Some bloggy friends came for brunch

Monday, March 7, 2011
I have "known" Ally for a few years through the blog world (her blog might be private, not sure).  She is a young newlywed and she was living in Princeton while her husband went to grad school when she first started blogging. She commented on 3 peanuts and I reciprocated and overtime a friendship grew.  I was touched by her Mom's graceful fight against breast cancer and I prayed for them.  I have enjoyed watching Ally and Brian build their new married life, their budding careers and their fun travels.

This weekend, Ally and her husband were in town for a wedding and she suggested that we get together.  I invited them to our house for brunch.  Dave was so funny!  He could not imagine why young, hip and fun people would want to come hang out with us old boring people for a few hours.  Nonetheless, we really enjoyed meeting them and hopefully we did not bore them too much!!!

We had a casual brunch of quiche, fruit salad, blueberry scones and sage sausage. Oh and they had bread pudding with a cream, whiskey sauce for dessert.  I had to pass--too much gluten for me.


Ally and Brian bought Kate an Angelina Ballerina book that she has not put down for 24 hours.  She loves it.  She  started memorizing it after Ally read it to her once.


Now, Kate is "reading" the story to Ally.  Ally was so sweet with Kate.  I can tell she'll be a great Mom someday.


Will and Dave and I really enjoyed talking to Brian too.  He seems like a really nice guy.
 Harry was at a birthday party so he just got to meet them briefly.

After we ate, Kate had to show off her new roller skating abilities outside.


Ally and Brian live in Chicago now and Kate invited herself for a visit sometime (she is not shy!).  It was funny...all during brunch Kate kept staring at Ally.  She is so pretty and I think Kate was mesmerized.





When they left, Kate said, "You can come meet us ANY time!"

I agree:)

Anonymous-- Thank you. Yes, the dress is new-ish and I think it looks cuter in person than in these photos.  It is J. McLaughlin.    I got it at A bientot.


  1. I love this post! What a wonderful "way" to actually meet up in person. dx

  2. I love your dress! (love the blue and orange combo) Is it new? Where is it from? I'd love to get one, too. Thanks!

  3. How sweet is that! I love the friendships that blossom thru the blogging world! *I still believe that was Dave I saw on the way to Dallas a few months ago* Ha!

  4. How sweet! Your table looks beautiful, Kim .. as do you!
    *I notice the Lilly book on your table ;)

  5. Thank you so much for having us! I was just telling my mom about how wonderful your children and husband and YOU are in person as well. You are so welcoming. :) I am glad to hear Kate loves her book, I love what a great memory she had of all the different parts of the story after only hearing it once. Brian and I are already planning YOUR trip to Chicago and all the fun things we could do but you will have to wait a few months until it warms up! Tell Dave that I look up to you so much and that is why I wanted to meet you. :) The dynamics of a three kid household is never boring to visit! Brian will see me looking at your blog and say "is that who you want to be like when you grow up?!" and I always say "yes!".

  6. Amazing what the blog world does for us! She is a beautiful girl and I am sure your meeting was a special time. Thank you for sharing with us...and yes, it seems her blog is private. Darn!

  7. love the table decoration!! yur girl is so sweet!!

  8. I love your table! I think setting a table is so fun and creative.

    Your dress is awesome too!
    I have been wearing jeans way too much lately (because of renovating I think)and have been noticing some pretty dresses and skirts around.


  9. I have to agree with Ally! It would be a pleasure to be like you when I 'grow up!' ;) Wishing you all a wonderful week! With love...

  10. I want to come to your house for lunch! YUM!


  11. How fun! I think I have had a few comments from Ally before. She is a doll.

    Kate's dress is just precious, and yours is to-die-for...LOVE It!

    Thanks for sharing these memories with us.

  12. What a great story. Your table was beautiful.

  13. love this post! your table looked beautiful. I really wish I cared more about hosting and making a beautiful table!! I'm kinda the help yourself kinda gal so I so appreciate seeing how you do it!!!

  14. Ok - So fun!!! And, I love that you and Ally matched!!!
    Honestly, is she your sister? What a cute couple!!!! And, such a blessing for them to meet you!!!!

    Kate looks adorable! And, I love those skates!!!! We may need some of those for Spring.. IF it ever appears!

    Miss you,

  15. What a lovely brunch - how fun!

    I almost purchased that same dress for Adrienne . . . seeing it on Kate makes me wish I had!

    Your table looked beautiful!


  16. You m ake everything look perfect! HOw fun that you met in real life. You look young and hip yourself!

  17. You m ake everything look perfect! HOw fun that you met in real life. You look young and hip yourself!

  18. what fun to meet! and could kate be any cuter inviting herself to chicago?! I think not.


  19. I'm glad you and Ally had such a great time! I have known Ally since we met when my husband and I were visiting his best friend in DC and she just happened to be his date for the evening (long before her lovely husband Brian came along)! She is sweetheart! I will be back home in Houston for the next week, and wish I had time to see y'all too! Maybe next time, you and Kate can meet me at French Cuff Boutique and a cupcake or two!

  20. Darling - and who is the maker of Kate's sweet dress. I love those colors.

  21. Honestly, you look so young too ... what a treat for this young couple to come to your home and visit with your family ... I'm so glad your blog is not private ... I really enjoy reading it ... love the wisdom and kindness that you share ...

  22. How sweet and fun to meet a blogger in person! Great photos -- you all look so lovely and I am so jealous of the warm weather, green grass there!

    Chicago in the summer is a blast! My sister and I and our daughters (2 China girls) met there last summer for a girls trip! So much fun!


  23. What a fun afternoon for all! I love both your dress and Kate's. SO PRETTY!

    It looked like a gorgeous day....and I am so envious of all of the green grass:) Still brown and muddy looking up here....but at least the snow is gone!

    That last picture of Kate hugging Ally goodbye is adorable. You can see that she was very taken by her.

    Have a great week Kim~



  24. She is a doll! We tried to meet up when she was living in NJ, but it always fell through...One day :)


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