Happy Valentine's Day

Thursday, February 14, 2013

I cannot believe I have not posted in a week.  Life is just flying by these days.

Harry and I went to see an Atlas Orthogonist last week.  Harry's neurologist recommend it.  After a lot of x-rays and a long consult, I was told my atlas rotation was the worst she (the doc) had seen in 20+ years. Harry's was bad too. This could be a big contributing factor to lots of health issues we have both have.  I was hit by a car when I was six years old and have been in a few auto accidents as well. The rotation in my neck is inhibiting the main blood supply to my brain. My neck and spine have severe damage.  We are not sure what has caused Harry's but this treatment could help our migraines significantly.  The problem is there is no atlas orthogonist where we live.  So, it is far. And we have to go often.

Work is going very well.  I have three big talks/seminars coming up here in the Houston area.  I am talking next week to the middle school teachers and staff at Harry's school about Positive Communication.  Then in a few weeks, I am speaking at a local church on ways to... Shake up your marriage!  Tips for adding more fun and happiness to your marriage.  And finally a few weeks after that (March 18th) I am speaking at the Houston JCC on What is your marriage teaching your children? How your communication affects your child's behavior and choices.  So, most of my computer time has been spent working on speaking outlines and power point presentations.  If you are in the Houston area, feel free to attend either of the last two seminars.  They are free and open to the public.

Here is a super duper lazy I-phone look at our Valentine's Day (cause that is how I roll these days, y'all)...

I get the kids little things I know they'll like.

For Will-- licorice, gum, a to do list (to keep him organized), a nook book download of his choice and a letter.

For Harry-- a letter, a stylus for his nook, sour smoochi lips, a calculator and WIRED magazine (not shown)...


For Kate, a little felt China girl bag that has hello Kitty lip gloss and nail polish in it, licorice and a letter.


Kate told me at first she though the licorice was raw meat!

I write my children a specific letter that talks about 3 values or characteristics I love seeing in them right now.  They light up when they read my very specific and individual praise and they save the letters over the years.

I wrote Kate her first Valentine letter here.

I gave Dave a card as we do not usually buy one another Valentine gifts.  We usually do a fun dinner with other couples.  But this year, Dave shocked and surprised me with a sweet gift.  I'll admit, I feel a bit bad now.  I wish I had gotten him something too.  He changed the rules on me.


It is a terrible photo but it is a gold peanut charm from James Avery for my charm bracelet.  I have actually wanted this for a very long time but had forgotten about it.  Thank you Dave!

Kate and I dressed in our hearts today...



Dave has a tradition of giving Kate a heart of chocolate each year.  She loves them even though chocolate makes her evil. It truly does.


She was so sweet...she decided to bring one in for her chocoholic teacher too.

Hope you have had a day filled with love from family and friends!  Love is what it is all about.

I promise to be better about posting.  I have a post on CNY, sewing, and favorite things in the works.


  1. What interesting topics. I wish you were speaking in Florida close to me. I would go it sounds valuable. You have a beautiful family

  2. Great post Kim. I want to hear all about the Atlas Dr. - I will email you my number so we can talk. Thank you so much for that offer. 3 in one week was too much. I love your Valentine Outfit - adorable!!!!

  3. That is so sweet both the gift that your husband gave to you and too your daughter. I wish my neighbor could here you speak about marriage. She is young and throwing her marriage away basically because she is bored. She has a great husband but says she is unhappy. I think she is going to be deeply sad when she doesn't find what she is seeking. Even sader is they have two small children that she has no concept the impact it will have on them. She told me that her parents are divorced and she survived. I questioned her did she really survive if she was so easy to give up on her marriage. She wants to go out and party. So so sad!

