Sunday Snapshot~Kate

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ni Hao Y'all

Stef (who is an amazing Mom of many children AND she just returned from China with lovely Vivi) started snapshot Sunday to share a little bit about a child (or an event).

So, this week I am giving a little snapshot of my Katie Ru.


My Katie Ru is all girl.

She loves to imitate me.


She is a little shutterbug.

She loves to put on her "make-up!"

Align CenterDSC_8617

She LOVES to cook (especially with her Daddy) and she is quite good.
I would not be surprised if she has a show on the Food Network one day!


She also loves to "read" and it is the one thing she will do independently
for a little while.




She is a lolly-gagger and a SLOW poke. In fact, it has become our little joke that I ask her to be a "fast-pokey" when we are in a hurry (which is always).

She is a daydreamer.

And she is full of joy!


  1. Kim,
    Kate is so beautiful - these are some of my favorite photos you've taken of her yet! She's really growing up. Have a great week, Wendy

  2. she is precious!! Her hair looks like it has grown so quickly...looks great!!( semi-mullet be gone)
    She looks so grown up, but yet it was so fun to listen to that silly goose talk on her foot!!

    Great big personality in such a wee girl:)

  3. Oh My!
    Katie Ru is a simply gorgeous! The photos are beautiful and her wardrobe is dreamy!
    Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

  4. She is so adorable!! I love the be a fast pokey!! I need to use that with my Gabby girl.

    I know you don't know me that well but I wanted to let you know that I have an auction blogsite to raise funds for our China adoption. I am auctioning off all of princesses clothes because we have a little emperor Jon Jon joining the family.

    The site is

    My adoption blog is

    I have always been inspired by you and your kind, honest and thoughtful posts. Plus all of the beauty...


  5. Precious girl :) Yes, she is growing up....

  6. I love this post Kim! Some wonderful pics of Kate too!!!! I love the DayDreamer shot! I need to start doing these snapshots. It is such a wonderful way to capture our kids!

    I hope you have a wonderful week!!! I just posted more on Jen & Wesleigh!


  7. She is adorable!!! I love her little jumper...: ) These photo's really show her happy little personality...

  8. I love that she loves to cook with her daddy. We have a budding chef at our house, too.

  9. gorgeous! Do I spy another Charlotte English original? I miss Lori:( don't you?

  10. I love Kate's outfits. :) You take such beautiful pictures and I can see you are quite talented. Thanks for sharing a 'snapshot'. I have been following Stef's blog and her journey home was quite adventurous.

  11. I love these photos. Kate Emerson is such a beautiful little girl and she is looking so grown up. Her toile dress is stunning (she has the BEST wardrobe).

  12. What a sweet post! She is such a blessing to your family! Hope you all have a great week.


    just like her Mommy..
    Have a great week..

  14. Beautiful post! Love this idea!!! the outfits!! TOO CUTE!!!

  15. Awww, sweet Kate, I miss her...and you too! Great pics and her hair is growing fast!!

  16. I love that you are doing Sunday Snapshot!! I love the pictures of Kate - it warms my heart to see her imitate you - they say that imitation is the highest form of flattery - does that count when it is our kids?


  17. Charlotte English? I wondered if she was still making you know? Your precious daughter wears her clothes well....what a doll!

  18. What a great post! She is just precious!

  19. What a sweet post! Kate Emerson is just adorable!

  20. That Katie Ru is something else! Smart, witty and beautiful :)
    And I just love to hear how you describe her, clearly you ADORE her! What a lovely Sunday Snapshot of your precious girl!!

  21. what a beautiful post kim!! i love the pictures, great idea!

  22. Loved hearing about all of the forever families and how your precious heart, KIM! can't take aNymore. You are such an amazing person. i HAD POPPED OVER HERE THIS morning and saw this post and had a million things to tell you but bailey came in and off the computer she made me go! URG. As so often happens these day. First I adore that blue and god dress haha but the make up and the pinkalicous book. That is the one bailey will read by her self too and makeup! everyday now..thank goodness we can't see it. But its just funny how our little girls are doing the exact same things so far away from each otehr. I have probably said it before, but i never get over it. Sorry for all the typos, I have to go again but I would hang out here longer if I could. Love your posts!!

  23. Kate Ru is beautiful! You are awesome photographer! The one where she is reading in her bed and the little spots of sunlight is an incredible shot.

  24. such a sweet post about miss k...and as always kate is dressed like a doll.

  25. Sweet, adorable Kate. She is precious, and so funny! Loved the clips below.

    Gin =)

  26. Precious girl. I especially LOVE the last picture!! I am wishing I had a little girl, because I would totally buy all of Kate's clothes from you!!

  27. What a sweet little post ... she is such a little cuite!

  28. Oh my I love this post!
    And Katie Ru is full of joy.
    Lovin that last image much!

    Hope all is well with you!

  29. All of those we KNOW she is every picture is adorable!
    She is beautiful and I love those smiles
    what a darling!

  30. Kim,

    I cannot THANK YOU enough!!!!!

    You are so kind to take time out of your day to help me out with your words of advice...JUST what I needed to hear on so many levels~ validation of my feelings and strategies to, as you said, nip this in the bud. I am so grateful!!!! As I'm sure you could tell from my post, this has been heavy on my heart. *sigh*

    I KNOW you've saved us a therapy stop;-). Your suggestions made so much sense....kind of what we were thinking we needed to do all along, but I was afraid our actions may have been too drastic. Your words/strategies put my mind and heart at ease, and it's WONDERFUL to know this came from an attachment therapist.

    The one area I especially appreciate you touching upon is the affection with close family friends, and after hearing your words, I'm confident in the steps we should take.

    I would love to hear any other info you would care to share. I tried to find an email to send this privately, but was unable....please feel free to email me.

    Thanks again for your support, and above all your prayers. I feel hopeful and confident we can combat this with consistency, love and time.


  31. I look at those pictures and I think of the word: happy.
    She is such a happy happy child. Your family has given her an amazing life full of love!

  32. Another beautiful post about Katie Ru! Love her foot phone below too. Hope you are feeling better!

  33. I love seeing her personality through your pictures--She is absolutely stunning!

  34. Oh she's a cutie pie and wearing a Lori original dress! I miss Lori's posts.


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