4th of July weekend (part 2)

Thursday, July 7, 2011
So after all of the fun on Sunday morning, we were on a roll. When we got home I googled some more for family fun in our great city. I came across this site for The Orange Show. After all of these years living in Houston (13 years for me and probably 20 for Dave), we had never heard of this place.  Our kids love art.  Will makes amazing sculptures out of cans.  Harry has an affinity toward abstract art and Kate loves creating art.  So, we took a chance that they might like this and we hopped in the car hoping to get there before closing...


Kate got a kick out of this!





The Orange Show is a folk art "monument" built by one man with found objects. The artist, Jeff McKissack believed that everyone has creativity within them and this exhibit is a tribute to that ideal and his belief in good nutrition. His family owned a small orange grove and he believed that oranges were key to a healthy life (hence the name of the exhibit).

Our kids thought it was "AWESOME!"  This could have gone either way.  I think a lot of kids might have been bored or unimpressed but the peanuts thought it was so cool. And so did we.  It was fun thinking outside the box and appreciating this offbeat artist's vision.

Then, after dinner we had our 2nd annual Ice Cream Sundae Party (we did this last year on the 4th weekend too).  I don't have photos but we buy all the ice cream toppings (caramel, hot fudge, whipped cream, jimmies, etc. that we do not usually have in our house) and let everyone have at it.  This year, Harry was allowed real ice cream too (he used to eat coconut milk ice cream instead).  

Then, Kate and Harry decided to camp in the backyard in a tent...



It was so cute when I peeked at them from inside--Harry was reading books to Kate by flashlight.

holding hands...
Scout wanted to sleep in the tent too:)  They only lasted out there until about 10:00 p.m.  I think it was too hot.  Maybe they'll try again sometime when it is cooler.

And yes, there is a part 3 to this busy and fun weekend and it includes hula hoops and a bubble blowing contest!  I will post it tomorrow:)


  1. FUN FUN! I love the relationships your children have with one another!

  2. What sweet pictures! I love all the traditions and like your idea of looking back at the blog sometimes to remember your fun ideas. : ) Thanks for visiting my blog - I was a little melancholy when I wrote that post!

  3. Oh my -- you all had so much fun!! COol orange place and camping out -- adorable!


  4. we too camp outside...but my husband likes to set up CAMP in the FRONT yard..YIKES..he even runs a cable line so they can watch tv and hooks up a fan so his little girly's don't get the vapors!

  5. such fun! love the camping pics, my husband and son do backyard camping too, its a boy-only event :) i guess that will last only a couple of more years until little miss is verbal enough to demand that she can camp too!

  6. How fun to find new places to go in your city! It looks like everyone had a great time. I love the tent pictures!

  7. Kim - Thanks for stopping by my blog. We LOVED meeting ya'll too! I really hope you can come visit us in Chicago one day and we can return your sweet hospitality! :)

  8. I think it is so wonderful that the peanuts all have such an amazing appreciation for art! The "camp out" is just the sweetest thing ever!

  9. Oh this place looks awesome and my boys would love it!


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