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Monday, August 24, 2015
 {Please note the boys started school a week ago. That is when I started this post.  Today is actually Kate's first day but I am just getting around to finishing the post.}

Today (last Monday) is the first day of school for Will and Harry.  I seriously don't know how this happened.  This is the oldest photo I have of them on the blog on a 1st day of school.


This was August 2007.  Harry was going into 1st grade and Will was going into 4th grade.

This was this morning (last Monday)...


Will is a senior and Harry is a freshmen.



You can tell that they were totally thrilled about me taking photos.

I kind of wish I had taken more time because these are the last "back to school" photos I will have at home of Will.

So far, high school is going really well.  Will is starting his college applications and we are all hoping he knocks them out quickly so we can just enjoy this year.

Harry LOVES his new school.  He is fitting in well, making new friends and adjusting to the academic rigor. I can say that this is the happiest and most comfortable I have seen him in his own skin in years.  It's all good. Harry even went to the high school mixer dance this weekend and seemed to have a great time.

Will drives Harry each day and I think it has been really good for their relationship.  They used to be best friends when they were younger and then naturally drifted apart though the middle school years. I can see them becoming closer again and I am so thrilled about that.

This is Will and his best friend David first day of freshmen orientation.


And this is them first day of senior year.


They went from looking like boys to looking like men.

Kate started 3rd grade today. She had a tad more patience (literally a tad) for my picture taking.



(Please excuse all of our weeds.  We need to do some yard work but it's soooo HOT.)


She got the teacher she was hoping for and some of her friends are in her class.  Kate was super excited for 3rd grade.  She suddenly looks a lot older to me in these photos.  

Our summer FLEW by.  I really have no clue where it went.  We took a long family vacation that was incredible.  Will got his wisdom teeth removed.  Kate and Harry went to camp.  I hope to catch up on blogging.  I know I say that all the time but this year is so special (Will's senior year) that I really hope to be better about preserving some of our favorite memories.  I know I will be back very soon to blog about Kate's first gymnastics meet of the season and our vacation.

I hope your children are all having a great end of summer/back to school.


  1. Yay! A post! It's been awhile! I love that you have the side by side comparisons! So much fun to look at and so just how much they have grown. Pardon me if I have asked this before but you are a picture girl like me so I was wondering if you make photo books. Do you even print photos to have a physical copy or all virtual? If so which company do you go through to make photo books.

    1. Thanks Chrissy. I do not print books but it is on my to do list so if you find a good company, I'd love you to share it with me. I always want to do this but time gets away from me.

  2. So cute to see the old photos! Hope everyone has a great school year!

    1. Thank you Kelleyn. And I hope you guys have a great school year too.

  3. I can't believe how little they look in that first pic. I'm not exactly sure how long I've been reading you, but both boys in high school!!!! Crazy!!! Can't wait to hear where Will decides to go next year.

    1. Thanks MCW! I am so excited for all the new things happening in your life.



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