Family time (a long post)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

We have had a lot of stress in the 3 peanut household lately. We are hanging in there but honestly we have not had a whole lot of family fun in the last month or two due to all of the obligations, health issues, Will's surgery, aggravating car accident and repairs and such. I do count my blessings though and realize we have a lot to be thankful for. So, this holiday weekend we tried to have some good old fashioned family fun and laughs....

First, we met up with our good friends at our neighborhood 4th of July "parade" and carnival.


DSC_1659Align Center







Who doesn't love free watermelon on a hot and sticky summer day?



Kate loves a pony ride!!!
I know she looks all serious here (and she is).
BUT this is her favorite thing to do at these things.

Inside the heavenly air conditioned building, there were fun booths, a Dj and some great contests. There were bubble blowing, limbo and hula hoop contests...


I ROCKED the hula hoop contest. Seriously, who knew I had such a hidden talent? Not me. My hoop hit that pesky metal chair behind me or I would have gone on forever! I will say that my abs hurt for days after but I did advance to the championship round AND I won a stuffed animal (and you know how much I loathe stuffed animals).

Will obviously inherited his hula hoop talent from me too;)

We also played some fun family games at home like jump the brook and limbo. I bought a bunch of dairy free (coconut) ice cream and all the gluten and dairy free toppings I could find and we had a family ice cream sundae party! I did not take photos because I was too busy having fun.

We had dinner with some great friends and went to watch fireworks with them too on the 4th. Again, no photos. I was just trying to enjoy my family and friends in the moment.

Finally on Monday, we spent the day at a fun pool.

My creation






As you can see, Miss Kate LOVES the water!!!


I got a lot of questions after I made the comment about Kate's citizenship....

It is kind of a long story but if both parents travel to China, the child is a US citizen once they go through customs. However, if only one parent travels (such as was our case), you need to re-adopt the child in the US and apply for citizenship. We re-adopted Kate as soon as we could (VA required we wait one year). We got a VA birth certificate and then we tried like heck to get Kate a SS card. But we kept coming up against problems. We went round and round with our attorney and even our local congressmen only to find out that there is a specific form (N-600) that someone (Dave) needed to file when he returned from China. Anyway for 3 years, Kate has had a green card and been a legal alien. We surrendered her green card a few weeks ago and her passport arrived. So I was hoping she would have her citizenship certificate in time for the 4th of July but it did not arrive.

According to our agency, LOTS of China adoptee parents fail to register for their citizenship. They often find out when they go to apply for a job or apply to college that they are not a citizen. I urge you to check this out if only one parent traveled for your adoption. Apparently having a passport does not mean you are a citizen.

So, we are hoping that any day now Kate will become a citizen!!!!

(I know that these photos are mostly of Kate but the fact boys (including Dave) are really sick of me taking their photos. Kate is a willing subject, for now.)


  1. That makes total sense. I know of a friend that parents did not readopt when he came home from China. Forward 15 years and he couldn't drive. Then the whole other mess started and trying to dig up old papers. 15+ years later is sooooo hard. I still readopted LiLi just incase there are any laws changed. I want her to always have the same rights as everyone else. Even with all my paperwork and a fresh memory, it still took 6-8 months. Well worth it!!!

  2. Oh- I forgot to write that Kate is too cute in the pictures. I love the green bathing suit!!

  3. it all sound perfect and lots of fun by all. Love Kate's dress and bathing suit!


  4. It looks like you had a very fun 4th of July!! Way to rock the hulla hoop Kim:) I love the picture of the three kids in their red, white, and blue.......and Kate's polka dot super cute!

    Believe it or not, I did not take a single photo on the 4th...I left my camera in the bag and enjoyed the entire day with our friends and family. We hosted the picnic, so it was one less thing I needed to worry about. Sometimes it feels good to put the camera away and just live your life!

    Glad to hear you got Kate's Citizenship all straightened out. I am sure everything will arrive in just a few days!!

    Hope you have a great week!!



