the 4th of July 2013

Friday, July 5, 2013
I need to get more creative with my blog titles.  Anyway, Our 4th of July was fun but a bit disjointed this year. Harry was graciously invited to a resort (just outside of town) with a family for a few days so he was gone most of the day. Ironically, some of our good friends Hoot and family were also at the resort and they brought Harry home and stayed for dinner!  We love "the Hoot family" so much.  And our kiddos have very special friendships as well.  They are "salt of the earth" good people.

So, our day started kind of early. Dave and Will went off to the DPS to practice parallel parking as a driving license test is coming up for him.  Apparently, you can practice at the DPS when they are closed and loads of people here practice the parallel parking because honestly in Texas that is not something we do a lot of.  But I digress...

Each year our neighborhood hosts a sweet bike parade and carnival.  It is very nice but very HOT.  I was soaked by the time we went the block and half to the school for the carnival.  With Harry gone and Will too old, we though maybe we'd skip it this year.  But NO WAY!  Kate is all about the 4th of July and she was so excited to go.  Seriously, you would have thought it was Christmas morning by Kate's excitement.


I had a very cute red, white and blue dress and bow all set for Kate but she vetoed it.  She said the dress might get in the way in the hula hoop contest (which she won last year and the year before) and she could not wear the bow with her bike helmet.  So we grabbed the whatever we could find.  Also, because we are slackers, we did not decorate her bike.


Kate did some crafts and got some painting on her arm.  Will was going to the Astros game with a bunch of his friends so Kate desperately wanted Dave to take her.  She got an Astro's baseball on her arm to seal the deal:)

So, onto the hula hoop contest...  Kate told me before we left for the parade.  "Mom it is going to be a lot tougher this year to win."  I said, "Why?"  She then told me that now that she was 7 she was in the 7-9 age group and those 9 year olds are really good.  Kate is not super competitive at all but she does like hula hooping and she is really good at it.

There was a window right behind her and it was so crowded that I could not move to the other side to take pictures.  Kate did VERY well in the hula hoop contest.  I thought she would win.  It was down to 3 girls.  And then they did the flamingo.  Kate can do it but she did not know she had to keep her foot up for the whole second song. So she put her foot up and then set it down and the DJ wanted them to keep it up.  So the the other girls tied for 1st and she came in 2nd.  She was happy with that!  I was happy that there were no junky stuffed animal prizes for 2nd place as I just cleaned out our play room!




I posted a video of her in the hula hoop contest on Instagram.  You can see it here. It really is better than these pictures and it is 15 seconds:) And her dancing here  (SO cute!).

After the carnival, I went shopping and started preparing dinner for our guests.  And Dave and Kate took off to the Astros game.   Dave sent me this from his phone:)


Later in the day, Shelly and family arrived and were kind enough to bring Harry home with them.  We had a casual dinner.  Poor Hoot was feeling sick so he laid on the couch most of the time.  And Libbie was exhausted but she rallied to have a giggly good time with Kate.  I absolutely LOVE seeing these girls play.  They just have the best time.  And they are pretty rough and tumble too.  They wrestle and belly bump!


There is a story behind this castle.  We are doing a MAJOR purge of our house (more on that soon) and we started with the playroom.  We literally got rid of half the stuff in there.  Kate fell in love with this castle when we went to Disney a few years ago.  Santa bought it for Christmas that year but she never plays with it.  Libbie loves it and plays with it every time she comes here.  So Kate decided to give it to Libbie.  It was very sweet.

After dinner we did a few fireworks.  Stephen and Shelly always bring my boys fireworks (which they LOVE).  Thank you for bringing them!!!





I love how Kate is dancing with JOY at Libbie's neon sparkler.  That is so Kate.  She LOVES Libbie so much!


Poor Hoot tried his best to have fun.  I sure hope he is feeling better today.

  LOVE this one of Will and Libbie!

Unfortunately, it started to drizzle and Owen and Harry were not feeling well so the night came to a early and sudden end.

  On the 3rd, it was just me, Kate and Dave and we took Kate swimming.  I just wanted to share her cute patriotic suit with y'all because it is probably my favorite suit this year...


Of course, once all the peanuts were fnally together, I had to get a few pictures:)




I hope y'all had a safe and happy 4th of July!  


  1. Looks like a great 4th of July! It's funny how our girls are starting to nix the cute stuff. Mine will not be seven until this Fall and she is so opinionated about her clothes! It's still fun though :)

    1. Hannah,

      Kate still loves cute dresses and clothes-- Thankfully!!!! She just did not want to hinder her hula hooping abilities!!!

  2. It looks like you all hade a fun day!!! I love her dress!! Heidy and Eden loved it too!! Such cute pictures!!!

  3. Looks like you all had a fun day!! I love her dress!! Heidy and Eden did too! Such cute pictures!!


  4. Love both of the girls dresses! While it may have been disjointed it looks like you had a fantastic day!

  5. What a great day! I loved the Hula Hoop video! Sophie can't quite figure it out and was very jealous! LOL! I love that the boys participate in the family fun... my bigs are always gone... the fun is always at somebody else's house! Happy 4th!!

  6. What a fun 4th and great that you were able to connect and spend time with the Hoot family!!

  7. Looks like so much fun!!! Love the hula hooping shots!

  8. cracking up at the minivans in the background. I am such a copy cat! its the highest compliment though! If my uber cool peanut mom can drive one, then I can too... equipped with monogram. We had a great time even though hoot wasn't feeling well. He is still sick today :(

  9. LOVE that photo of your 3 peanuts, with the flag behind them! It's perfect!
    And YEAH Kate on her hula hooping skills, she is amazing! ...even won despite being with the older bunch!

  10. Looks like a picture perfect holiday Kim. That last picture is sooo cute, should be on your Christmas card. Glad you enjoyed....missed being in blogland and happy to be back.

  11. You are so blessed Kim - what a beautiful family you have. Looks like a perfect day.

  12. p.s. Savannah and I have those same monogram's on our cars - LOL. True southern girls ;)

  13. What great pictures!! You are killing me with Kate's clothes! So cute. Happy 4th (from China!)

  14. You have just the most darling family,and you are such a great Mom.Thanks for sharing- I love reading your blog!

  15. I love seeing pictures of your beautiful family! LOVE that last shot! I hope you all are doing well!


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