A "Perfect" Mother's Day

Tuesday, May 15, 2012
It is so funny how motherhood has softened my edges over the years.  When Will was a baby I was so ...shall we say uptight  Type A.  I had him on such a schedule.  My house was immaculate.  I truly was a suffering perfectionist.   I could not bear it if we lost a puzzle piece!! Well, as Harry and especially Kate came along, I have had to let things go.  I slowly realized that the most perfect moments of life are in the imperfect.  Most of the time, the out of focus photos are my favorite (Murphy's Law).  Life might not be as scheduled nor as neat and pretty but it sure is good!  And my Mother's Day was perfect!  My little family made me feel very appreciated and that is the very best gift of all.

Harry was at a sleep over and Will is a teenager so he slept in (see... years ago it might have bothered that the boys weren't around in the morning but not now ).  So, Kate was so cute.  She came in our room and woke up Dave whispering (loudly), "Daddy, get up.  It's Mother's Day!"  They went downstairs to make the coffee while I slept a bit more.  When they heard me wake up, they brought me coffee and fruit in bed.  Katie Ru climbed in bed with me and we had such a special time.  Last week she had brought home some things from school and she very stealthily got them past me and into a hiding place in her room.

I was overwhelmed with Kate's card. She wrote it completely by herself.


It says:

Der mom (Dear Mom)

I love you
You are my sunchin (sunshine)
I love you veumch (very much)

frm  (from) Kate

I LOVE that she wrote "you are my sunshine!"  I sung that song to her every single day when she was a baby when I would give her her morning bottle.  She has never said that to me before but it melted my heart.

She also made me this beautiful picture.  I love it!


{those butterflies, ladybugs ant, caterpillar and worm are her fingerprints.  It reminds me of the flower pot Harry made me in kindergarten out of his fingerprints (cannot believe that was 5 years ago!)}


We all got cleaned up and headed out to a nice hotel for a big brunch.  Our children LOVE these huge buffet brunches.  They love trying some new foods.  They ate sushi, crab legs, caviar, crepes, veal and other things they don't usually eat.  One of my favorite parts of the brunch was our server.  He made such a point to tell Dave and I how impressed he was with our kids.  He actually sat down and asked me for parenting tips because he could not believe how delightful the peanuts were.  As a Mom, that was pretty nice to hear on Mother's Day!

Brunch was really great.  They had everything you could imagine to eat.  Harry and Kate made sand art and enjoyed some freshly spun cotton candy:)


The boys gave me a card at brunch.  They picked it out together and it was so perfectly them....



Will WOULD totally get me the funny card and Harry would get the serious one.  I LOVED their card. What I love best was Dave sent them on their bikes to the store and they picked out such a great one!

They also orderd me something for the house that I wanted from Jayson Home and Gardens.

After brunch....we were all so tired and so full!  We all ate a TON!  We sat outside for a few photos but we did not even really have the energy to walk around this year.



After brunch, Dave and I went to the Southern Living Showcase Home in our town.  It was really beautiful and we enjoyed getting out on such a gorgeous day.  Then we lazed around the house until Dave made some delicious shrimp for dinner.  After dinner, we took a little bike ride.  It really was a perfect day.

I feel so incredibly blessed!


I hope all of you had your "perfect" Mother's Day too.  I want to thank my Mom for teaching me many of the things I pass onto my children.  One thing my Mom worked hard to instill in us was a sense of honesty and I see myself emphasizing that with our children.  So many other Moms have inspired me over the years.  I have learned so much from my "Mommy friends" about faith and patience and health and letting go.  I thank all of you who have been a good example for me.

You might all think I am a HUGE dork (and I kinda am) for taking photos of the little homemade things and cards but I love looking back year to year and seeing what the kids did from year to year. I do save these treasures too but the blog posts put it all in context for me:)

On another note, someone asked about the spots on Kate's face.... Kate gets eczema and it gets so bad that she loses some pigment in her face. We see a dermatologist and the eczema is gone but the lack of pigment remains and you can see it when she gets tan sometimes.  It will eventually go away.  I could probably fix it in photoshop but it is Kate and I think she beautiful just the way she is:)


  1. What a lovely day!


  2. Love it Kim! You all look amazing and what a beautiful family you are. I used to think when I was young and my mom went nuts for my homemade cards and gifts, that she was "just saying that" but now as a mother, I totally get how priceless they really are. So happy it was a wonderful day for you! You are indeed very blessed.

  3. You are so NOT a dork! These are such special moments and memories. Thank you for sharing them with all of us!

  4. What a beautiful family:) I love cards when they are little and write them all by themselves, I especially love they way they are sounding out the words in their sweet little heads. She did a fabulous job and no translation was even necessary! :)

    Glad you had a wonderful day and I love it that you are so sentimental:)
    P.S. Lottie has that also and it shows up in the summer on her face.

  5. Replies
    1. So exciting to see your comment! I love that dress and all of your clothes! Hope you had a lovely Mother's Day:)

  6. Truly beautiful! Dork...you are NOT!! Kates "bug art" is truly precious!! I love how the teachers come up with the cutest kiddie art!!

  7. You already know I am a huge fan of your family. So cute! xo

  8. I really love this post - especially your comment about how you've come to realize that the perfect moments are often the ones that are imperfect. That's so true and such a good thing to keep in mind.
    I'm glad you had a wonderful Mother's Day! You deserve it! I absolutely LOVE the photos . . . you look absolutely beautiful! :)

  9. Love all the Precious memories!!! You look Beautiful in your pink dress...Love it!!

    Happy Mother's Day!

    1. I purchased my first Kayce Hughes dress! Arrived today and LOVE it! It's the pink/white kinda polka dot. Now I need some shoes...lol
      Love the long sleeve green/white check! Wish they had my size!

      LOVE the pink one you have on!


  10. What a beautiful Mother's Day Kim. You are so blessed, as blessed as your kids are to have you as their mother. I also suffer from being Type A, but am slowly letting go a little. It is so hard to just let go. And I love that you don't photoshop your kids, I agree with you, Kate is a beauty... there is no need.


  11. Looks like a great day.. KyLee has eczema and she has that different color pigment also.. all good.. she will grow out of it..
    love ya..

  12. your post is so sweet Kim. Really.

    You are so sweet.

    Your hair is looking fabulous!


  13. Such a wonderful mother's day .. your family is beautiful. Love your pink dress and yes, your hair looks fabulous!

  14. What a sweet Mother's Day. Kim, you look amazing! You all do... what a great photo. Kate is absolutely beautiful unretouched and her hair is looking so long and pretty.
    Gin =)

  15. I love seeing your family pictures and the cards from your kids. And I am glad you don't photoshop Kate's beautiful face. Lola has two hemangiomas on her cheek and whenever I photograph that side of her face I don't ever do any retouching. I love her little marks - I feel like they make her "her", if that makes sense.


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