Goodbye Virginia...Hello Newcity!

Thursday, August 21, 2008
This is the beautiful view I had every time I drove into my neighborhood in Virginia!


We have said our final farewells and we have left Virginia. We are now in a two bedroom corporate apartment in our new city (it is tight with 3 peanuts and a dog) until we find a house. Our trip here was very long but we had fun. The kids did great in the car and so did Scout. I learned that I need to add some more songs to my Ip*d. I got very bored on such a long drive with my meager selection.

It was our first time traveling with a dog and we had to stay in "dog friendly hotels." Let's just say that my favorite hotels are not "dog friendly." Also, Will is very allergic to dogs. Scout is hypoallergenic but poor Will had major allergy symptoms from the other pets in the hotels.

One day on our road trip, we visited a state park and had a picnic (it is a challenge to eat healthy and gluten free on the road). While I was getting food at the grocery store for the picnic, Dave and Harry found incredible fossils in the grass beside the store. They are such awesome geologists!

My creation
Our family in the car. Kate finally got the hang on the headphones a little bit.
See, I was so bored on the drove, I had to practice my photography;)

Looking for fossils. Harry hit the jackpot!



Taking a break from the car....Monkeying around!


Along our way, I thought we might pass by Jennifer's house. We got in touch at the last minute (when I was about an hour away--thanks for your help Denise) and she graciously welcomed us into her beautiful home. We hit it off immediately. She is so sweet and kind and she has the most welcoming Southern accent you have ever heard. She is gorgeous too! Jennifer let my kids play nerf guns in her house...she totally rocks! I am so glad we met and I look forward to spending more time with her and her family. Thank you Jennifer!

Thank you to everyone who has wished us well on our move. We still have a lot ahead of us. The boys school "interview" is tomorrow. I really have felt all the prayers and good wishes.


  1. I don't know how you did it on such short notice! You go girl!

    Praying that you find a new home soon and everything falls into its place!


  2. Im so happy you made it safe and sound. That is so cool you were able to see Jennifer-- she is totally cool!!

    How do you get Kate to keep the headphones on. I think we have the same car and we too have the DVD system but I have to put the sound on all the speakers becuase Mia cant figure out the headphones. I figured I had another year or two till she would fiure them out. Maybe there is hope for sooner.

    Glad you guys are doing well!!

    Christy :)

  3. Hey there Kim, it's Laura! I am going to need your new address so that I can send Kate's good wish square! Glad that your drive and your vacation went well! Hope to hear from you soon. My email is wheatola@jmu,edu

  4. oh Kim I have to say I love that Virgiia view. How lovely!
    Wow isn't meeting fellow blog buddies wonderful?
    How fun!
    Love your pics;)
    I pray you find the PERFECT house ASAP!

  5. We miss you already! Please let us know if there's anything we can do for you here. Many, many prayers are being said for you - interview, house, sitter! Looking forward to seeing you next month!

  6. Best wishes in your new hometown!!

  7. Glad you guys had a great fun and safe trip. Praying for you and the whole family.

  8. I have to say I am glad you are back. I found you through Somewhere in the Sun and I so enjoyed reading your just inspired me. Kate is absolutely adorable and your boys are too cute! I was sad to see you go but hoped you would come back someday...then I saw on 3 boys and a little girl that you were there and I was so excited. Have no idea how long you've been back but here's to a belated welcome back!

  9. I'm so glad you made it. I kept wondering if you'd get there in time. It was so great meeting you! Your family is just awesome. Thanks again for stopping by! I know the boys will do great on their interviews! We'll talk soon.

    You're cracking me up about the accent!

  10. Wishing you strength and smooth sailing! I an certain those sweet boys of yours will knock that interview out of the park!! Prayers to you all!


  11. Oh Kim,

    You are such a great mom and so brave!!! I am so proud of you for making that long drive...I don't know if I could do it;) I am glad that you all got there safely and looks like had a little bit of fun on the way. We will miss you soo much!!! Love, Clare

  12. It sounds like you all have done well on your move. I love the rest stop pictures!!! I can't wait to hear the news that you have a new house!!


  13. Hope the interview goes well, praying you are all settled very soon!!!


  14. Oh what fun Kim! I can see you and Jennifer hitting it cool to move to a new city and already know someone! I will be praying that you find a new home quickly!

  15. I am sure you will be in your home sweet home very soon. Good luck with everything! Glad to see you made it safely. I love Jennifer, how fun that you got to meet her. Thinking of you so much lately!

