wondering what you use for your daughter's eczema? Both of my little ones have it on their face right now. We have a prescription to use on the rest of body but for the face I wasn't sure. I love your blog, I am now a follower, can't wait to come back and read more!

    Have a great weekend!

  48. Kim

    I wanted to come back over and thank you on the mascara find

    I did get some at target, thus far NO itchy eyes!

    The 7.99 is far better, than the 30.00 tube at belks. dog gone wished I could return it, but I do not have the receipt to the Lancone!

    Just wanted to come back and say thanks for the nice reccomendation!
    hugs! Cindy


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