Meeting Lily

Wednesday, April 16, 2008
I am supposed to be cleaning my closet (and unpacking my bag from this weekend). I promised I would do that during Kate's nap today. But Lily and her Mommy just left and I needed a sneak peek at the photos from our first play date. I need help. I might have to go to Blogger's anonymous. I actually heard you can go here for an Internet addiction. I wonder if they have a "spa-like" rehab for blog addiction where you cannot bring your camera or your laptop?

Anyway, my closet can are some pictures of the sweet and adorable Lily. We all had a great time together. Kate had to go to time out twice for throwing her toys (is this a terrible two thing?) but other than that she could not have been sweeter to her new friend, Lily!

Okay and in other miscellanous news---here is a photo of Harry's prayer table. My dearest friend from college wanted to see a photo. We found it in the GREATEST antique shop on the way home from "Yetisburg." I also got a fabulous antique French desk (although I am still sitting on the couch typing this) but that is for another post!


Sweet Harrison decorated it all by himself. He wants to add a Paschal candle (which even though I am a cradle Catholic--I had to "Google") Doesn't it look great? I must say that his teacher this year, "Ms. C" has had the most lovely spiritual influence on his heart. We are a religious family but she has nourished his soul at school in an unbelievable way.

Finally, I have recived a lot of really kind e-mails lately. People are always very complimentary and friendly. Many people e-mail asking about Kate's clothes or attachment issues or my camera (most often asked question) or my pearls (2nd most often asked) I have decied to invite people to ask away. I have seen a few women I admire (her and her--FYI--you will become addicted to these 2 blogs) do this and thought I would do it too. Leave a question in the comments (you can be anonymous) and I will answer it (within reason) on the blog.

Also, check back tomorrow for my first ever "giveaway." Okay, now I am stalling. I really don't want to clean that closet!


  1. Cute pics!! Love the doll.


  2. OMG -This is my lucky day - What could Kim possibly be giving away! Can't wait to check back :D

    I just love the pic's of Kate and Lily! SO SO sweet! Yes - the closet can wait :D

    Ladybug hugs,

  3. ha, I am constantly telling my hubby I don't have a blogging problem.... Really I don't! ;)

    LOVE Harry's prayer table. Beautiful!
    Loved the pics too. Of course throwing toys is very normal. :)
    Especially when you don't go to daycare or spend oodles of time with others your age.
    Have fun cleaning. I was just telling myself to go clean something and I saw a NEW by your name :)

  4. Thanks so much for the darling pictures of Lily and Kate! It seems like Lily is adapting well and I'm glad she has Kate for a playmate.

  5. Well, I think you made the right choice! That closet can wait... Lily and Kate are TOO cute together :)
    The prayer table is the sweetest thing... your Harrison must have such a tender heart (my Asher is that way and I SO treasure that :)) What a blessing!

  6. Can't all the chores wait when we are with our children. Especially when they are soooooooo much FUN!!!


  7. Where do you buy most of Kate's clothes?

    And, from what I can tell, you have excellent taste in interior design. Is that natural for you?

  8. My name is Denise and I am a blogaholic...the first step is admitting you have a problem...LOL!

    So jealous of your play group and can't wait to join the next one.

    Love Harry's prayer desk~

  9. Okay, I want to know about the doll! Too cute. It was great to see Kate & Lily together. I love Lily's little squeeky shoes.

    I don't know what you are talking about...a blogging addiction? I've never heard of such a thing. It cannot possibly exist.

    Harry's table is so sweet. I love that he decorated it himself. What a tender heart.

  10. Cute pictures. Im sure they will be great friends!

  11. The girls look beautiful together. I am the doof who actually clicked on the Betty Ford clinic link : )
    Harry's prayer table is wonderful. I am glad to hear that he has such a loving teacher.
    And I'm all over signing up for your giveaway. You have great taste!!

  12. YAY!!! :-)

    My question(s):

    ~Will you share a list of where you get Kate's clothing? I am "next" and can't wait to start shopping!

    ~What led you to adopt?

    ~What kind of car do you drive (I want good "mommy car" suggestions!)

    That's all! I love that you're doing this.

    LID 1/12/06

  13. total cuteness
    kate's babygirls is precious

  14. The pictures of Lily and Kate are precious! What a wonderful day to spend time with such sweet friends. I also love the table Harry designed- what care her took. What a great teacher he has and what awesome parents you all are! Can't wait to see what you are giving away!

  15. Adorable photos! The prayer table is beautiful, what a sweet boy you have.


    As a mother of three what advice to you have for first-time parents.

    Do you have a decorator or does it come naturally?

    Can't wait to read the Q&A list!


  16. I am soooo with you -- if you ever find a spa-like rehab, I will join you!

    My question is -- where did you find Kate's bracelet? I wanted to get Kamree one for her second birthday. I was just getting ready to e-mail you so this was perfect timing!

    Looks like a fun play date!

  17. How fun..... they are so sweet and we would much rather be reading your post and looking at your pics of the girls than have you clean your closet. hehee
    Harry is just oh, so sweet...... he melts my heart.
    Can't wait for the give away..... especially since it's from you....
    We can all be addicted together.... we will form a support group..... oh, wait.... I think that is what has gotten us into this trouble in the first place.... our BloggerVille support group!
    My question is...... how do you get your photos so vivid? What speed do you have your camera on? etc....
    also..... when are you coming to see me????????

  18. Loved the slide show. The shoe and sock shots are just precious. Thanks for sharing the photo of Harry's prayer desk. I'm impressed that a boy his age would think of wanting one.

