A Valentine Letter to Kate Emerson

Wednesday, February 14, 2007
Happy Valentine's Day Cupcake,

For the past few years, I have thought about you on each and every holiday that passed. I would wonder how old you were, if you were living with a family or in an orphanage, what you looked like and when we would meet you. This is the first holiday that I have those answers. You are a beautiful, healthy and happy 8 month old living with loving foster parents in a rural part of Southeast China.

My heart still aches knowing that you are half way around the world and not here with us to celebrate Valentine's Day. So far, we have had a nice day. Your extremely thoughtful Daddy heard on the radio that what women want most on Valentine's Day is a love letter. So, he composed a beautiful and extremely meaningful one for me. He also scheduled a mud wrap and massage for me (postponed due to snow) and is surprising me with something special for dinner. I truly hope and pray that you marry a man as wonderful as your Daddy is. He truly is the BEST!

As I write this the boys are home from school for a snow day. This morning they turned their rooms into a "science museum" with all of their rock collections, minerals and arrowheads. I just know if you were here, you would have been invited to go on the VIP tour with me (given by Museum Directors Will and Harry). You would have also enjoyed the "sweetheart cinnamon" gelato that has become our annual favorite. I cannot wait until next year to begin some of our own holiday traditions as mother and daughter. We can make some pink cupcakes and have a tea party!

I guess the next big holiday is Easter (unless you count President's Day and St. Patrick's Day). I have already bought you an adorable Easter dress. Hopefully, you will be here by then. We can have an egg hunt with your brothers and go to church and out for brunch. Easter is when your Daddy proposed to me. It would be very special if that is the first holiday you spend in our family. Oh, and you'll be here for Mother's Day. Then, we have your 1st birthday to look forward to in June! I am already planning that celebration in my head.

I love you in my heart already and I cannot wait to show you how much. Blessings to you sweet girl. Stay safe and happy until you join our family.



  1. What a sweet note to your daughter. I hope you get TA soon and can go bring her home. Having mommy/daughter moments is so special.

  2. Just found your blog, from the Welcome House group. Congratulations and our very best wishes for your TA. I love your nursery. Your family sounds like a perfect fit for baby Kate. We will watch your blog for travel pics. Got our fingers crossed for you.

  3. What a sweet, heart-felt letter to Kate. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you wait. How exciting to plan her birthday!


  4. Kim,

    Your Kate is blessed to be part of your sweet family! Next Valentine's she will be home at last!



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