July 4th ( a year late)

Saturday, July 4, 2015
So, this year is strange for July 4th for us.  We had a difficult time picking a camp week for Kate and Harry.  Harry usually goes to camp for two weeks and Kate wanted to go two weeks this year but due to an upcoming trip we decided that one week of camp would have to be it this year. Anyway, the only week they could BOTH go (due to camp availability) has them traveling home later today.  They actually arrive tonight.   We knew it was bad timing but it was all that could work with our summer plans and camp availability.

We've been invited to two parties but the camp pick up cuts into them both.  We will see how they are when we get them and we might go to one of the parties before pick up and one after:)

Anyway, I was looking back at former 4th of July posts and realized I never posted any photos of last year.  It was also a quiet 4th as the boys were at camp and Kate was the only one home with us.  That being said, Kate LOVES the little bike parade and carnival in our neighborhood and we always go.  I am sure she is really sad to have missed it this year.

So, I wanted to post the photos from last year.  I will post date them probably in a few days. It appears these are all from my iPhone.



Kate is very lucky that one of her best friends happens to be our next door neighbor.  These girls play all the time.  I went and got them all the stuff and they decorated their bikes together.





face painting + snow cones= fun

Now usually, Kate rocks the hula hoop contest.  She always wins.  Harry and I aren't too shabby either. In fact, our family often sweeps that one.  I don't have any video or photos so I am wondering if we left early.  I did find a brief video of the bubble blowing contest from last year.

Bubble blowing...


I have no clue what we did after the carnival because I obviously did not take any photos
(maybe I was having too much fun).

 And see that is why it is important to not wait a year to blog about something.

 We did have a little ice cream sundae party before bed though ( a little 4th tradition for us).



  1. Looks like that was a great a 4th of July celebration! What fun! Hope you were able to attend a party or two and most definitely have an ice cream sundae this year!

  2. Fun pictures! I love the annual bike parade! I'm wondering if I could ask you a couple questions - one related to dyslexia (which I believe you said some time ago that Kate was tested for) and another about summer camp. I have a daughter who's nine who was adopted from Guatemala as a baby. My name is Carrie and my email is hellofromhastings@yahoo.com if you'd be willing to "talk" with me. Hope you had a good July 4th!

  3. So fun! I hope you are having a wonderful summer.


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