  16. It really hit me this morning that you are gone, so I had a good cry here at my computer...although seeing that you were able to meet Jennifer made me smile.

    Glad your trip went well...miss you already~

  17. Looks like your ride and adventure to your new place was fun and exciting..
    LOVE the pictures..
    How fun to meet Jennifer...
    Hugs to you and hope the kids LOVE Their first day of school..
    Have a Great Weekend..

  18. i hope everything is all right for you and your familly ... I personnaly hate the driving travel so i admire you for keeping smiling in a so long trip with all your familly !

  19. So glad that you had a safe trip. We'll be praying that you find a family home that brings you peace and comfort like the one you had to leave.

    Also, what breed is Scout? I would love to get a god, but need to get something hypoallergenic!


  20. Best wishes on your move, search for a new home and school for the boys. Sending good thoughts and prayers your way for a very easy transition on your adventure in a new city! And as usual, your photos rock!!


  21. Praying for you. What a beautiful place you are leaving but what a grand adventure God has in store for you and your family!

  22. I'm so glad you are there safe and sound. Long road trips can be really bad or an adventure. It sounds like you made it fun. Rest stops are the best for kids! We have traveled with a dog a couple of times and OH BOY do I know what you mean about the hotels!

    I hope you find a beautiful house soon!


  23. So happy you are there safely. Good luck with the house and school.

  24. Glad you made it! It was so fun to see you with Jennifer. I hope you are settling in, and able to scout out the perfect home for your family! I am inspired by your "can-do" attitude!

  25. Congratulations on making it to your new city! Well done, Mama!!

    Kudos to everyone!!

    Snick :)
    dd Sunshine 7 Viet Nam
    dd Brilliance 2 China

  26. i'm so glad to hear the drive went well. i hope the house hunting goes well. ya'll are in our prayers.

  27. Hope the interview goes well today and I wish you all the best settling in to your new home!

  28. You are so amazing, Kim!! Looks like things are going well! So glad you got to meet Jenifer, she & her boys are precious!

  29. Hope the "interview" goes off without a hitch. Praying you get settled in very soon.

  30. I'm glad your family made it safely to your destination. Coincidentally, we're also temporarily in a 2 bedroom corporate apartment with our 3 kids - it's tight and constantly a mess (though I'm confident you won't allow that to happen like I do) but it's an adventure for now!! Best wishes to you and your peanuts as you get settled in. We're just disappointed that we won't have a chance to bump into you when we visit Lily and her family next weekend!! Another time, another place!

  31. I can't believe how quickly this all happened for you - AND you had a vacation right in the midst of it!! I am sure you are in need of a little down time, but now must start looking for a home. I hope you find one that you love!

  32. Kim,

    Glad to hear that you made the trip safely. How exciting looking for a new house! I am sure that you cannot wait to get settled and get everything unpacked to make it your home.
    Take care,


  33. I am always impressed by you - but with the speed of this move, I am speechless with your superhuman abilities! You really should write a book of tips!
    The pictures are terrific and the one of Dave just caught my eye. It looks like you captured him after just asking him how much he loves his life. I just love that picture! He is so happy!
    Congratulations on the move, albeit temporary for now! Good luck with the interview for the boys!

  34. Looks like your move has been a great adventure so far! I know it was hard saying good-bye, but I know you have many blessings ahead of you!!
    That is so cute about the "doggie hotels!" I can so relate!
    Wishing you all the best as you get settled!!!
    (I was just over checking Lori's blog and I called her Kim by mistake!lol The both of you are so inspirational and talented!)

  35. Good luck to you and your family on your new and exciting move. I do love VA, but home is where your family is...remember that if you get homesick.

    You have such a lovely family and I know new friendships will be made quickly.

    Beautiful photos!

  36. Wishing all you the best on your move...

    We are in HHI at the moment and the weather is terrible (thanks to Faye!)-I guess it's just an off year! On a side note did you ever visit the little boutique, Island Child, at the village of Wexford in HH?? It has the cutest little girl clothes! :)

    Jeannine Whitacre

  37. Kim,
    I'm so glad your drive went smoothly and you made it to your new home (well, temporary home).

    We miss you and have been thinking of you. Lily wore the blue dress you gave us today and it looked adorable - it was a little big up top and fell off her shoulder, but it was still so cute! I gave her a choice of two dresses and I said this is the one Kate gave us. She said "Kate" and picked hte blue one! :)

    Hope the school interview went well - I'm sure your boys breezed through with flying colors!

