LAX and hearts

Thursday, February 7, 2013
Harry became interested in lacrosse about a year ago but it was not the right timing to sign up for a local league.  We had missed the deadline.  So, we bought him the equipment he so desperately wanted (a reasonably priced beginner set) and he practiced on his own.  Our deal was if we buy his the equipment, he has to play at least one season somewhere. He started bringing his stick to school and soon all his friends bought sticks too. Then over the summer, he attended a lacrosse camp and clinic and he kept practicing.

We knew his middle school had a team and we went to a meeting and a practice.  But then Harry decided to change schools last fall.  His new school had no plans for a lacrosse team and that was a BIG disappointment.  In fact, Harry almost did not transfer for that one reason.  As luck would have it, just after he transferred, one of the Dad's volunteered to coach a 6th grade team and a 7/8th grade team.  

Harry was thrilled.  He has been practicing for a few months now and he really loves it.  He has even taught Kate how to play a little with a mini practice stick!  Last Saturday was Harry's first game.  They did not win.  It was not even close.  But they did score and Harry assisted in the goal.  They looked really good for a brand new team of kids who had never played lacrosse before.  Unfortunately, they played a team with a lot of experience.

The coach asked the kids to write a few paragraphs about why they would be a good team captain (if they were interested) and Harry did.  He is the 6th grade team captain!  I do not have a good telephoto spots lens so these photos are awful but they are what I have.


Taken with Instagram--Harry is #33 in this shot all the way to the left.



Kate found a cute little boy on the sidelines and played catch with him...




I think she made his day!

Also, this past weekend, Kate told me she wanted to make a "reef" of 100 hearts for her teacher for the 100th day of school.  Once we figured out exactly what she wanted to do, we helped get the supplies out.  Sweet Kate traced, drew and cut 100 hearts all in one Saturday!  Then we wrapped a reef wreath form in pink ribbon.



Finally, Kate hot glued 100 little hearts on it.  We did help with the layout and the hot glueing a little bit.  She was SO SO SO excited to give it to her teacher on Monday.


We put a big pink ribbon it for hanging too.

Harry and I are off to another city to seek some medical treatment. I am really hoping this helps. It has been a VERY tough week filled with stress, loss and tragedy for a few people that I love.  I am sending out lots of love and prayers this week and holding my loved ones a little tighter.
Have a good weekend!


  1. Yates Harry! So excited for him. Just wait until he plays more and more and you will get that sports lens! Mom always said she was more calm taking pictures than sitting on the sidelines.

    Prayers that the doctors help this week.

  2. Way to go Harry! Wins will soon follow! What a sweetie Kate is an the wreath is fantastic!

  3. Love her wreath. What a sweetheart!

  4. Your kids are so cute! As I have said before lax is a huge part of my life, my son is obsessed and is being recruited for college for tell him to keep practicing, you never know where it might take him! Its a great sport, such fun to watch and really growing, though up here its practically a religion!
    Kate is quite creative....they must give you 100 reasons to smile every day!

  5. Love Kate's heart .. I am sure it was a huge hit at school too. And .. yay for Harry and lax! Lacrosse has been a huge part of our lives for years with all 3 of mine playing through high school and a bit in college too!

  6. So sweet that Kate came up with the wreath idea all on her own and cut out all those hearts. Praying that your trip with Harry is fruitful!

  7. I have always loved Lacrosse. I am so happy for him. Prayers are with you. xo

  8. Yay Harry!! Our neighbor high schooler plays lacrosse and loves it! Unfortunately our garage windows don't love it and he has broken quite a few! :)

    Hope you have a great weekend -- praying for you all and hope Harry feels better.

  9. Kate did an awesome job with the wreath!! Definitely looks like someone older than her made it.

    1. I know it does not look like a 6 year old made it but she did! Kate is really good at art. Also she has just blossomed this year. She would not have had the planning or execution focus a year ago. Repeating kinder was a GREAT decision for her!

  10. Way to go, Harry! This post gets me so excited for lacrosse. Carson will start playing for the first time in March.

    Love Kate's reef!

    Hope you both feel better soon!

  11. Oh, that Kate has such a sweet heart! And congratulations, Harry!


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