One word Wednesday

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


{Kate wrote this on her own.  She is not only blessed but pretty wise too:)}


  1. *LIKE*
    What a wonderful child!

  2. Oh, that is just beautiful! Happy Wednesday! :)

  3. That is just the sweetest thing! Yes, she is blessed and very wise beyond her years.

    Just read the post below.....So sorry to hear that you had to find another home for Snickers, but it looks as though it was best for everyone and how great that you were able to give him to someone that you know so you can still visit:)

    So happy that you are doing something you love so much Kim. Good for you..... Best wishes.



  4. I have a word-origin-of-the-day calendar, but this is much more uplifting! :)

    and her handwriting is impressive for her age!

  5. I love that sweet girl!!!

    You are both very blessed!!

  6. Wow...she can feel it...and spell it, too! Good for her!!! She's wise in more ways than one :)

  7. I love your blog and your family is beautiful!! I am a close friend of Shelly's and she has told me so much about you and how she thinks so much of you. When you get a chance do you mind emailing me at I have a question for you!

  8. How sweet...and you're right--wise to realize it too :)

  9. You are all very blessed and we are all blessed by your family as well....GREAT writing Kate!!!

  10. Clever child
    Sorry we had to closed our Woodlands Store. It was pretty much a nationwide cut for the LP brand; I do remember a few faces from this blog's comment's link shopping at our store
    Greetings to all Lilly lovers
    Meredith@The Woodlands, Texas

  11. This is super sweet! Blesses and wise she is!

    I made my blog private... I would LOVE if you stopped by still would you send me your email so I could put you on my list?

    Thanks sweetie!

  12. Kim ,once again thank you for your support and prayers. we certainly feel them here in China. Kates word is right on... blessed. we would love for you to share our story with your readers. we want God to get all the glory for his amazing grace. i love you and can't wait to give you a big hug!

  13. I miss your updates
    luv your blog and decor style



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