Eight reasons I LOVE Harry!

Monday, December 8, 2008

But first a little walk down memory lane.....
(these are scanned and thus poor quality)

My labor with Harry was less than 2 hours.  It was such an easy delivery.  This was taken as soon as he was born.  To read the story of his birth, click HERE.

One year old @ Gymboree
A pale, little Harry at Gymboree when he was one.

2nd Birthday
Blowing out the candles on his Thomas cake for his second birthday (notice I dressed him in smocked clothing too).

Two years old

Here is my happy little guy (2 years old).

Cute as can be at 3!

3 years old

 3 and a 1/2
Having fun with Will at 4!

Almost 4

5 years old
On the swing when he is 5 years old.

6 years old
A big smile at 6!

Cute as ever at 7!

Now, he is 8!

My creation
Harry chose pancakes for breakfast and he has requested Mom's french toast (gluten free), watermelon and breakfast sausage for dinner! Kate and I went to his new school to have lunch with him and we brought a treat for his class.

I love Harry for so many reasons but today I will list 8 in honor of his 8th birthday...

~I love your love for God.  You have such a strong spiritual heart Harry.  You are our prayer warrior. You ask some very deep spiritual questions. I remember when you really wanted to have a prayer table for your room. We found just the right one in Virginia. It sits proudly next to your bed with your Bible and devotionals.

~I love what a great brother you have become.  You adore your older brother and you are very generous with him.  Last week, I took you on a date to the bookstore.  You choose a book for yourself and then used your own money to buy one for your brother. You are so patient and so loving with your little sister, Kate.  And while I know it has been a little hard for you since she came home, you love her with all of your heart! You love all of your cousins but you are especially close to your little cousin, Ashton.  You treat him like a very special little brother. 

Harry & Ashton Summer 2008

~You are funny.  You make us and everyone around you laugh.

~You are good at everything you do.  Some of it comes very naturally but if it doesn't, you work SO hard to do your best.  I love your determination.

~On that note, I love your work ethic.  You will often ask me how you can earn money.  If I give you a job, you do it 100%.  I know that you will be successful at whatever you choose to do in life, Harry.  I remember your little clay pot business from last summer.  You can be quite the entrepreneur. This year you held magic shows, monster truck shows and started a family mail service and "issue solving" business to earn money.

~I can always count on your good manners.  Although you can have quite a temper, you only show that at home with Mom and Dad.  I can always count on you to be well mannered at school, church and whenever we are out and about. In fact, all of your teachers have told me that you are the ideal student.

~I love how you help me decorate the Christmas tree every year.  I can be quite picky about the big tree (we have a kids tree too) but you are such a good helper.  You space the ornaments perfectly and you put the very breakable and special ones up high.  You are my helper.

~I love how everyone you meet is a friend. Seriously Harry!  Everyone loves you and you make friends more easily than anyone I have ever known (okay, I make them rather easily too, but still).  You are a very good friend to all who know you.

I asked Harry what he loves and he said..

Eight things Harry loves (in no particular order just how he named them)  Mom, Dad, Kate, Will, Scout, Soccer, Presents, God and Jesus!

That's my boy and I love him so!

Happy Birthday Harry!

Love, Mom


  1. Happy birthday to a special boy and his loving mom!

  2. Happy Birthday Harry! You sound like an incredible little boy and I know your family is so proud of you. Have a super Birthday!!

  3. Happy, happy birthday sweet Harry. We miss you SO MUCH and wish a wonderful 8th birthday. Who will do magic tricks and break dancing at our annual Christmas talent show??? We love you, The Sansovich clan

  4. Happy, happy birthday sweet Harry. We miss you SOOO MUCH and wish you a wonderful 8th birthday. Now that you are in Houston who will be our magician or break dancer at our annual Christmas talent show??? We are all sending big hugs and love, The Sansovich Clan

  5. so sweet. what a special post for such a special boy.

  6. Happy birthday Harry. So handsome.

    We are going to be in trouble when planning the rehearsal dinner slide show the night before their wedding. LOL.

  7. What a sweet post for your sweetie! It's amazing how fast they grow! I love his freckles.

  8. Happy 8th Birthday Harry..
    You are AMAZING..
    Love this post...
    Have a Great Evening.....

  9. Happy Birthday to a special boy! I feel blessed to know you and your family~

  10. Happy Birthday!
    You are Great at Eight :D
    We love you!
    Ladybug hugs,
    and your very special friend Li Li who still think of you every time she plays with her Leapster!

  11. Oh, he is a handsome young man!! And what a heart!

  12. Happy Birthday Harry!!! Lots of love, Aunt Staci

  13. Happy Birthday to your sweet Harry!

  14. Happy Birthday Harry!!

    What a beautiful post Kim.....I loved all the pictures of Harry through the years. Your precious baby has flourished into a very special little boy....and so handsome too!!

