Hello. My name is Kim and I am a shopaholic.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Yes, It is true. I have a real problem. I shop too much. I know you're all shocked, right?Luckily, this problem has not caused any significant problems such as credit card debt or damage to personal relationships (although Dave might argue these points a tad). But, I am probably teetering on the edge. I really like nice things but I DO know they are not what is important in life.

So this year,

I am giving up shopping for Lent!

That is right. I will not buy any bathing suits or cosmetics or cute little smocked dresses or Matilda Jane! No more Etsy or Zapppos! I will not be buying things for the house!!!! The only things I am allowed to buy are food and things like deodorant, cotton balls, etc. if we run out! I usually buy one bunch of grocery store flowers a week and that is going to be allowed. Someone (my friend, Denise) asked me if that means no Starbucks. I put Starbucks in the "eating out" category rather than the actual shopping category...so yes I can grab a Starbucks! Friends, this is going to be HARD. If you know me at all, you know that I probably buy some thing almost every single day. Like I said, I have a problem.

But, I am kind of excited for the challenge too. I am doing two Bible studies and reading The Purpose Driven Life so I have plenty of things to do with my extra time. Also, my friend, Diana will be traveling to China to get Sienna Grace and I will be posting to her blog. I had thought of giving up blogging (like I did 2 years ago) but could not do that while one of my best friends is in China!!!

I am also going to be doing some DIY projects around here that do not include purchases at this time (some things have already been purchased but I have done nothing with them).

In contemplating what to give up for Lent this year, I reflected on what gets in the way of my relationship with God (the computer, telephone etc). And shopping definitely does that. It puts my focus on the material world rather than where it should be. Then, last week in my Bible study, we read this scripture and I knew this what what I had to do...

Do not love the world or anything in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For everything in the world- the cravings of sinful man, the lust of his eyes and the boasting of what he has and does-comes not from the Father but from the world. The world and its desires pass away, but the man who does the will of God lives forever.

1 John 2:15-17

You do not have to be Catholic to do something to bring you closer to God for Lent. I would love to know if you plan to do something or give something up. It is supposed to be something that might not be realistic to give up forever (like shopping) but is doable and feels like a sacrifice for 40 days. I think I can do this for 40 days (February 17th -April 4th). I might need some support from y'all though.

Since Lent has not started yet, I did go to the Urban Market today and I found some goodies for the house...this lamp is one of them. Luckily, the next Urban Market is in May:) See, I am so weak.



  1. I decided to give up shopping this Lent too, it's going to be tough!

  2. Wow, what a commitment. That would be a tough one for me. Good luck!

  3. Good for you! I'm still deciding, but it may be sugar.

  4. Hi Kim! I have been reading your blog for a few months [I can't remember how I found you, probably an adoption blog?]. Anyway, I wanted to comment to tell you that last year I also fasted 'spending' from January 1 thru April 1st--3 months! I took a closer look at why I had the 'need to spend'. I focused on the Lord and reading the Bible every day. I can tell you that it WORKED! I am now much more disciplined in this area! I wish you much success in drawing closer to God this season.


  5. Wow! You are much stronger then me, that's for sure! ;) I gave up soft drinks over ten years ago and I thought that was hard, but shopping! Oh, wow...my husband would probably commit me if I did this. :)

  6. My husband looked over my shoulder, glimpsed at your post and declared love for your blog and it to be a positive influence.

  7. Oooh, love the lamp, and I need to check out that URBAN market.....I may have to see about going in May!
    Good luck on your shopping hiatus...you CAN do it! Just plan to shop when it's over.....does that prevent you from looking or is that too much temptation?


  8. Way to go - I might take your lead. Since we are completely snowed in, Evan and I did some a devotional of our own this morning and I was reflecting on how I tend to look at the material goods...truly not the important stuff. I will let you know!

    Blessings, Ashley

  9. You can do this! What a great way to focus yourself. (Easy for me to say, right, since I pretty much loathe shopping.)

  10. Good luck Kim! That will be a very hard one.

    We are Methodist, but for the past few years, my husband and I have chosen something to give up for Lent. I have not decided what it will be yet for this year.

  11. Good luck, you're a strong woman!

    Sue : )

  12. Okay, that is such a cute lamp! It would have been a shame ot loose it. Otherwise, I so agree and am very proud of you. You always give up something really right on target for you. It is very inspiring. I will be praying for you!!

