Cupcake Party!

Thursday, May 21, 2009
I knew as soon as a I saw this place last summer that Kate would have her little birthday party here.  And when I asked her what kind of party she wanted she replied, "a cupcake fancy nancy princess party!"  So, this posh cupcake boutique was the perfect locale.


Kate's birthday is still almost 2 weeks away but I knew that once everyone was out of school it would be hard to get the pre-school crowd to a party (too many older siblings). We will have a small family celebration on her actual birthday. There are a lot of photos again....this is my scrapbook:0)


Miss Kate primping for the party!


Okay, now I know this outfit is over the top.  I tend to choose more understated clothes for Kate. However, she picked out this oh so posh "fancy nancy" get -up. 

I made butterfly shaped finger sandwiches for the girls.



Kate's little friends.  Aren't they SO cute?!

Everyone chose a cupcake.



Kate chose "sweet strawberry" because it was pink!

I chose this one~YUM!

The goodie bags contained tiaras, princess lip balm, necklaces, stickers and pink sparkly face powder and lollipops.


After all that sugar, the girls ran back and forth.  Luckily we had the place almost to ourselves.  I stopped them once I realized they had lollipops in their mouths too.



Saying au revoir!

And a tiny little video...


  1. What a fantastic birthday party!! I love the idea!! Looks like everyone had a beautiful time...

    Your pictures are amazing. LOVE the one of her primping and the one where they are running. It captures the spirit of the day!!

    Happy (early) Birthday, Kate!!

    Love the photos..
    what a cute little place..
    Have a great week..

  3. I would have chosen that place too! How fancy Miss Kate looks in her princess outfit! Precious!!!

    Happy Early Birthday, Kate!

  4. Happy HAPPY birthday sweet sweet Kate. What a beautiful birthday.

    PS/ I tried to find your email. I could not I want to "talk" about something. Email me,


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  6. Oh Kim...this is the SWEETEST little shop! I agree...a PERFECT place for a princess cupcake party!! I LOVE hearing Kate sing Happy Birthday to herself....just precious!!!

  7. Such a cute place, and such a cute party for such a cute little girl. Kate's voice is just as sweet as she looks!!!

    Happy Birthday Kate!!

  8. her outfit is PERFECT for the occassion! what a fun place, I want my party there, maybe with a little pinot Noir!

  9. OK - seriously PRECIOUS!!!! I felt like I was there! I am so glad you showed me the cupcake store when I was with you! It was the perfect locale for Fancy Kate! I love all the photos. But, the one where she is primping for the party speaks volumes.... Someday she is going to be in that gorgeous room primping for Prom! Truly a precious memory for you!

    I love that little fancy girl!

    I am so glad it was the perfect day!


  10. P.S: LOVE the ballet Pose on the chair too!!!!
    She is scrumptious!!!!

  11. That is so stinkin' adorable! And that cupcake boutique is TO DIE FOR!!!! Happy Birthday, Kate!

  12. I want to come to that Princess party! Those little ones are delightful all dolled up in their party finery. Happy Birthday Kate!

  13. What FUN! Looks like a little girl's dream party :)

  14. Happy early 3rd b-day Kate! I just loved her video, she has the sweetest little voice! and singing happy b-day to herself ~ too cute! Looooooooove her outfit and the cupcake place is an adorable place for a party!!

  15. What a fun party!!! The girls look beautiful and I love the fancy outfit Kate chose : )

  16. So cute!! What a beautiful location for such a special birthday! Kate has exquisite taste in her outfit -- like Mother, like daughter, right! Hope you all have a great weekend.


  17. She is gorgeous! What a fun party and cupcake store. I wish we had one here.

    Enjoy all the birthday fun in the coming days!

  18. I love everything about this party, including her outfit :)

    Oh my heart, I want a girl too.....

  19. THat is so adorable!! I love the outfit..I think it's perfect for the occasion.

  20. Kim! A perfect party! I got a little teary hearing the "Birthday Song": seeing how loved and cherished Kate feels makes me so happy! The photos are frame-able. And I loved hearing your voice--- you have such a lovely southern lilt Kim! You are such a great example to us all Kim. Just a sweet family living a very grounded and beautiful life... I am glad I know you.

  21. Thanks for sharing the amazing festivities! Looks like the girls (and mommy) had a FABULOUS time. Love it! Thanks for making me smile this morning.

