A beautiful story of Texas sized faith! {Sunday Snapshot}

Sunday, March 6, 2011
I have witnessed an incredible story of faith and obedience and love this week.  Shelly is a fellow Texan who reads my blog and reached out to me a few years ago.  We were supposed to meet at a Beth Moore Bible Study but that did not pan out.  So, we met one day the Urban Market.  I immediately really liked Shelly.   She is down to earth, sweet and funny.  And she has great taste.  She came over a few months ago and had lunch with me and Kate and we had such a nice time.  Our friendship and conversations are easy and natural.


When I met Shelly, she and her family were on the road to adoption and they hit many, many bumps along the way.  They changed countries and programs and felt defeated a few times (like we all do on this journey)  I always tried to encourage her with prayer and a listening ear.  We have not known each other long and we don't know each other too well yet.  But I know our friendship will continue to grow.  Her family has a faith that inspires me and I think it will inspire you too.

Shelly and her family are in China this week.  The trip began with some tough surprises.  But their faith and trust in God has been uttelry amazing.  This is their cutie, Libbie.  Isn't she darling???


I LOVE this one of her stealing her brother's popcorn.  She looks so covert.


So, I invite you to read their journey.  Start here so you can understand the beginning of the trip.  Then move up until today.  I know they can use your comments, support and prayers.  You will be touched and blessed by reading this.  I assure you.

Kate and I were invited to meet them at the airport this week when they come home and we simply cannot wait!!!!

Ni Hao Yall


  1. We've adopted from China twice, these photos take me back to our first trip. Such a surreal experience! I will check out her link.

  2. wowwie, wow, wow. I am undone time and time again by peoples' testimonies of faith. Its easier when you've had "time" to adjust and "time" to meditate and consider all you've been through - but they are IN IT, RIGHT NOW and still testify to God's greatness. That's what I call living in HIS image.

    May God Bless them richly the rest of their journey. I have a feeling He has some pretty awesome stuff planned for them and especially for Libbie!

  3. Wow! I did pop over and read their story. So inspiring and courageous!

  4. What a great post! She does have a Texas sized faith for sure!
    I still remember the day she was meeting you for lunch....she called me on the way and was so nervousa and I told her not to be that anyone would love her and I know you did! Shelly is the real deal!

  5. We all know where your kind words about adoption get people! ;-) I'll have to check it out. Just realized today that this week is 6 month anniversary of Gotcha Day... hard to believe! I love following others' journeys to their children, so thank you for posting this!

  6. Libbie is just precious! Many prayers to Shelly and her family. Amazing faith!!

  7. Kim, I just love you and i'm so happy you got to meet Hoot and Lambert and Libbie. I know our friendship will grow and I know God brought us together for a reason. If I could describe you in one word it would be gracious. okay... and wise... two words sorry. Thanks for all your encouragement and support. Love, SAL


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