A conversation with Kate (and lots of other tidbits)

Friday, May 14, 2010
This morning as Kate was watching me dry my hair, she noticed the framed picture on my counter. She took it down and studied it carefully....

Kate Emerson 6 Months

Then our conversation went like this...

Kate: Mommy, why did you put me in that?
Me: (Not sure if she is referring to the walker or that outfit)....Why did I put you in what, honey?

Kate: Why did you put me out in front of that bus? It could hit my head and crack it open!
Me: (after a big laugh). Honey, Mommy did not put you in front of that "bus." This picture was taken in China before I knew you. It is special because it is the first picture I ever saw of you.

Kate: Oh, it is still silly that I am in front of a bus though.

In other news, I am still eating nothing but rabbit food!!! And while the goal of this diet is not for me to lose weight, everyone else on this diet DOES lose weight. I seem to not be losing ANY (and I am not happy about that at all). It would be a nice added bonus to drop 5-10 pounds. I am DYING for a latte! Instead, this is what I eat...

And while I love salads this is getting quite boring already. I am open to suggestions/recipe ideas from any one who has eliminated sugar and yeast from their diet before.

This week was BUSY for Harry. I volunteered at his field day....

Me and Harry on Field Day


He went on to the Regional finals for his Invention Fair project (they won 1st place for their grade at his school).
Harry and his Invention Fair buddy (and good friend). They did not place but that is an honorable mention ribbon for making it there. I am proud of them.

He had a school concert last night. I was asked (by Harry) not to photograph it at all but it was cute!

And he had his last baseball playoff game. They did not win. It was sad.

I have more to share about this game but this photo sums it up. That was Harry with his face in his hands. I felt so bad for him. And I miss baseball already:(

Kate had her "celebration" at school this week too. In Montessori schools, you have a really beautiful birthday celebration where you bring in a book about your life so far (that had its own minor challenges). The teacher reads your life story to the class and you walk around a candle carrying the globe for each year of your life. I was beautiful and even though Kate's birthday is still in a few weeks (summer) she was so excited!!!




I am crazy busy planning her b-day party and Will's and with all of the end of school stuff. I think May is always the most hectic month of the year.

Sorry that this is so long. I will (finally) post the photos of Kate's room on Sunday. Have a great weekend y'all.


  1. oh my friend, i have no scoop or tips for you on the diet plan...im sorry to say, because it would do me good to do something drastic like this.
    i get frequent headaches & assume there's some correlation with my diet.
    are you still a big juicer?
    anyway...the month of may is certainly a doozy.
    love all your catch up photos
    kates comment about the bus is too funny
    ps--i got a new lens for mothers day! between that & the new fb actions life will never be the same!

  2. oh....please send me the scoop/info you have about what supplements you use for your harry & his headaches...or was that will? i'm sorry...just when you have a chance...july is even fine!
    thanks my friend

  3. Ok.. I am LOVING your salad.. I could eat salads 24-7... man the kids are growing up sooo fast..
    sounds like you have been busy like always..
    Have a wonderful weekend..
    Love ya Sister..

  4. That salad looks divine. I'm inspired to make one now!
    You are one busy lady, Kim!!
    Can't wait to hear about your fun summer adventures!

  5. I love that little conversation. So sweet! I have to say that I was also wondering why she was in front of a bus! Happy Friday to you!

  6. FIRST of all you don't need to lose ANY weight. I'm sorry you're so bored with your rabbit food tho. I think that salad looks delish... I want one now!

    The story of Kate looking at the picture, wondering why on earth she was in front of the bus is just too funny... and really, why was she in front of that bus? LOL

    Your children, as always, are beautiful!

  7. Thank goodness no one was driving that bus! Good to hear about your daily happenings during such a crazy busy month.

  8. Your salad looks very YUMMY but I am sure after eating the same thing day in and day out it would be quite so yummy. I have to ask about Kate's shoe in the pictures. Are they gold, have 3 rosettes and did you get them at Target?? I think they are the exact same shoes Darci has and she loves them and they look so cute on those brown feet of hers!!!