  38. Kim,

    Best wishes in your new hometown. How wonderful to get to meet Jennifer!! Good luck to the boys on their interviews!!!

    Hugs to you

  39. So glad that you've arrived safely in your new hometown. I'll be praying that the boys' interviews go well and that you find a new home very soon! I'm so glad that you are blogging again and that we can continue to share your life with the 3 peanuts. Blessing to you as you settle in.

  40. I'm so glad you guys made it safely! Thanks for the update in the middle of all the chaos! Happy House hunting! And tell the boys good luck with their interview.

  41. Oh Kim, you're strong. I would be a mess if I had to pack up and move across country. I'm glad the trip went well. I'm sure the apartment must feel like culture shock, but I'm guessing the Peanuts are kind of seeing it all as an adventure. I'll be praying for you. House shopping is so exciting and so stressfull all at once. Good luck to the boys tomorrow!

    Gin =)

    P.S. That beautiful picture of the hills and horses reminds me of a lot of places here in Ky.

  42. Your view was truly beautiful but I know the Lord has wonderful things in store for your precious family.... I miss you all so much! That is so cool about the fossils.... what a thrill!
    Love all the pics. How fun that you and Jenifer got together... and I see those pillows of her beautiful fabric that was her inspiration for her blog design. lol
    I am praying for you my friend.

  43. I am sorry to see you leave our state - I was hoping to catch up with you someday in DC! I am in such suspense to know where you all have ended up for you next adventure. We were in a ONE bedroom corporate apartment for several weeks with a lanky tweener boy, 2 dogs and 3 cats - on the 4th floor with no elevator - what a nightmare! It is a good thing we were only looking for a rental house at the time - I think we took the first house that would accept our pets! I hope that you enjoy your 'cozy' family time and that you find a great house soon.

  44. Good luck as you continue to get settled and find you new home! Everything will fall into place before you know it!


  45. Kim, how exciting to be in your "Newcity"! (I was cracking up at that!) Thanks for letting us know you made it safely and enjoying the moments along the way. (It's awesome that you stopped to visit Jennifer!!) Your pictures reminded me so much of our move South...stopping along the way somewhere in Virginia at a farm and running and playing...we still have such fond memories of that trip. I'm sure it's exciting and maybe a bit challenging, but I wish you the best with all that has to be done!!

  46. So glad you have made it safely. I pray that you will find your new home quickly and that everyone will adjust.

  47. So glad you made it safely!!! And, it looks like you had some fun along the way. What a blessing to meet Jennifer!!! I miss my girlfriends with their southern drawls...... I hope we can catch up soon!
    Hugs to all!

  48. Hope you find your new home soon. Best of luck to the boys in the upcoming interview!

  49. I just wanted to THANK YOU again..
    You dont' know what it means to me..
    And for the card and cute packaging..
    I totally understand.. and that is fine with me..
    Hugs to you..
    Hope you are all doing well..

  50. So glad you've landed in your new town. Best of luck finding a new house to make a home and even more luck selling the one you left behind. My prayers are with you for the school transitions as well.

  51. So glad that you made it there safe and sound - hope everything falls into place quickly :D
    Ladybug hugs,

  52. Hey girl~

    I am sorry you have to leave such beauty behind, in addition to special relationships. :o(

    Is it me or does Will look like he's grown a foot??? He looks so tall and his looks are changing--still so handsome.

    I hope the interviews went well and that little by little each detail will fall into place. One step at a time...


  53. Kim, just wanted to stop by and say hello and let you know I was thinking of you and hoping everything is coming together for you all!!

  54. That happened so fast!!

    Best of luck with the move!

  55. Oh Kim,
    So glad you are safely in newcity:) Praying the following days are low on stress, high on efficiency and just plain uneventful. Wishing the boys a happy beginning to their new school and Kate a peaceful transition...we continue to pray and we send lots of hugs.


  56. How wonderful that you were able to meet Jennifer.
    I am glad that you are in your new town. I hope that you are able to find a home that you will love as much as your last one. Eli used the minivan headphones for the first time on our road trip this past week. He watched the pink pather cartoons over and over. I can't believe how he likes them better than Disney movies.
    I am sure that the boys did just fine at their interviews.
    I will pray for peace and a smooth transition for all of you.

  57. Safe travels, thanks for taking the time to keep us bloggers update.


Thank you for your kindness.