  19. Oh, I love OHMommy too! I found her from a comment she left on your blog a while back.

    I have a slight addiction I'm over coming too :) I posted about that last week :) I'm doing better though. Cleaning before I get online...

  20. Love the prayer table....reminds me of Emmie...

    How on earth do you find the time to do all of this? Play group, shop, blog, have a give a way....what's your secret? ;)

  21. I clicked on the Betty Ford link too, and then (& I am not making this up) I looked through the site for some kind of blog rehab program!!! (I was just curious!) Very cute photos of Kate & Lily!And Harry sounds very tenderhearted. My question:
    1. Where DID you get those pearls???

  22. Oh how sweet is Lilly, I am so glad that you and Kate have some new friends in the neighborhood!
    I love the table for Harry, what a special heart he has. Did you take him to see the Pope?
    I would love to see a picture of your closet, and Kate's I doubt it needs cleaning! Ok, that is my question to you, how do you keep your closet organized? I am constantly rearraging mine and the kiddos!
    Another question, what is your favorite recipe? I collect recipes from my friends!
    Can't wait for your giveaway, I am supposed to do one for my 200th but I have nothing :(
    I will be back tomorrow to enter!

  23. Those girls are just too precious!!!
    I am loving that Harry wanted a prayer table. What a wonderful young man...Are you opposed to arranged marriages?:) This way, I could do the wedding:D
    I'll see you at the Spa!!!!

  24. Kate has the CUTEST waredrob ever. I told you I went out to Target and got the same coverups as she has.

    Thanks for the linky love. I puffy heart you. And your decorating style too. I would love a tutorial... perhaps a future blog post? :)

    Ok. My question:
    What is the one thing you love most about each individual kid?
    That was one of my most favorite questions.

    Have fun!

  25. How lovely that your Harry wanted a prayer table. What a special boy. He did such a great job decorating it himself. He obviously has your eye for design!

  26. It makes my heart so happy seeing Kate with her doll.
    They do look alike!
    Love, love, love Harry's prayer table! That is so adorable. You must go to bed each night with a big smile on your face thinking about your special kids!

    My questions-

    What is your typical week day like? Give us your schedule and include when you clean! Your house always looks so great and YOU always look so great and put together. How do you do it Kim?

    What activities do you do with Kate at home while "the boys" are at school?

    Lisa W.

  27. I have several closets I am avoiding currently...glad I'm in good company.

    Love the pics of Kate and her new friend Lily - they are both cute as little buttons.(and the toy throwing thing...yes, terrible two's baby!)

    Love Harry's prayer table...what a SWEET soul he is. wow.

    Alrighty, take care, Kim! Enjoy the rest of your week.

  28. I am willing to bet that closet is in tip top shape!! Great pictures - Lily is adorable and it looks like she and Kate got along just fabulous!

    I love Harry's table - just beautiful, how cute that he decorated himself - what a sweetie.

    Have a wonderful rest of your week!


  29. Oooh! I'm so glad you're doing this. I'm addicted to your blog (I too, have 2 boys and a girl and just love reading about your sweet life--your blog was one that inspired me to start one as well). Although I'm not one to comment, I was excited to see you doing this and immediately knew I had to ask about your pearls. I know someone else already did, but I had to reiterate to make sure you answered!! :D Is that a monogram in the middle of the strand on the silver piece? Thanks for your inspiration--can't wait for your answers!

    Have fun!

  30. I have been following your blog for a little while, and am interested in adopting one day (still in college now!). I would love to know what led you to adopt, where you got those pearls (I wear pearls a lot and we definitely have the same taste!), and if you are planning on adopting again. Hope you answer!! You dress Kate so beautifully!!

  31. OH I just love the pics from the playdate. I was showing Mallory the pics and she noticed Kate's doll. Mallory has one just like it and she loves it. I love Corolle dolls.
    I also love the prayer desk. What a great idea. I can't wait to see your "giveaway". As far as questions, I am tagging you. Check out my blog. Thanks in advance.

  32. I posted once, but do not think it actually posted so I apolegize if this is twice. I have been following your blog for a little while and am interested in adopting one day, but am still 21 and in college at the moment.
    I would love to know what led you to adopt, if you are planning to adopt again, and where you got those pears!! We definitely have the same taste, and you dress Kate so beautifully!!

  33. Love your blog! Love the pictures of the play date too! They are so cute!


  34. LOVE Harry's prayer table!

    Looking forward to seeing the answers to the questions you've gotten! :o)


  35. What adorable photos and I love Harry's prayer table!

  36. Oh Lily is so sweet! You got some fabulous pics of your first play date together!
    I adore Harry's prayer table! What a precious boy he is!
    And....if you'd like...I can take a picture of our make you feel better about how yours looks! :) hee-hee! Ours is a total disaster...!;)

    Sweet Blessings, my friend!

  37. Great Idea Kim! love your blog and all your ideas. My questions are:
    1. You have beautiful fresh flower arrangements in many you create your own or do you use a florist?
    2. How do you make a collage with your pictures?
    3. Do you digital scrapbook? If so, what products do you recommend?
    4. What does your husband do for a living?

    Thanks for allowing me to be nosey!!

  38. Do you want to adopt again?


  39. Kim - thanks for the photo of the prayer table. I love it! I am becoming more and more fascinated by the spiritual development of children. Thanks for sharing - I know you must be thrilled by Harry's heart! It reminds me of a verse I read today...Luke 10:21 -- At that time, Jesus, full of Joy through the Holy Spirit, said, "I praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and learned, and revealed them to little children. Yes, Father, for this was your good pleasure."
    Take Care Girl - Marianne


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