  22. Oh wow...that looks like the MOST fun party! The girls all look thrilled! Thanks for sharing all of the adorable photos.

    And happy almost birthday to Kate!

  23. Post part 2!

    I posted the first time before watching the video...oh my gosh, how darling! I love her sweet little voice. "I'll be fancy!"

  24. What a fun and girly party- I love it!! Kate looked like she was in her element.

  25. Soooo Sweet! Looks like the girls loved it. That place is divine!

    Sue : )

  26. Oh my goodness, that looks like Heaven on earth for little girls! How adorable! And I love how Kate led the singing for herself, you go cutie! :)

    Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!

  27. What a GREAT place and precious pictures!!!!
    LOVED meeting Diana and Ruby..."hi" back!!

  28. I want to go to a cupcake store!! That looks like so much fun! Love the video too and the picture of them running through the store with lollipops in their mouths!

    Happy early birthday Kate!!


  29. SIMPLY ADORABLE!! I wish we had "a cupcake" place here in our town!! What a GREAT PLACE to give a party!!! LOVE THE PHOTO of Kate "primping"! That was just "tutu cute"!!! I wanted a small party like this for my 2yr old and somehow it always gets a LOT OF OLDER KID that accompanies the younger siblings! This is a great idea and I like the idea its a "few kids"!! You don't get overwhelmed!!! Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos and those precious little princesses!

  30. SIMPLY ADORABLE!! I wish we had "a cupcake" place here in our town!! What a GREAT PLACE to give a party!!! LOVE THE PHOTO of Kate "primping"! That was just "tutu cute"!!! I wanted a small party like this for my 2yr old and somehow it always gets a LOT OF OLDER KID that accompanies the younger siblings! This is a great idea and I like the idea its a "few kids"!! You don't get overwhelmed!!! Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos and those precious little princesses!

  31. Oh, how I wish we could have been there...I remember her 2nd birthday so well! Looks like a fun time was had by all...and those cupcakes...yummy!

  32. how cute! precious!! wonderful!!

  33. What a great place - congratulations !!
    Do tell - please - where did you get her bday shirt..
    Carol in FL

  34. Fabulous, just fabulous! I love the idea, maybe because I'm a lover of cupcakes! :)

  35. Happy early birthday Kate!! I cant belive she is already almost 3. that is just amazing. What a fun party and I love the fancy nancy outfit-- It so fits their age right now-- everything is fancy and over the top. Too cute!! I also love the cupcake shop and am sooo glad I do not have one of those places by me or I would be there everyday and I think I would weigh 300 pounds!! Great party and Happy birthday dear kate!!

    Christy :)

  36. Kim,
    The entire party is adorable and that picture of Kate primping inthe mirror is just priceless! She is just adorable and I wish her and Lily could hang out now! I think they would have a lot of fun.

    Happy early birthday Kate!


  37. After following your blog for the past couple of years, it's really neat to see a video of Kate talking and singing! It makes her personality which you capture in pictures so much more real.

    She looked adorable!


  38. Oh how adorable this birthday party was!!! I lve specialty birthdays and Miss Kate looked beautiful and all "fancy nancy"!!

    Fun Fun!!


  39. What a FANTASTIC idea and what a BEAUTIFUL birthday princess! Happy Early Birthday Kate Emerson!

  40. I believe I saw the cupcake shop in Southern Lady. ADORABLE!

  41. Oh my goodness that place looks fabulous!!! I wish Landree had more girl friends. We have a whopping two :) and all boys! And what do you mean that tutu is over the top? I disagree-perfect :) Looks like a perfect day! Happy Birthday Kate!

  42. I'm sure you get this all of the time but may I ask you what type of camera you use? Your photos are breathtaking! Thank you!

  43. OMG! This is just about the cutest party ever. I love that cupcake boutique!

  44. What an adorable place for a girly bday party!! Looks like they all had fun and the sugar kicked in quickly.....I love that picture of them running across the room:)

    So great to hear the sweet little voice behind that pretty litte face!

    Happy Memorial Day Weekend!


  45. She is sooooo fancy!!!!!
    What a cute party!!!!! I love her voice!!!!!!

  46. I love princess parties...makes me want to be little again (for just a moment!!) ;) Such a pretty setting for a party!

    Happy (early) 3rd B-day, Princess Kate!!!

    Hugs from MN,

  47. this post made my heart smile today. She has such a sweet spirit that you always seem to capture in your photos.

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  48. What an awesome party. I love Miss Kate's party clothes!