  4. Happy Valentine's Day! I was missing your blog posts there for a few days. Glad to hear your work is going so well.

  5. Kim, I love your post! I love your charm..my sister gave me that same one for Christmas this year. The little town we grew up in New Mexico is known as the peanut capital of the southwest! So she got me the peanut as a reminder of our childhood! I just love it! Ruby's birthday was the 1st of this month as we have just started her charm bracelet (James Avery of course) and she already loves it. By the way, they introduced the Nutcracker this year...I'm going to get it for Ruby when we go to the ballet next Christmas...it would be perfect for Kate as well!
    Love ya and Happy Valentines day sweet friend!

  6. Glad you're getting to the bottom of things...I wish I could come hear you speak!

  7. Love everything about this post. The gorgeous wreath, the personal gifts for each of the kids, Kate's cute little skirt, the peanut chard, YOUR SPACIOUS CLOSET, your cute sweater and those AWESOME seminars! Will you post dates of the seminars in later updates? I'm only about 2hrs from Houston and if the dates work for me, I would love to be attendance.

  8. Kim...would love to know if the doc said anything about how this could be affecting your thyroid/adrenals. I have done chiropractic care for quite a while but curious to know how this is different in helping thyroid issues. I fell down a flight of metal stairs when I was in 4th grade and I'm sure this has something to do with my issues. I found your blog searching for thyroid/adrenal issues.
    Hope this really help you and Harry!
    Happy late Valentine's Day! But that's what Feb. is for....!

  9. a) I will pray for yours and Harry's health.
    b) That candy does look like ground beef! It's a sign of giftedness to note such similarities, btw!
    c) Nothing is more charming than a Dad treating his girl like a little princess on Valentine's Day! Daddy gave "snow mums" and a chocolate covered cherry, here!

  10. I realize you have a million other things going on, but I just found your blog and I am really struck by your family and your knowledge in marriage and children. Have you ever considered writing a book? I too, have a Father that is not in my life and as a Mother to a 5 year old daughter, I often struggle with whether or not I am doing this parenting thing correctly. Same thing in my marriage. Thank you for sharing your life with us!

  11. I realize you have a million other things going on, but I just found your blog and I am really struck by your family and your knowledge in marriage and children. Have you ever considered writing a book? I too, have a Father that is not in my life and as a Mother to a 5 year old daughter, I often struggle with whether or not I am doing this parenting thing correctly. Same thing in my marriage. Thank you for sharing your life with us!

  12. What a lovely gift you got!!Thank you for sharing these precious moments with us. God bless you all.

  13. I simply adored your Valentine's gift. Seems like you all had a lot of fun.Thanks for sharing them with us. God bless you all.

  14. I got tulips for Valentines Day. I love them. Your sweater is presh!

  15. I loved getting little Valentines treats from Mom and Dad before school. You two looks so cute in your hearts! Hopefully the new treatments do help you all...and that they get one closer!

  16. LOVE yours and Kate's outfits!! I know at one point you mentioned having a great homemade mac and cheese recipe. I would love if you would post that please!!

  17. Hi there --I started to follow your blog because I was also adopted from Korea 39 years ago, but let me get to the point. I love the design of your blog. I am co-writing my first book (for young widows) with a psychologist. He has written several books, but I'd like to begin a blog to update others on our progress. Can you tell me what resource or who you had help you? Thank you!

  18. Hi. I follow your blog from time to time and it's so lovely to hear how your family is doing. My dear friend's son (11yrs) has had unbearable headaches as well for the past year or so. Doctors haven't been able to isolate the exact cause but they believe it's a combination of hormones, undeveloped frontal sinuses and braces. I hope Harry finds relief. I wanted to make a comment regarding an adjective you used. First please let me say that I only mention this wtih the kindest of intentions. It even pains me to bring it up because you are clearly such a loving and generous person. The term "China Girl" is considered offensive. I understand it's probably common colloquialism in parts of the country, however it's used degeneratively as in, "He doesn't have a Chinaman's chance of getting that job". Because your daughter is of Chinese decent (as am I), please consider using the adjective "Chinese" instead. http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/chinaman

    1. Thank you very much for pointing that out to me Jeanne. I would have never known and have never heard the term used offensively. But now that I know, I will be more careful with my words.



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