4th of July Weekend (part 3)

Friday, July 8, 2011
Our neighborhood has a really sweet, old fashioned bike parade and carnival every year for the 4th of July.  The kiddos all meet about a block from our house and ride their bikes to our neighborhood school (another block and a half).  At the carnival there is a petting zoo, pony rides, free drinks and watermelon. All sorts of carnival games and contests.  It is such wholesome family fun.  And we see our neighbors, friends and school mates there:)



All the decorated bikes and wagons and scooters.  I was too lazy to get there in time to photograph the bike parade.  Harry made it in time and I think Kate and Dave brought up the rear.  We were kinda sleepyheads this year.

Kate danced us a storm with the DJ.  She did the twist and the hokey pokey and she turned herself around.



Harry won the bubble blowing contest AND came in 2nd in the hula hoop contest for his age group.  He almost won 1st in that hula hoop contest.  His hoop never fell but he put his foot down during the flamingo challenge at the last second.



I know this is a horrible photo but I had to show you Harry's hula hoop method.  He barely moves.  I am not sure how he does it.

Kate rocked the hula hoop contest and won 1st place in the 6 and under age group! She was ALL business and didn't even stop when the contest was over. She could have competed in the tricks with the older kids too!


She won this lovely teddy bear...


Harry won some stuffed thing too and a ring pop.  I have never been a fan of stuffed animals.

Then it was time for some serious business for the adult hula hoop contest.  You might remember that last year, I tied for 1st in the championship round.  I wasn't feeling it this year and was not going to compete but Harry urged me on as did some neighbors.


I was doing fine for a while but then I lost focus right about HERE when I turned and smiled for the camera....


and I was out. Oh well.  My abs still hurt.  A Dad won!  It was awesome.  A man has never won before.  He was quite good too.  See that booty?  That is my official "Summer of Pie" booty right there.  If you were here last summer, I had the "summer of salad with no dressing" booty (doctor's orders--damn crazy candida diet)!  I definitely see a bigger booty this year. Yeah, that "Summer of Pie" might not have been such a good idea after all! In fact, it might have interfered with my hula hooping abilities:) I mean really what was I thinking when I said we'd make a pie every week?! I did make a blueberry pie today though. And I ate a piece.


After the carnival, Dave took us out to our very favorite Mexican breakfast place on the planet.   YUM, I love my Mexican Omelet (also NOT good for the booty)! Seriously, we LOVE this place.  When we lived in Virginia we used to whine constantly about how much we missed our Taqueria.

I think we swam and recovered from our food comas in the afternoon.  At night we had family movie night and watched "How to eat fried worms."  It was really cute.  Good family flick.  I had to cover my eyes during some of the actual worm eating scenes (no real worms were injured supposedly). Then the boys snuck out to see the fireworks while Kate slept and I watched the Casey Anthony circus trial recaps on TV.  All in all, we had a GREAT weekend.




  1. It looks like you had a great 4th of July! The hula hoop pictures are a hoot! How fun!

  2. i've so enjoyed your 4th of july updates!! what a fun weekend for ya'll.
    & you go girlie with your hoolahooping skills!


  3. You guys crack me up with your hula-ing abilities! Crazy, mad talent you have Kim! Booty or no booty, you are beautiful!

    LOVE all the bikes from/for the parade. I think our neighborhood needs to get that kicked off too!

  4. It looks like everyone had a great 4th! And don't worry you look great, in the post last year you had on dark shorts I say keep enjoying that pie!


  5. Whooo hoooo! You go girl! Adorable pics! I love the idea of a bike parade! How fun!

  6. Wow -- what a fun time!! Love the photos and everyone is so good with the hula hoops! Do tell - what is the secret?

    And you're so silly -- you look fabulous-- pie looks good on you! ;)

    Have a great weekend!


  7. You are so cute!! And I don't think you could have a big booty if you tried! But if you neeeeeed someone to take some if that pie off your hands, just give me a call! They all sound so yummy!! Happy Summer! With love...

  8. Looks like so much fun!! I adore Kate's outfit, she is precious in it!! Enjoy your pies girl, you look great!

  9. What a super-sweet post! The last picture of the kids is adorable; they look like they're having such a great time. And your hula-hooping abilities? I'm impressed because that is NOT as easy as it looks! You look great this year, and you looked great last year, too. Definitely don't stop eating the pie; all the ones you've made so far look way too good to pass up! :)

  10. Your family has some serious hula hooping skills. Cole is the only one in this family that can do it. I look like a drunk hillbilly swinging around, it's pathetic. What's even more pathetic is I actually clicked on the link to see your booty...I guess it was just to tempting of a link to pass by! LOL!

  11. perfect holiday weekend!!!

    you know life is too too short to not have at least one summer of PIE and booty to match. The good news is the kids will remember all of the delicious pies and will NEVER remember your booty:) pink pinky swear!!

    We escaped the sweltering TX heat and headed to S. Cal for some cooler temps(that they think happen to be warm...HA)

  12. Oh..to have a Goode Company breakfast......so jealous here!

    Saw all the cute sale stuff - too bad your Kate & my Katie are the same size...I would love some of the monogram "K"" stuff - but it would fit my "B" girl, not my Kate :)

  13. Just between us, your booty is AWESOME! I got my booty back to Pilates this week and it is feelin' it - well, maybe not my booty so much, more my (wannabe) abs!! :)

    Love Kate's shorts and tee!


  14. Love all the festive clothes... especially Kate's outfit... and seriously, Kim, most people would kill for that bootie!

  15. I will trade bum's with you. Your summer of pie booty is WAY tinier than my post baby one! =) You all look so cute.

  16. Happy 4th Kim, a dozen days late, ha! (playing blog-catch-up here!)
    Love the last picture of your kiddos and amazing you can hula-hoop, I cannot at all!
    Let me see that pie booty...wait, hold on while I grab my magnifying glass!
    Ha, you're gorgeous! :D


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