Wednesday, April 24, 2013


This is kind of how I feel.  S T R E T C H E D.  I just do not have enough hours in the day.  Life is good.  It is just SO full.  I am still editing the rest of the Sugarbaby photos and will post them soon.  La crosse and ballet and water polo are all wrapping up this week and in the next few weeks so hopefully I will gain some more time in my days?! In the meantime, we have champs and playoffs and recitals to manage:)  Also, I was honored to be asked to be a mentor Mom to incoming freshmen families at Will's school and this month is crunch time with lots of fun welcoming calls and activities.  So, I think it will be a busy May.

I do miss the blog world though.

This is a quick picture I took of Kate as she was warming up yesterday.  This girl is so flexible and graceful.  I love watching her dance.

Be back soon.


  1. Hang in there! Sending good thoughts your way!

  2. You know that I am the world's worst commenter... but, when I saw this picture, I loved it. I can envision this being Sophie~Bug from the back too... she misses dance and I hope that we get back into it next fall. What a beautiful capture of your sweet girl!! These pictures will mean so much to her someday!

    Congratulations on being a mentor... well deserved, I am sure!

  3. feeling much the same!

    Summer is just around the corner and that's when thngs at our house really slow down!


  4. Beautiful picture. It is so hard trying to do everything for others and then feeling guilty about spending time on the computer for us. Enjoy the end of the sports seasons!

  5. What a great pic! Reminds me so much of Adrienne . . .
    Feeling stretched myself - - such a busy time of year.
    Hoping your next few weeks go well!


  6. Wow what an amazing photo! Deserves wall space I think :) Never quite managed full splits myself, such talent!

  7. i love the edit on this photo kim!! such a wonderful picture! i hope you guys are doing well, i am feeling up to my eyeballs in children and "life" lately too. sending love, clare

  8. How blessed you are to have your life so full of so many wonderful things!!!
    Love the picture of Kate, she is so beautifully graceful:)
    Hope your month is going!!

  9. Just checking in on you this morning!

  10. Love this photo. I feel stretched too. Looking forward to summer with just one thing. CAMP. No other activities. Simplicity!!

  11. I just love the softness of this photo!
    Sorry I've been so MIA lately - been swamped with work, etc. Please come over and enter my give-away. xo


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