What a weekend!

Saturday, January 26, 2008
Someone decided she wanted to use the potty! The other day, Kate took me by the hand to the bathroom and indicated she wanted to use the potty. I immediately put her on, but she got scared because it was too big. So, I called Dave and said, "Bring home a potty!" Today, Kate wanted to sit on it and she did both kinds of business in it. (I never thought I would post about such things but I am SO proud of her! She is only 19---okay, almost 20 months old). So, I have bought the little panties (Dora and princesses) and the reward M&M's--we'll see how it goes? Wish me luck!
(Any tips on girl potty training are welcome ---I only have boy experience.)


The bilingual talking Elmo Potty!
Elmo says encouraging potty statements in both English and Espanol.


A certain other little peanut lost BOTH of his top front teeth this week.



A root beer float was part of the celebration of this very important milestone!

We met one of the families from our travel group in town for dinner.
It was so much fun.


The gang---my boys made lovely faces:(


Isn't Lily beautiful?


Kate LOVED Emma's pink DS with puppy stickers! It doesn't get any better than that.



Right after these pictures, Miss Kate ran around and took a BIG fall. Her pretty little forehead now has a BIG purple egg and gash on it. Poor thing! And the weekend is only half over:)


  1. You are a busy bunch! Hope the rest of your weekend is great,too.

  2. She is growing up tooo fast!!!! I have girls and they both potty trained very early around the age of Kate. I have always been a beiever that when they are ready they will let you know. I also think that pull ups do more damage than good. Get some good training pants and rubber pants to put over the training pants and you are set. I didn't have boys but have always heard that boys are harder than girls and wait to start much later than girls. Wishing you the best of everything. OUCH on the purple goose egg. Poor thing!!!

  3. WOW you have had a busy weekend. As far as potty training, I think let them be the guide or they and you become parent trained not potty trained. My son was the easiest of my kids, the 3 girls were harder. I agree with the other Debbie, Get the thick training pants and plastic pants! That does help.

    I hope her head heals up quickly!!


  4. wow! Yea for Kate!!!!!

    sorry abuot the boo boo though:(

  5. I think that is such a cute post! Your kids are so adorable. When I potty trained my daughter(years ago) I bought her the cute "big girl" panties and that was all it took for her to want to "go" like a big girl!! hehe

  6. Okay - at 3 - we are finally potty trained. I tried at 24 months and nothing really happened. I think patience and a non-stress approach is best :D

    Poor little Kate - goose eggs on the forehead are no fun - especially after such a wonderful weekend!

    Harry looks so proud in that picture :D I posted a poem on my blog and I thought of both you and Shana, I home that you will take a peak.

    I told Dan about your offer and He smiled and said that it was up to me. I know what he was thinking - LOL. I will call you this week and we can talk about it! I am so excited!

    Ladybug hugs,

  7. Oh, My Gosh! What a weekend indeed!
    Your little Peanuts are growing up on you Kim.
    I can't believe Kate did that!
    I Am SO IMPRESSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I've heard (from my mom who has both boys and a girl) that girls are much easier to potty train!

    Congrats to your peanuts for 2 big milestones this weekend! Enjoy the rest of it, and I hope Kate's head feels better!

  9. What a perfect potty post! Kate looks adorable on her new potty chair! Please keep us posted on her progress!

    It looks like you are having a great weekend!

  10. You know....I didn't do the "little potty" with Sophia....i had one, but I just got the ring from Sensational Beginings and put her right on it....good luck! M&M's are Sophia's reward as well.....still are....oh well! ;)

  11. oh my, they are all so darn cute!

    You must tell me where the little tunic that Kate is wearing in the first picture comes from.


    PS. I have a Kate too!

  12. Wow! I love that Kate asked to use the potty. I will be watching for tips from you. I am thinking Kylee may not be too far from this stage too.

    Hope her boo boo feels better soon!


  13. Wow, the potty!! That is so great! Maybe she can teach Miss Mia :)

  14. Big times in your house! Surely potty training a girl will be nothing compared to a boy!! Don't you think? God, I hope so!!

  15. I still can't believe it! Kate is amazing!!! I'm so proud of her too!

    I'm so sorry she bumped her head! Sophie has done that twice- I will never forget the first time Sophie got a goose egg (I didn't even know it was called that at the time). We were in Guatemala, and I was hysterical- wanting to call 911 but not having 911 there! LOL They heal so fast though- and her beautiful face will be all healed in no time!

    And, wow- two lost teeth at once? He is such a cutie! :)

    Big Hugs!