  49. Happy Birthday Kate!!! It is so hard to believe that she is 3. Wow where has the time gone. I am so glad you stopped the girls from running with suckers in their mouths, that was the first thing I thought when I saw the picture. The shop looked like a real fun place to have a fancy nancy party. The video is precious!!!

  50. Happy Dirthday, Dear Kate! Jane is singing to you through the video :)! She is begging for an encore!

  51. Oh my word, how darling! I have that same little crown for Sophia, too funny! We have some Fancy Nancy books and the tutu, doll and purse...hopefully she likes Fancy Nancy :)

    Happy Birthday little Kate!

  52. Wow, beautiful!! I will have to start thinking about AA's first birthday party here on USA soil!
    Great ideas!
    Happy Birthday!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy for Eight Months!

  53. what a wonderful little place!!!
    & you captured some precious images...i love her primping and the girls running, total cuteness.

    are you sporting Lilly too my dear?

    happy birthday sweet kate

  54. Just stopping by to let you know I have opened my blog. Feel free to stop by!

  55. CUTE! I love the bakery...and Kate is adorable! Love your shots...

    Happy Birthday to a very special little girl!

  56. Oh what a PRECIOUS party! Kate picked out the perfect outfit, perfect place, and perfect cupcake! I have to find out where this place is in town! My little recently turned 3 daughter is in love with dresses, PINK, and cupcakes! Her party had cupcakes instead of a cake and to her little school, she had to take pink cupcakes! Such a fun time with these girlies!

  57. Happy early birthday, Miss Kate!

    What a perfect princess party!!

  58. Happy 3rd Birthday Kate!

    It's hard to believe she's three. She looks beautiful and all grown up, too. I love her looking at herself in the cute. The party looked so fun and the cupcakes must have been yummy. Have a great holiday weekend!

  59. Happy Birthday sweet Kate!!! What a beautiful party : ) My girls love Fancy Nancy and what a posh little cupcake boutique. I enjoyed the video.

  60. Fancy Kate,
    You and I would get along famously, sweet girl! I love all things pink and fancy, too! I am glad your day was extra special and that you got to be the Princess that you are. Happy 3rd birthday, sweet girl!
    PS-tell that mommy of yours that her photog skills are amazing :)

  61. Happy Birthday Kate! Tia loved your outfit (as did her mom:) and your party looks super dooper fancy Nancyish! Your Mom takes amazing photos! Those cupcakes looks so yummy!

  62. Kim,
    Looks every little girls dream.... :) So much fun! The pictures are great!Happy Early birthday to Kate!


  63. Sweet girl and sweet party!
    On another subject, do you know when/why Hopsy of Monograms and Manicures went private all of a sudden?

  64. Happy Early Birthday Kate! The cupcake place looks divine and made the perfect backdrop for photos!

  65. Happy almost 3rd Birthday Kate!! Your party with friends looked like so much fun! You look super cute in your birthday oufit!
    Best wishes, Cindy

  66. Miss Kate's Golden Birthday! Happy Day!! I love how she kicked off the Happy Birthday song herself, she wasn't messing around!

    i loved the cupcake boutique - fancy indeed!! And the gift bags, oh my! Wish I lived closer, cause I know a Fancy Nancy that would love a party like that :)

  67. Happy Birthday sweet Kate. What a divine cupcake party...sweet enough for a princess like you!

  68. What a sweet little place for a very happy birthday party. :)

  69. A perfect party for a perfect princess. The photos are breathtaking ... I could go on and on. But I gotta go. I need a cupcake.

  70. What a fun birthday party. Just right for an adorable girl.
    Happy Birthday Kate!

  71. So adorable! Can't wait to start purchasing tiaras, poofy skirts, and everything pink! :o)

    Happy Birthday Kate!

  72. Oh my goodness, how cute is Kate all "Fancy Nancy-ed"up with all of her adorable friends. And what a great place for a birthday celebrations. These pictures are too cute for words!

    Gin =)

  73. Hi - is this that cute place on Shepherd and Alabama?????
    omg it is SOOOOooo cute!!! I've never been inside.

    thanks for the comments today! loved it.

    your peanuts are all to precious for words.

  74. Oh.. my goodness.. A Fancy Nancy party.. Indeed! ;)
    Cute, Cute!!
    Love her little outfit! Adorable!

  75. How adorable - what fun to have a little birthday princess! That outfit is the best.


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