What a weekend...

Monday, May 14, 2012
We had such a busy weekend!  We had dinner with friends on Friday night.  There was a Mom's orientation coffee/meeting for me at Will's new high school on Saturday morning.  I had to rush out of that early to get home and get Miss Kate all ready for her big recital.  Then it was off to her performance.  And then Saturday night was the Father-Daughter dance at school!  This was a first for Kate and Dave and it was SO sweet!  Finally, we had a lovely Mother's Day yesterday.

Let's start with the recital.  We were so rushed going from one thing to the next that I did not have time to get many photos .... but here it is (again since I did post rehearsal pics too)






Kate just loves the performance.  She has so much fun on stage.
The boys were very good sports about sitting through the performance. The good Lord knows Kate sat through enough sporting events for them!


{Kate is center stage, second row below}




Kate and some of her friends after the show.  A little boy in her class also brought her flowers:)

After the recital, Kate did a little resting and a little swimming and then it was off to the Father-Daughter Dance!

I totally let Kate pick her outfit for the dance.  She has worn this dress a lot but she loves it.  Her godmother, Aunt Stacy sent it to her and it is so beautiful.

Kate got her Daddy a boutonniere... she was so cute:)



And Dave gave Kate her first wrist corsage.  She was very excited!  She did not know about such things!








I will admit that Will and I went and peeked in the windows of the dance.  I just HAD to see Kate and Dave dancing.  Then, my good friend called me right at the end of the dance and said she was crashing and did I want to meet her there?  So, I popped in for a few minutes. It really was about the cutest thing I have ever seen.  Kate was having SO much fun!!!

 My friend took these photos...

Apparently, there was a dress-up "photo-booth" type thing (and Dave got cute photos on a strip but I have no idea where they are)


The big dip!


I look at these photos and I get all teary and emotional.  I really do.  My kids are so blessed to have Dave as their father.  He is incredible. I have never really blogged about it before but I have no relationship with my Dad.  He has not been a good father to me and he does not even know my children.  It is quite sad. I feel sorry for him because he is missing out on so much.  I cannot imagine not wanting to be a part of my children's or grandchildren's lives.  BUT,  I feel so incredibly blessed that my children have the world's most amazing Dad.  He is fun and loving (but strict too) and he doesn't miss anything with them.  He is so involved in all of the kids lives.

I will post about Mother's Day next:)

I hope you all had a GREAT Mother's Day!


  1. Not to make you more teary eyed, but, with Kate's choice of dress, can't you totally see her as a bride with her Daddy? I can. :) Beautiful!

    1. Oh Yes, Lynnie! I kept thinking that in the blink of an eye they will be dancing at her wedding!!!! It was so cute...Dave was teaching her the two step!

  2. How adorable!! Lucky girl, and what a great daddy!

  3. Beyond PRECIOUS!!! Love that her brother's went and watched her perform...So Sweet!!
    Nothing better than Special moments with Daddy that she will always treasure!!

  4. Oh my, the picture of Kate's & your hubby's expression as he presents her the corsage, is priceless. Such sweet, sweet pictures of her with her daddy and loved the dipping on the dance floor! What a blessing that your Heavenly Father picked just the right man for you and your children/grandchildren!

  5. What an amazing blessing you have given your children chosing Dave to be their dad. It's the greatest gift you could ever give them. I do feel badly for your dad since he is really missing out on the amazing woman you are and watching you as an incredible mom.
    Your children are very blessed to have both of you.

  6. Just beautiful! The pics of Kate and Dave warm my heart!

  7. The pictures of Kate and her dad are just SO precious and just really, really lovely, what a special evening for both of them! (and yay to him on being such an amazing dad!!)
    Congrats to her on a well-done recital performance (I'm sure:)!! I like the picture of the two of you and love the pink & green you're wearing!!:)
    That's funny about peeking in, I would have so done that too! lol
    Happy Mother's Day Kim!

  8. What beautiful pictures - beautiful memories! I can say that my dad was not much of a dad growing up, but he has awakened to be a great grandpa. The blessings and happiness that you and Dave have shown to each other is reflected in your children - the most precious of gifts!

  9. i get teary too. sweet pics...I am with you, I didn't have this kind of relationship with my father either, my step dad made up for it. I am blessed that my hubby loves his kids too, and has awesome sweet relationships with them all...

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  12. I love the recital pictures and the Daddy / Daughter photos are treasures! The moments bring a smile to my heart:). You are a wonderful Mom! Happy Mother's Day! Michelle and Meaghan Grace

  13. Your family is precious and I love your blog. I, too, have no relationship with my father. Growing up I didn't and as an adult, I have tried. He has met my children two times in eleven years. It just confuses them and they really can't fathom not talking to their father, or having such a strange relationship. So, I have made the difficult decision to completely severe the ties, what little there were. Our children are blessed to have my husband as well :)

  14. So beautiful and so sweet. Your post made me teary eyed and I don't even know you ;)
    Courtney Barnett

  15. The look on her face when she was getting her corsage is priceless!

  16. Such sweet, sweet memories being made!


    Love all the pearls you are wearing even more than polka dots!

  17. Oh My word!! Those corsage pics are adorable!!! What a sweet moment!!

  18. What adorable photos you have! I was just wondering where you got your beautiful pink and green dress?

    1. Hi Jill. Thank you!! I got that dress recently at one of my favorite shops in Houston called A Bientot. (http://www.shopabientot.com)! It is adorable on and so comfortable as it is cotton knit but not clingy (very forgiving). The brand is Barbara Gerwit and it is a resort line...the website for Barbara Gerwit is http://barbaragerwit.com/collection/knits/ I do not see my exact dress but I see similar ones. They are sized accurately, I think. My dress is a small and it fits great.

  19. LOVE the photos..
    looks like you had an amazing weekend..
    love ya

  20. I think this is one of my favorite posts of yours. There is just something so incredibly touching and sweet seeing Kate's expressions - especially when she is getting her corsage from Dave. It just made my heart melt! Also, I can't wait to show Lillie the video below when she wakes up tomorrow! She's going to love it!

  21. Loved this post! So sweet, your girl is growing up :)
    And I love hearing about Kate and Dave - your kiddos are blessed to have a wonderful mom and dad!
    P.S. I had a similar relationship with my dad, who has now passed away. It was heartbreaking to think of all he missed :( So glad your kiddos have a daddy like Dave!

  22. Your daughter is such a cutie pie! My daughter has been in dance since she was 4, but decided after 10 years, she needed a break. They are getting ready for recital and I think she is really missing it, to tell you the truth, i do too.

    Have a great week

  23. You have such a nice looking family; your kiddos are cute!

    I love your little dancer. My daugher has been in dance since she was 4 and after 10 years, she decided to take a break. They are getting ready for recital and I think that she is missing it, to tell you the truth, I do too.

    Take care!

  24. absolutely priceless! Love that priceless daddy daughter moment!

  25. Those pictures are adorable. I love the wrist corsage and especially Dave dipping Kate. You have a lovely family.
    I am Dawn at our little china girl/ciao bella's mom. I did not want you to think I was some stranger here. I have never commented but follow your blog on a regular basis.
    God bless you and your beutiful family.


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