  16. Hmmm.. I only have princesses and one is still in diapers so cannot really help. I will say that Mae was pretty much trained by 2.5 then we moved suddenly (don't ask - environmental spill in our house) and she reverted back. I did not push at all just kept panties in view and one day about 3 months before sh eturned 3 she just decided she was going to wear "big girl panties" and that was it. No accidents at all. We still wear a pull up at night and it is dry about 4 out of 7 nights. Always dry at nap. Jane will not wear a pull up and potties about 40-50% of the time. I have decided to not push and have my fingers crossed that she will be like Mae. I can at least dream right?


  17. Oh and sorry about the forehead! We usually always have some sort of boo boo on at least one princess at all times! I am usually pretty laid back let them try anything (in reason) until about 2 weeks before formal picture time. Then i am like the nazi mommy!

  18. Can you pass the potty training tips my way too? After three boys, I sure hope a girl is easy! Love the picture of Harry minus the two front teeth -- just precious!

  19. Kim, that's GREAT about Kate using the potty, I would be thrilled too!!
    I love her talking Elmo potty~ everyone should have a talking potty! lol
    Enjoyed the pictures of all your peanuts and friends, congrats to Harry on his two teeth! Ka-ching$$

  20. Congratulations Kate!! Brilliance has been interested in her big sister using the big potty, and I decided to bring out the little potty for her to examine. She's very interested! She's just learned to say "PeePee" and "Poop". She's 19 months old and way too young but I like that she's interested!! Brill sits on it many times a day (with her diaper on!!) and I always put her on it just before I put her in the bath each night. One day she might even deposit something in it! heheheheheheh.

    She wants to flush the toilet and pull the paper off the roll. So I told her she can use the paper and flush the toilet when she GOES in it. :)

    Way to go Kate!!

    Sorry to hear about the BooBoo. Ouch!
    Snick :)

  21. Jane loves the potty too, but does not like to do business there :). Lily is really cute and I love her dimple!

  22. My best friend bought her little girl a potty that made "tada" noises when you went "potty." It scared the living daylights out of Maisey and for the longest time after she wanted nothing to do with potties!
    No advice, but funny stories may help! Sounds to me like Miss Kate is training pretty well so far! Good luck!

  23. Poor Kate!! I hope she heals well.

    Love the Ruby pinafore!! Mia loves hers also!

    Christy :)

  24. Here is my potty training advice . . . if you're going to do it, do it completely. Don't use Pull-ups. I think they just delayed things for us.

    I actually kept my girls naked from the waist down for the first week or so to give them a fighting chance of making it to the potty. It also was very clear to them what was happening when they had an accident.

    Potty training is the one thing that was miserable for me. I have friends though whose little girls were like Kate and really just decided to do it themselves. Hopefully you won't have to do much at all.

  25. Wow! Keep up the good work Kate, Myah went through a phase for a while where she wanted to go, now she runs and hides. Love the toothless grin on Harry! Too bad about the boo boo!

  26. Kim - Thought I already left a comment, but my computer is sick (slooooowww and omitting portions of what I type, so by the time it catches up, I have already sent things), so perhaps it never got to you or pieces made it there:)

    Good for Kate!! Hannah has been asking for potty since she has been home (she caught on right away "baproom") - it's not always consistent though, and so she usually asks for "boppers" (diapers) at some point. I haven't fought it because she is so young. I remember with Emily, the toilet that made noise eventually freaked her out just a bit, so we just did the ring in the toilet.

    The weather was warmer, so she wore big girl panties and there was no turning back. She trained literally in a day - sometimes there were those moments where she would not make it in time, but overall, I thought training a girl went really smoothly. Good luck to you and hopefully Kate will just naturally want the bathroom:)

    As for Harry, he could not be any cuter - congrats on those lost teeth and hope the fairy was good to him;)

    Lily has gotten so big! Sweet to see Will with his buddy again.

    Hoping Kate's purple egg heals quickly - great weekend, minus the mishap!


  27. I'm all about the m&m's! Worked every single time for me!

  28. Great news about Kate. I hope it will last! Lindy was 18 months when she first started but then we've had our set backs. I know she can do it and she does great for a while but then she chooses not to. We're at a battle of the wills right now.

    Busy weekend for sure!


  29. What a fun weekend! And, so much more productive than mine! BTW- her potty is so cute!

  30. BTW, your Oscar party sounds fun! I've been to a few, always a good time. Get going missy, too many movies!

  31. Yeah for Miss Kate, I hope she continues to do well!! Busy weekend, looks like fun. Harry looks so cute with missing teeth!


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