Mother's Day 2009

Monday, May 18, 2009


Kate woke up on Mother's Day with a fever and classic flu symptoms. We called the pediatrician and they asked us to bring her right in for a flu swab. We had reservations at the Four Seasons to celebrate both Harry's 1st holy Communion and Mother's Day so we were REALLY hoping we did not have to cancel. Kate did not have flu so we gave her some ibuprofen and ran out to brunch....

Align CenterPeanuts on Mother's Day


We had an absolutely fabulous time at brunch.  I have to say that my boys are going to be the best husbands and fathers. My husband has been such a great role model for them. They have such beautiful manners and etiquette in these situations.  I was very proud of them.

After brunch, Kate and I took a nap. The boys went swimming with some friends. Then later in the day, the kids gave me a very special gift. Dave and the boys went into my flickr account and printed my favorite photos of the kids and had them framed to hang on our wall. It was very touching. Dave also got us a small flat screen TV for the kitchen (which we all LOVE).

Harry presented me with this "magazine"



He put the number one reason he loved me on a bookmark and it said,
"Because she always makes time for me." It made me cry.

I had another spectacular Mother's Day. My family made me feel like the luckiest woman on earth!

Tomorrow, I will post about my visit with Diana!


  1. Kim... you are beyond blessed with your three beautiful children and wonderful husband! What a special Mothers Day! I love the book from Harry! I could just squeeze him, he is so sweet!

  2. What a special post! You are blessed beyond words. I loved how Harry described that you "take pictures of him"! His gift was so precious- one to save for a lifetime for sure. HOpe Kate is feeling better- glad you were able to have brunch at Four Seasons. We have eaten brunch there and I would hate for anyone to have to miss it :)


    I wouldn't expect anything less.. you have an AMAZING family.
    Have a great week.
    Can't wait to see your weekend with Diana..

  4. You are so, so blessed. I'm glad y'all had such a wonderful weekend together, despite Kate feeling under the weather.

    And... I had to laugh at the "her face is so butiful." Because my daughter - in that same situation - would probably write "her face is so buttiful." Which wouldn't be nearly as sweet.

  5. What a wonderful gift from Harry!

    I'm glad you had a good mother's day and I hope Kate is feeling better.

    Went to PFP workshop this weekend - I would love to download with you sometime!

  6. Oh does not get any sweeter than that! You have to stop posting these cute little stories about are making me want to try for number 4 in hopes of a little boy!! In all seriousness though you are so incredibly I'm sure you know! :)

  7. sounds like it was a spectacular Mothers Day except for Kate being sick. That is wonderful the boys are so well behaved in such places.
    You are very blessed:) Hope Kate is feeling better this week!

  8. That is amazing! I hope I am as great of a mom to my kids, in the future!!!

  9. Your boys are so cute! I am so glad your daughter is feeling better! Happy Belated Mother's day!!
    kathy in Alaska

  10. The fruit does not fall far from the tree~ You and Dave are raising wonderful children. It was a blessing to love them up this weekend! Thank you for that!!!
    (And my friend Scout too!)

    You are an amazing woman Kim!


  11. What a special Mother's Day you had... that care was SO SWEET!! Oh my goodness! I nearly cried just reading it. He reminds me of my son, Dawson! Don't you just love having such a tender son!? ...oh the "joy of BOY!" :)

    Such a beautiful family and I can't wait to hear all about Di's visit! :)

    Hugs from MN,

  12. Sounds like an amazing mothers day!!

  13. What an incredibly sweet family you have there! The photos are great and Kate looks super even if she didn't feel good! Love Harry's little book for you. You are definitely one blessed mama.


  14. What a dear family you have! I am SO glad they appreciate their wonderful mother. It sounds like you had a perfect Mother's Day, apart from Kate being a little sick. I hope she is feeling better.

    Love your dress!

  15. I absolutely love that magazine. What a great way to show appreciation! Kate looks wonderful. I can't believe she's been so sick.

  16. Glad you had a special Mother's Day. What a sweet and dear family you have.

  17. That is the cutest mother's day gift I have ever seen! As a teacher I feel like I want to have my students create that each May from now on!
    I noticed a sweet little boy that I tutor in Harry's communion class!

  18. That sounds like a perfect Mother's Day (except for poor Kate waking up sick). LOVE the magazine, that is precious.

    Your kids are just gorgeous!

  19. Awww....Harry's magazine is so sweet!! Sounds like you all had a great Mother's Day!!

    Gorgeous photo of you and the kids:)

    Hope your week is off to a great start!


  20. That magazine is possibly the cutest thing i've ever seen!!!

  21. What a fabulous Mother's Day! I love Harry's magazine!

    Hope you have a great week!

  22. That Harry is a cutie patootie!!!!

  23. Sounds like a perfect day!!!

  24. Kim,

    The boys are GROWING!! My goodness. I am so glad your day was special :)! You are a lucky mom!

  25. Kim, oh my... this is even more sweet than I imagined! First of all, you are all so gorgeous- I love photos of you with your beautiful kids. (I'm thinking Dave should take up photography!) :) And sweet sweet Harry... I still can't get over what he wrote- and seeing it here with all the beautiful illustrations- Ohhhh he is such a love!!! You know I just adore him!!!

    Okay, call me when you get a minute-

  26. How blessed we are!
    Your card was so precious. I am glad you had a beautiful day with your oh, so beautiful family.
    Love all the pics! Can't wait to see you all this summer!!!!!!!
    Hint, hint, hint. heheee
    miss you

  27. Priceless! My mother's day notes made me cry like a baby. Thanks so much for sharing!

  28. I'm glad you had a nice Mother's Day. You deserve it. How sweet is that "magazine" Harry made you!? Love his hair in these pics, btw.

    Gin =)


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