Hoot's Mom came for lunch

Saturday, October 2, 2010
Hoot's Mom is a fellow blogger who lives just outside of our city. I have met her at Urban Market before and talked to her on the phone but she had never met Kate.  Since Hoot's family is anxiously awaiting the adoption of beautiful Libbie, we thought it would be fun to have lunch and Shelly could meet Kate.  So this week, Hoot's Mom came to our house for lunch.  As has always been the case when I meet a blogger, I felt like I had known her for years.  We talked easily for hours and could have talked longer if Miss Kate did not have a very important play-date that afternoon.

Thanks for driving over for lunch, Shelly!! We cannot wait to have lunch again and we look forward to having a girls' lunch with Libbie soon:)

Since my camera is a little heavy for Kate...I decided to just get a shot of Shelly and Kate....


But then Kate suggested that Hoot's Mom take one of me and her:)


P.S,  Shelly brought us an adorable pumpkin candy jar too (thank you) that I will show when I post about fall decorations.  


  1. sounds like a nice way to have lunch! Can't wait to see the candy jar.

    And, love Miss Kate's top!


  2. Love meeting blogger friends..
    Wish I could meet you one day..
    Love ya..

  3. that is so true! Most times when I meet bloggers It's like I've known them forever!

    I seem to have lost my pumpkin bread recipe. It was in the gluten free gourmet cookbook. I wonder if you can look it up online. I haven't made any yet.


Thank you for your kindness.