Happy Mother's Day

Sunday, May 13, 2007
The one thing I really wanted for Mother's Day was a nice picture with my three children. Kate has been home 5 weeks now and I did not have a picture with all the kids yet. Kate Emerson had just woken up from a nap and wasn't too smiley but here are some of the pictures Dave took.

On the front porch.

I asked the boys to let me sleep until 9:00 this morning. So, at 8:58...I heard singing in the hall, "Happy Mother's Day to you, Happy Mother's Day to you." The gang entered the bedroom bearing gifts, cards, and a breakfast tray with an omelet, bacon, toast and coffee.

Harry made this beautiful pot with his fingerprints decorated as butterflies, ladybugs, and chicks. It is so cute. He also gave me a beautiful card.

Will painted this watercolor portrait of me sitting on our couch with a book. One of our favorite things to do together is read. He painted me in a green sweater because green is my favorite color and he told me that I look pretty in the green sweater I wear. Isn't that sweet?

This is an oil pastel portrait that Will did of me for Mother's Day about four years ago. I treasure it so much because Will used to hate art (he had some sensory issues back then). His teacher at the time told me that he worked so hard on it. It is framed and hangs in our breakfast room. He is really quite the budding artist as you can see from comparing the two works.

Miss Kate Emerson gave me a stunning pair of black pearl earrings from China that match the necklace Dave bought back for me. But I didn't need a gift from her. She is the best gift of all this year!

After breakfast and our photo shoot we went to an Art festival where we ran into some good friends. It has been a beautiful Mother's Day. I have done a lot of reflecting today. I am so grateful for my own Mother who taught me such strong principles and values. I have thought of my husband's Mom who was one of the strongest women I have known but is unfortunately no longer with us. We miss her today. I have thought a lot about Kate's birth Mother this week. Dave and I feel so sad that she will never know the pure joy that is Kate. We will never know how she came to the brave decision to give Kate this life but we will be forever grateful to her. She took a huge risk to make sure that Kate would be taken care of. Today we pray for her and there is sadness in my heart for her.

I also remember Mother's day two years ago when we found out that the adoption we were applying for in Korea would not be completed. I was so sad and disappointed. What a difference two years makes. Today, I am the luckiest woman alive. Thank you Dave, Will, Harry and Kate for such a beautiful day and a wonderful life.

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mother's out there. A special wish to those Moms who are waiting to hold their children for the first time. I know the wait is hard. I am praying for all of you.


  1. Those are awesome pictures - they turned out great!!! What a great looking family!! Happy Mother's Day!

  2. Thank you for sharing your mother's day. I can hardly wait!

  3. Praise God that Kate is home with you today! You are a blessed woman indeed! Happy Mother's Day Kim!!

    Waiting Mum, Sharon

  4. Happy Mother's Day, my friend! I requested a 9 am wake up call as well. I made it until 8 which was just as good!

    God Bless You and your family!

  5. Kim,
    The pictures are beautiful and priceless! What a blessing to have your family together in time for Mother's Day. Here's wishing you many more blessed holidays together.


  6. Beautiful pictures of you and the children! Little Kate make this a very special Mother's Day!
    Ladybug hugs,

  7. Kim,

    You all look great in the pictures. I'm so glad you had a Happy Mom's Day, and Kate was with you. Hopefully you received our card. Happy Godmothers day & Mothers day. We would have called but we left early and got home late.

    Love ,
    Ashton, Aunt Doonie & Uncle Moon

  8. What a beautiful family! Happy Mother's Day!

  9. Happy mother's Day to you and your beautiful family :)!


  10. What a lovely family you have.

  11. Happy Mother's Day Kim! What a blessing that you have all of your children home with you to celebrate with you. The photos are beautiful!


  12. Your pictures are beautiful! Happy first Mother's Day with all your children! ;0

  13. Great pictures. Sounds like you had a wonderful Mother's Day!
    Love Will's art too!


  14. Kim,
    Your Mother's Day photos are BEAUTIFUL!! Love the white against the green background, so pretty! Your 3 children are all so adorable, how blessed you are! Happy Mother's Day!

  15. kim
    the pictures are beautiful..you all look great..glad you had a nice mothers day...i love will's artwork...

    hugs amd prayers

  16. Happy Belated Mother's Day to you! What wonderful pictures! I can't wait to do the same.

  17. BEAUTIFUL pictures of you and your three adorable children.

    Your day sounds like it was just perfect. What a fun alarm clock! :)

    Happy belated Mother's Day!

  18. Those photos are absolutely beautiful. I just love them. And your Mother's Day gifts are the sweetest.

  19. What a perfect day!!! The whole family is glowing!

  20. Your family is quite beautiful! Happy Mother's Day to you!

  21. Hi! Ruby is sitting here with me and we are checking in on all of you! We love the Mother's Day pics!! And the answer is, no a girl can never have too many dresses! Especially, if they match your fabulous crib bedding!
    Blessings from China!
    Diana & Ruby Mei

  22. What wonderful pictures, your heart must be full! Sounds like you had a great day.

  23. Sounds like a great day. You did indeed get some beautiful pictures of you and the three little ones! They turned out great!

  24. Beautiful family! And great cards!
    Julie H

  25. Kim~
    Gorgeous pictures. I'm so thrilled to see you with your three beautiful children! We're just getting "back in touch" since coming home! Blessings to you~
    Connie J


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