Happy Mother's Day!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I hope all of the wonderful Moms who read this had a beautiful day. Happy (belated) Mother's Day to you all!

Just like every other holiday, we have some traditions around here for Mother's Day too. I always get to "sleep in." That usually means until about 8 or 8:30! Then the kiddos, bring me coffee and a light breakfast in bed. They also give me all of their homemade gifts. I love it.

Like my Lily jammies? I got them for a steal. What, you thought you were going to see me all sleepy headed and without make-up? No way. I like y'all too much to do that to you!

Kate made me this frame and the flower pot below. She later drew a picture of our "whole family" (as she always calls us) and put it in the frame. So cute.

Harry made me a jewelry box and a card. And Will made me a memory box. I treasure them both and will post a photo of them soon.

Then we headed to brunch. But of course, I needed to get a few photos first...

The sun was too bright for Harry!

Can you tell Will is sick?

Kate and I have matching Lily Pulitzer dresses! I am not loving these photos at all but it is the first time we have had matching Lily dresses so I needed the pictures!

Our Mother's Day tradition ever since Will was born was to go to a very nice champagne brunch. Last year, Kate woke up sick on Mother's Day. This year, my sweet Will came in our room and asked for Dad. He told me to go back to sleep since it was Mother's Day (it was 5 am). He was sick with a stomach bug. I felt SO bad for him. You see, Will enjoys these brunches probably more than anyone in our family. He told someone on Saturday that Mother's Day is his favorite day of the year.

We gave him some of this excellent stomach remedy and told him we could skip brunch or he could stay home. He immediately refused claiming he was fine now and wanted to go. We were going someplace about a half hour away and we had just pulled up when Will turned green and asked if he could take a cab home. He rallied though and sipped on tea. I felt so bad for him. He wanted so badly to go and feel normal but he really felt awful.

We had a quick brunch....



Harry even got to have a cannoli. Look how excited he is! He has not had a drop of dairy or gluten in over one year...not one bite. He really wanted to try one little thing to "test the waters" with his stomach. He does not have Celiac and we have been working to heal his digestive system so that it is not so intolerant.

Dave REALLY surprised me with tickets to see Natalie Merchant! She has not been on tour in many, many years and is coming to town this summer. I am very excited. He also got me this book...

It is by Courtney and Robert Novogratz who are founders of Sixx Design and stars of the new show 9 by Design. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this show. Here is an article with GREAT photos of their NYC house and an interview. In fact, 9 by Design begins very soon, so I had better end this post now.

P.S. Harry also LOVED this book and I DVR the show and let him watch it with me. (They do take the Lord's name in vain which I loathe and we have discussed that). We snuggled in my bed watching 2 hours of it on Mother's Day. He wants to be an architect and I will be his interior designer:) Perfect.


  1. What a beautiful mama and her babies!! I love the dresses you and Miss Kate are wearing :)

  2. Happy Mother's Day to one of the very best mother's in the whole world (and the best friend too)! Love you! xo ♥

  3. Looks like you had a fabulous Mother's day! Great photos, thanks for sharing!

  4. What a wonderful Mother's Day! Hope Will feels better...

    We too discuss shows and the characters (real or fictional). One show we love is Extreme Home Makeover as all the designers (at least on screen!!!) are so kind and full of positive character traits.

  5. What a lovely Mother's Day {even if Will wasn't feeling well - poor guy}

    I sure love your matching Lily dresses! I think I would look ridiculous in one (Mya would be cute in anything!)

    Kate's hair is looking SO dark and getting SO long again!! I love her piggies - she is such a sweet and beautiful little girl!

    Hmm. Let's see, Walking Tacos probably are NOT on the Peanuts Plan. I'm just sayin'. But if curiosity overwhelms you {or if y'all want to come camping in the midwest this summer!} - then you can find the recipe here:


    You can always use another chip instead of Fritos (or Doritos) -maybe you could find a good alternative!

    Hope Will is feeling better soon...

  6. Kim
    I think I forgot to hit the blogger button! Leave it to me!

    Happy belated Mothers day, to one of the best mothers, in the world Truly, you are so inspiring!
    So glad, you had, a nice mothers day! Hope by now, you are feeling some beeter, as well too.
    Lovely dressess, of you, and Ms Kate, and lovely pics, of the rest of the family too!

    SURE hope Will ,is feeling better too
    Hugs to You! Cindy

  7. A lovely day for you, Kim! So sorry Will was sick, but how sweet of him to rally!
    You know I LOVE your matching Lilly dresses, being a Lilly lover myself ... just wish I had to daughter to match with!

  8. Wow, you had a nice Mother's day!! I love the matching dresses!!! I hope poor Will is feeling better!

  9. Your children are soooo sweet. But you already knew that! Your Will is getting so handsome - Harry too. I had a laugh when I saw that first picture - from the neck down.

    Paige and I love to watch the Biggest Loser and discuss. Isn't it great when they start to like some of our shows? I have seen 9 by design as well and like it. I'm not as big of a 'homey' (get it? Like 'foodie'). But I do get a little kick out of the show.

    Hope everyone is feeling well.

  10. Happy Mother's Day! Hope you and Will are feeling better.

    Your dresses are lovely!

  11. What a sweet tradition for Mother's Day! Love, love, love the dresses!!!! I wish we had Lily available here... So cute!
    Hope Will is feeling better.

  12. I am guessing these are the dresses you picked up at The Woodlands- so cute! It sounds like you had a wonderful day. I am so sorry for Will that he was ill. I hope he is better now!

  13. love 9 by design, one of my new favorite shows. How on earth they get what they get done with all of those kids I have no idea?? Totally love their designs. I love everytime they talk about "5" who names their kid "five"??

    Hayden and I have had done matching Lily since we came home.

    How sweet that he said it is his favorite holiday....he will be the best husband someday!!!

    Hope you both are feeling better:)

  14. Looks like a wonderful day....love all the little gifts and I wouldn't show the world how I look in the morning either! lol

    Hope you are feeling better....


  15. You have a happy family . And your children are so lovely .

  16. What fun traditions but sorry Will wasn't feeling well. Oh, Natalie Merchant (I have a cassette of hers) you can tell how old that is...hee hee. I also love the show 9 by Design. Their energy amazes me --how they manage a successful design firm and manage all those children is beyond me!!!

  17. It looks like you had a wonderful Mother's Day....with the exception of Will not feeling well:( I love the matching dresses.....you two look so cute!!

    I had no idea you were going yeast and sugar free..... I just read your post below. No wonder your mouth was watering looking at those cupcakes....sorry!!

    Hope everyone is feeling better and you can enjoy a nice weekend:)


  18. I think you and Kate look BEAUTIFUL in those Lily dresses!!!! I love your hair! Perhaps I need to come to you and have mine done... We can't quite get the color right here in MN!!!

    Thanks for being such an inspirational Mom to many! Including one of your BFF's over here!

    Love you,

  19. Love the dresses!! Too cute!!

    What a sad picture of Harry after the game! Poor baby!

    Loved the catch up...


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