Sugar Baby! {part one}

Thursday, April 11, 2013
I have really dropped the ball on my photography the last several months.  My life is so hectic these days with work and some personal/family issues.  Then when my computer crashed and I lost all my photo editing software, I just stopped taking photos.  I took a lot on my phone (and posted them to instagram) but my good cameras were collecting dust.

However, when Kate lost both of her front teeth, I knew I wanted to get some cute photos before they came in. It is really important to me to document our family's milestones.  I always think of this blog as our family photo album for the kids when I am gone.  I seriously envision them showing our grandkids posts and telling them about our family traditions.

Plus, it is such a short window of childhood when you are toothless and I wanted some cute pictures! I found a few shots of when Harry lost both of his within a week too.


He had a scrape on his nose  (right between his eyes) and it was healing.  I am so glad I did not photoshop that out as I look back.  It also tells the story of that part of life (wresting and Judo).



So about 2 weeks ago, I took Kate to her favorite little cupcake shop to mark this milestone.  Apparently, Harry had a root beer float to mark his loss of his front baby teeth!

Kate loves this cupcake shoppe.  It is a special place for her but we only go once or twice a year.
It is called Sugarbaby's and she had her 3rd birthday party there in fact.

I took 304 photos y'all.  That is why this is a two-part post.
Don't worry, I am not going to post them all.  But am I am going post a bunch.

 Kate had me laughing so hard.  She is really funny.


I love how seriously she studied all the sweet options in the case.




And finally she choses one:)




She was making silly faces for me!




After the cupcake a serious sugar buzz kicked in and she danced around the place.  I'll be back tomorrow to post those shots.

Thank you for the continued suggestions for Harry.  I plan to try some of them this week (especially the M-grain essential oil).


  1. such sweet images of her!!! i love the first one , the colors & composition, but primarily her seriously & intently making her decision!
    and that sweet harry!

  2. Kate had a hard time choosing which one of the "sweets" she loved best and I had a hard time choosing which one of the "sweetness" I loved as well.

    Hmmm will it be... the toothless grin or that dimpled left cheek??!! Decisions!!! Decisions!!!

    PS Loved Harry's toothless grin as well. It's such a bittersweet moment, but those toothless grins just MELT MY HEART!! So wish I had done this w/my OLDIES when they were younger! I get a 2nd chances w/Bre and the Grands though! How lucky am I??!!

  3. I love them all! My favs are the last pic of Kate and the first pic of Harry!

  4. I love this! I always feel so silly when I think of saving the memories for the grandkids. Thanks for reminding me other mommies do it too! She is just too cute! Love his toothless grin.

  5. What a beautiful cupcake store! Kate is beautiful!

  6. Love love love this post! An you too sweet friend :)

  7. Sweet, sweet, sweet! She is seriously precious.

  8. These are precious!!!! She looks adorable without those teeth :)
    Especially love that last shot!!

  9. So cute! We had almost that exact same dress.

    I wanted to post to tell you that I had a call from a client yesterday to create a brochure about a new product that was just approved by the FDA. It is called pstem. It is a non-invasive pain treatment. The pharmaceutical rep even mentioned that it was helping with migraines. You may want to look into it - or least google it. I think it has been around awhile - but new here in the US. That is all I know. Supposedly it is very effective? Might be a fad that doesn't work - but who knows?

  10. Your photos are beautiful! Precious bright and happy faces!

  11. Absolutely adorable. I am kind of dreading my munchkin losing her front teeth, as it will be the final step in her no longer being a baby (but then I tell myself "come on- she is 5 1/2 now" I should be ready for it and she hasn't been a baby in a long time!)- but I think this post just got me excited. Love the trip to the cupcake place to celebrate. So fun. May I ask where you get her huge, Texas style hairbows? We don't rock them quite that big in Seattle- but I could be tempted to start a new trend! :)

  12. Love the toothless grins!! And that fabulous cupcake "boutique" ....sooooo pretty!! I'd take hundreds of photos too!! I love the shot of Kate choosing and pointing, such a sweet capture!! They're all lovely, what a special time together.
    I hope Harry is doing better!!xx


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