  9. I know how boring salads can be....it sometimes seems to be a chore to chew when you eat them;) BUT praying this helps you physically though:)

    I love the perspective of our young children.....what a great question on her part? It is interesting that the walker was in the middle of the street? :)

    Her little face is absolutely precious and filled with joy at school on her special day:)

  10. Awww...what a cute conversation and her face is beaming at her celebration!!

    Didn't know you were Titans fans : )

  11. I was admiring Kate's sweet expression when suddenly I noticed the girl with her hair in her mouth! GAG! Why do kids do that? Back to sweet Kate, love her Maxi dress and silver sandals. Did you get her bedskirt yet?

  12. Another great post. Kate is growing up. She is so precious! The pic of the salad inspired me and I made one with aragula, carrots, cucumber, avacado and romaine. So yummy. I have stopped eating chicken, meat and fish because I have been having trouble digesting it! BY THE WAY, you CANNOT afford to lose any weight! You would have to wear CHILDREN's clothing!!!

  13. Kim I wish I had some wonderful recipes or ideas for you...but I'm a sugar nut!!! I crave it..probably why my body looks like it does :::sigh:::
    I'm sorry about Harry's baseball game : ( Congrats on the ribbon I'm sure they were very proud of themselves.
    Kate is adorable..love the bus story. I love how they celebrate Birthdays at her school...she looks so excited!!!
    Hope your having a good weekend.

  14. Kate is so cute!!! I just love her comments - they are so perseptive aren't they?! Hope you are feeling better! Hoping your diet is helping! Love the pictures of Kate at school - I love that Montessori tradition on their birthdays - it is too sweet! hope you guys are having a nice weekend!!


  15. I'm quite impressed that she asked why she was in front of a bus....I thought the same thing when I first saw her picture years ago....love her celebration at school....she is beaming....and sorry about the salads...that is probably something I should be doing too....hope youa re feeling better.


  16. Kate is just adorable!!!!Love the bday tradition at her school!! I can't wait to see pics Kate's room!

    BTW...that salad looks scrumptious!!

  17. What a funny conversation with Kate! Love those...

    And that picture after the baseball game is sadly probably going to be one I can replicate for both of my boys. Neither is playing for a winning team this year. Boo hoo... But summer awaits. Yippee!

  18. I love that story about Kate and the bus! Too funny!

    I think the salad looks wonderful! But it is TOUGH when you HAVE to eat something....and eat it often. It suddenly takes on a different flavor!

  19. Love the updates and CANNOT wait to Kate's room!

  20. Hello Ms KIM!
    Just commented to you on flicker,
    BOY I am behind, in doing blogs!

    The conversation with Kate, was interesting, to her,
    I am sure!
    Wonder why it was in front of the bus?? She is a cutie nevertheless!
    PTL! YOU have her now! She was put in the RIGHT arms of the RIGHT family!
    I think all the pics, are so GREAT!
    Love the look, on her face, at her school! She is so precious!

    Love you and,Harry, in that orange! Sorry, he lost his game!

    And I do hope ,you are feeling better too
    I do agree , besides December, May, is the busisest, month of it all
    With graduations, Mothers Day and Memorial Day too
    Yes !it is busy
    You sure look , terrific and you do not need, to loose one ounce!
    Have a great week!
    Summer is almost here YAY!
    Also, I hope , all of you are SAFE ,during these Storms!
    We have had those badly too!
    HUGS! Cindy
    I think I got, all the tid bits IN! (LOL
    Great PIX!

  21. Your munchkins are are so darn cute. That chest bump is cracking me up!

  22. I remember walking around the "sun" when I was in Montessori school!

  23. Not sure if you will get this, as it is an older post, but if you do try the Suzanne Somers Way of Eating. Sounds crazy, but you will eliminate all funky foods but especially sugar! I have lost 32 lbs and eat really, really good foods...yummy foods...you'll be amazed!

    BTW, your family is just precious!


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