    Hope Harry enjoyed his big day!!


  15. Happy Birthday Harry! Hope you all have a great day :)

  16. Happy Birthday, Handsome Harry!!

    Gin =)

  17. Happy Birthday Harry! I loved learning about just a few of the things that make you special. I hope you had a great day.

  18. Happy Birthday, Harry! You are a handsome little guy with a big heart!

  19. Happy Birthday Harry.....what a precious, loving post Kim.....you radiate love for you children.


  20. Happy Birthday Harry!!!!!

    We love you too!
    Mr. Jeff, Miss Di, Ainsley & Ruby Mei

  21. What a great tribute to your little guy! He sounds like the perfect little gentleman! Happy Birthday Harry!

  22. Happy Birthday, Harry!! You're one day after mine, but 30 years apart. :)

    Kim - He sounds like such a wonderful boy. You must be so proud of him. I hope you enjoyed your day together.

  23. What a beautiful post. I got teary eyed looking at all the pictures from birth to eight. It goes my so fast! I don't want them to grow up!

  24. You have a very special son!!!! You have every right to be so very proud of him!! Happy Birthday Harry!!!

  25. Happy Birthday Harry! I especially love the picture of him with his elephant! What a cutie and growing into such a handsome young man!

  26. What a beautiful post to your sweet Harry. Happy 8th Birthday Harry...your a very handsome boy and it was so fun to walk down memory lane with your mom.

  27. What a beautiful child Harry is, both inside and out! I hope he has a wonderful birthday and yall make some great memories together celebrating!

  28. Happy Birthday to your handsome Harry! He is so darned cute, Kim!

  29. What a beautiful post... loved the pictures. Happy Birthday, Harry!

  30. As a mom to an 'almost' :) 8 yr old boy, I loved seeing the pictures of memory lane! Thanks for sharing. Happy Day to a very sweet young man!

  31. BTW, check out my first bloggy giveaway. For a great cause.

  32. Happy Birthday to one of the most incredible young men I "know"! Have a SUPER GREAT day Harry!!
    Kim and Katiebug

  33. What a blessing your little Harry is!

    This post makes me want to try for number 4 in hopes of that little boy...not that I don't adore my three little princesses!!!

  34. happy birthday Harry. You are such an incredible young man. Your smile shows that sweet and generous loving heart your mom speaks of.

  35. Happy birthday all the way from Germany Harry. i hope you have/had a wonderful day!!!

    lots of love,

  36. Happy, happy birthday to Harry! What a sweetheart. I hope his special day was wonderful!

  37. Happy birthday Harry! You are a dapper young man!...Kim, I have an hysterical story about the blue beanie baby elephant, I'll email you.

  38. Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Birthday Harry!

  39. Oh, happy day Harry! How sweet. My oldest has a b-day tomorrow and I even wrote about him today in my latest post.....and will be posting for his big day tomorrow!!


    Wow - what a special young man who spreads love and light wherever he goes!

    I love all the pictures - what wonderful memories.

    God Bless you Harry on this Special Day and Always!


  41. So sweet, Kim!! Happy Birthday little man! he is adorable at evey age! And I love how you love him!

  42. Beautiful post! Happy Birthday Harry!


  43. What a heart warming post about such a fine young gentleman! Happy Birthday Harry.

  44. happy birthday sweet harry! hope you have a special birthday! all of his pictures are precious kim, it is so neat to see him growing up. he looks so big this year, what a cutie!!

  45. We are so excited our little Caleb shares a birthday with sweet Harry!

  46. In the blink of an eye, he'll be all grown up. You're a smart mama to appreciate every single minute! I used to look at my son and think about how big he was getting until I decided to just focus on how little he still was. Then, one day, he was 6 feet tall and shaving! I still remember the little boy with the three candles on his birthday cake like it was yesterday.

    Happy beleated bday to Harry!

    Our Blog: Double Happiness!

  47. What a beautiful post! Happy Birthday Harry!!!!

  48. Happy 8th Birthday Harry! God has blessed you with such a kind heart and love for Him. Hope you had a special day celebrating.

  49. Happy birthday, Harry!!! What a wonderful young man you are - you make us ALL proud! (And by the way, I think you have a very cool mom.) :)

  50. What a dear post about a wonderful boy! Happy Birthday, Harry!

  51. Happy Birthday to your baby boy!!
    I just love Harry's freckles! :)

  52. Happy Birthday Harry! We love you too, that smile, sweet boy, it is that gorgeous smile!

    Hope you enjoyed a magnificent day.



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