Happy Birthday Harry!

Saturday, December 8, 2007


My little guy turns the big 7 today!

I actually chose his birth date. I think Harry was due on either December 18th or the 22nd and I knew that sometimes birthdays that close to Christmas get overshadowed by Jesus' birthday (understandably so). Therefore, as the Christmas party invitations rolled in, I realized that there was a lull in the social activity the weekend around the 8th. I had a party on the 5th and the 6th (Bunko and St. Anne's) and I did not want to miss them. I LOVE Christmas parties! My grandmother died on December 7th, so I did not want him born on that day. December the 8th is the Feast of the Immaculate Conception in the Catholic Church and I thought that would be a nice date to have a baby. So, I announced to everyone who would listen that I would be having him on December 8th. People thought I was nuts. Sure enough at about midnight my water broke and Harrison Reed was born at 1:53 a.m. on December 8, 2000! And I was well enough to attend the Christmas parties the next week! He was and is so cooperative.

Harry is such a sweetie pie. He is athletic and kind and smart and funny. He is that all American boy that everyone loves. He has never met someone he could not get along with. He looks up to his big brother who he calls "best friend" and he could not be sweeter to his little sister. Recently Harry told Dave that he wants to be "a casanova" when he grows up! You are so darned cute that I bet you will be a casanova. We love you Harry!


Special birthday pancakes from chef Daddy!



Coming down to the playroom and seeing his gift!






Go Habu! Yeah...Kate wore her new coat!

P.S. Today's music is Harry's choice (the first 2 songs).


  1. Happy Birthday Harry! The weather should cooperate so you can have some fun with your skateboard.
    We have 2 December birthdays... Mitchell was actually due on Christmas day and I was induced on the 18th! Gabe thankfully came on the 15th.

  2. Happy Birthday Harry!!!!!!!
    Love seeing all the pictures, hope your day is wonderful!!!!!!

  3. Happy Birthday Harry!

    My birthday is December 23, and it does get overshadowed sometimes. Not by my family of course, but other people love to combine gifts, or give me birthday gifts wrapped in Christmas paper, stuff like that. It can be a bit annoying.

  4. Happy Birthday Harry! He is just too cute.

    Hope you have a magnificent weekend!


  5. happy birthday harry!
    what a great story

  6. Happy Birthday Harry!

  7. Happy Birthday Harry! I hope you have a great birthday!

    Have fun with your new skateboard.


  8. Happy Birthday sweet Harry!!!!!!
    You are just too cute for words! Love his face when he saw his gift!
    Kim, you are such an amazing Mom and Dave such a fun Dad!
    Nice job on the special pancakes Dad!!! Too fun!
    I love his Bithday story.... just goes to show that when you put your mind to something you can accomplish it. lol

  9. Happy Birthday Harry! What a great kid!

  10. Happy Birthday Harry! The skateboard thing must be a 7 year old thing. That's what Aiden wants for Christmas. They make be nervous but I know that they are a ton of fun.

  11. Happy Birthday Harry!! Wow, a casanova, I think he's on his way, what a cutie!!

  12. Happy Birthday Harry! It looks like you had a wonderful day! We spent the day at a surprise 80th bday party for my Grandma, lots of fun! Hope you have a great year!

  13. Happy Birthday Harry! Seven is my Favorite! :) Be careful on your skateboard...YIKES!

  14. Happy Birthday, Harry! It looks like your birthday rocked! I love your birth story too.

  15. Incredible pictures capturing his excitement! HAPPY BIRTHDAY HARRY!

  16. Happy Birthday Harry!! You look great on your new skateboard. Funny that today I went to buy books for my friends children who are 7! For the boy "The Spiderwick Chronicles" series was recommended. I chose book #1 "The Field Guide" for Devin. Maybe you would like them too if you haven't already read them. Have a wonderful 8th year.

  17. Happy Birthday Harry!! Enjoy your skateboard! Great birthday story :)

  18. Happy Birthday Harry!!! My mom's birthday is the 7th so this was a fun weekend for us also. Looks like he is pretty good on the skateboard. Good for him!!!

    Christy :)

  19. Happy Birthday Harry!

    My birthday is December 24th and the girls' is the 29th so we know all about those Christmas birthdays.

    Smart mom to "plan" your birthday a little earlier.

    I hope it was a truly wonderful day. :)

  20. Happy Birthday to Harry. He is such a handsome guy. My boys love their skateboards, too! Definitely a good idea to have him wear all the pads - we've had one trip to the Dr. due to a fall, and many pairs of ripped jeans! Thanks for the camera recommendation. I've forwarded it to Santa!

  21. Happy Birthday Harry!!! God bless you on your special day!

  22. Happy 7th Birthday Harry! You look so excited in all of your pictures. Have fun with that new skateboard.

  23. What a fun day! Hope Harry enjoyed every moment...


  24. Happy Birthday to you Harry!! What wonderful presents!

  25. Please wish Harry a very Happy Birthday, sorry I am a day late with the birthday wish!!!

  26. Happy Birthday Harry!

    I'm not sure about this Casanova thing. I think Lily has her eye on you!

    Lily sends you a birthday hug and kiss...and so does her mom!


  27. Happy Birthday Darling Harry! You look so happy!

    What a special moment- when he saw his special pancakes!! I am going to remember that one- and thrilled to bits at the skateboard-

    What a special story about the meaning behind the date- you and he will both always remember that!

    KAte is clapping for him running down the drive in her jammies and coat??? May this always continue- I remember coming gome from college to see my parent suprise my sister with her first car on X-mas eve! And we all cheered on the driveway!

  28. Happy Birthday...love that grin!

  29. Belated Happy Birthday Harry! Sure does look like you got a fun Birthday present. You look like a pro already!

  30. Oh, he is SUCH a doll! Looks like he had a fabulous 7th birthday...and loved his new skateboard!
    How fun.

  31. Happy Birthday Harry.....hope your day was as fabulous as you are! ;)

  32. Happy Birthday Harry! How nice to have a child cooperate like that! He is just adorable.

  33. Harry is such a handsome little guy! Casanova! That is a big word for a seven year ol! But, he looks like he is well on his way.

    His personality sounds so very precious!!

  34. Happy Belated Birthday Harry! So cute!!! That is some breakfast!


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