  5. Such adorable pics! Kate's hair is getting long again :-)
    Hope you get that citizenship certificate soon!

  6. Great pics!!! Looks like you enjoyed your sweet family on the fourth. I did, too, and hardly have any pics to show for the day...sigh!
    The kids looked precious in their red, white and blue :) Hope you are doing well!

  7. Great pictures and I am so glad you got to spend some fun time with your family.

    We redid Emanuiel
    and Clara Beth's adoptions in the U.S. even though both of us traveled to China. I can't believe Va made you wait a year we didn't have to do that in South Carolina.

  8. oh my, your kids are beautiful. I love Kate's swimsuit and that pool looks super fun! Love that polkadot dress too. My girls are so into polkadot dresses lately! Man, they make you jump through a lot of hoops when adopting. You would think they would find ways to make it easier! I hope she gets the citizen papers soon.

  9. We've been on the go since school let out. I'm looking forward to some much needed family time in a few weeks. My son is coming home from North Carolina ~ I've cleared my calendar and I'm hanging out with no set agenda. These are always the best times for our family.

    Way to go hula hoop mama ~ I'm so with you on those stuffed animals.

    Have a great week~

  10. Great photos..
    looks like fun family time..
    love it..
    and like always..
    Kate has a darling suit on..
    Loveya.. hugs..

  11. these are great pictures, Kim! I know you get tired of people asking...but where is Kate's dress from? It is so cute with that gorgeous navy ribbon around the neck!! I hope things settle down in your house for the rest of the summer!

  12. You Rocked the contest. Go girl!

    Love Kates dress!!

    xoxo Michele

  13. Looks like a great time for everyone. I can relate to the citizenship thing. My son came home on a different type visa than my daughter and I am still trying to get his citizenship worked out.
    Love all the pictures.

  14. You look so thin in the hula hoop picture! Looks like a fun weekend.

  15. Kim your pics are so PRECIOUS of the children Kate is sooooo very cute in that little patriotic dress glad Will is getting better and you are too
    Had no idea you were a hula girl LOL i see that hiar is back in a pony tail too- looking good girly girl
    just lookslie- a great FUN FAMILY DAY!
    So glad you all of you had a happy 4th!

  16. Fabulous 4th fun! Way to go, Kin with the hoola hooping! ;)

  17. I love all the pics. Looks like you've been having a great time. The 4th of July festivities look like alot of fun.

    I'm glad her citizenship is finally getting worked out. I need to go apply for W's SS#.

    I know what you mean about pics of the boys. I feel like people will think I only have W. They won't know about the boys at all :)

    Miss you!

  18. So glad we were able to connect on the 4th! It looks like you did make the most of it!!! I just love Kate in that Kate Mack suit!!!! You are pretty good at the Hula Hoop my friend!!!

    Inside all day with a sick child...


  19. And for everyone out there, just so you know, if you travel on an I600 and only one parent travels it's true your child isn't a citizen, but now, under the new I800, which by the way is the ONLY positive side to the switch, your child IS A CITIZEN if only one parent travels.
    Just for those who may wonder :)

    I enjoy reading your blog so much! All of your peanuts are ADORABLE!!

  20. looks like a fun 4th of July!!!! Love the hula hoop!!! I'm kind of good myself...: P
    I traveled without Ken and was able to get Addison's SS card right away...we have yet to apply for citizenship but we have the paperwork. There are so many different stories floating around about filing and not having to's nuts!!!! We do plan on filing. As far as the SS card goes...believe it or not it all depends on the office you go to and who is at the front desk. Sad but true...we had a hard time with Livi but an easy time with Addison. Crazy!!!

  21. I'm glad you got to enjoy some family fun. Love the hula hooping photos and I adore Kate's swimsuit.

    Gin =)

  22. What fun family moments!!!! Everyone looks great and relaxed and happy and after everything that has happened in your family for the last few deserve it!

    Awesome hula hooping my friend:)

  23. i finally got caught up with your posts while i was gone...i was totally looking forward to these fun photos of your precious family.
    & girl, rock that hula hoop. i am truly impressed


  24. looks like a wonderful holiday weekend! we were busy unpacking and ellie was in bed by 6:30...makes me wonder if i will ever watch the fireworks with my kids one day;)


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