    John gave me a Kindle recently (since I said no Christmas gifts) So I have been reading these 'sisterchicks on the loose' books by Robin Jones Gunn, on it. They are very light reading (and a little hokey, nerdy) Christian fiction, but it has really been a huge boost for my faith. I have read the Purpose driv... book twice years ago, It is fantastic. John told me that a sales book he read reported it as the most sold book in history not including the bible. I should look it over again!!

    Now I need to do some laundry! haha

  13. What a great thing to give up, Kim!! You have exactly 10 days to get it out of your system. lol Seriously, I know how difficult this will probably be. I love shopping, too, but always look around at all the "stuff" and wonder why I do it. It's so much more to put away, keep clean, etc. I think giving up shopping sounds very hard, but a fine idea!!

    Beautiful lamp, by the way. I love that style.

  14. Good luck! I give you so much credit! I shop all the time too!

  15. Wow! I really admire you for commiting to something like this. I know I would have a really hard time with it. Now that I have a little girl to buy for, I just can't help myself.

    Gin =)

  16. My husband lost his job 5 months ago, and with my teaching pay, well, not a lot to go around except for the essentials...I too love to shop and it has been so, so hard, but a miracle occurred....I found out that I repurpose existing items in new ways...clothing, accessories, furnishings...all for FREE! I have received more compliments on these things than items I spent big bucks on in the past..so there is hope for you...If I can be doing it for almost 6 month, then you certainly can too...make it into a game...this is how I make it a fun challenge! Good luck...you can do it, too!
    Lynn Schadler
    Wyomissing, PA

  17. Good luck with your Lenten shopping fast. I admire you for doing it. If it gets in the way of your relationship with God, it's definitely worth giving up. I will probably give up all desserts this year, not an easy proposition but necessary spiritually.

  18. I am a Southern Baptist girl, but I have to say I admire your williness to give up shopping. That is gonna be so hard, but so fullfilling when you have done it!!
    Just keep a list so when it is April you can shop ---hee,hee!!

  19. Just wanted to tell you I bought the mascara you recommended and I LOVE it! Thanks!!! I want to get that cute swimsuit too. Maybe I should give up shopping since we are trying to raise money for our adoption. I don't really shop a lot but it would be a great example for my girls- they are usually who I am shopping for. Scott would love it for sure! Thanks for the idea and I'll let you know what I decide. Hope you have had a great weekend!!!

  20. Wow! Good for you! A true sacrifice! We will be here to help you through! Maye you can at least offer us some inspiration from the sidelines!

    Glad you did not give up blogging again!

  21. What a challange, but a great one. I've recently seen how much 'stuff' we have with moving and organizing. My kids have an embarassing amont of 'stuff'! Also, our church is doing work in Haiti and I've become much more aware of our everyday luxuries. This will be a great challange and I think you'll come out of it a different person. Maybe I'll join you...

  22. Oh Kim~ You're so cute! This is a good one though. I could stand to do this myself. Catholic or not, I agree it's good to put things aside that could get in the way of our time with God...for me, that is the computer, which I've tried to scale back on lately.

    I'm so glad you will be posting for Diana. If you ever get back up to Minnesota to stay with them again, I'd love to meet you. Di lives less than an hour away from me, and we are planning to get together this summer when we both have our girls home.

    Take care and have a blessed week. I look forward to hearing more about your personal growth through this challenge...I'm sure you will find blessings beyond measure as you do this.


    P.S.>>> LOVE the lamp!!!

  23. The title of this post cracked me right up!!

    Not only are you a shopaholic, you help me to be one too!! :) Okay, maybe it's not your fault and I don't need the help, BUT I did run out to Old Navy and buy Lilah that navy and white swimsuit you posted about on Friday finds!!

    You're so sweet! Thanks for helping me find a really sweet swimsuit for Lilah at 30% off too!


  24. I am so proud of you! You are inspiring me. Love you, T

  25. I will be cheering you on! Maybe this would be a great challenge for me too! I am going to start reading a Dave Ramsey book and following a detailed budget. You have inspired me! :)

  26. ok I am totally impressed...really really really impressed...this is good Kim...you can do it!!!! : ) I'm not sure what I'm giving up for lent...but I know I am weak and I would fail if I had to give up shopping...I do live at the mall remember. My MJ online show starts on the 15th,...if you want to be included in the email let me know..you can squeeze it in before the 17th LOL....and no bathingsuits??? Is there a way to put that in the food category??? Starbucks is a must...I love my starbucks too....I'm rooting you on!!!!!! Go Kim!!!! : ) I do usually make a change rather then give up during lent...pray more, give more etc.....and I'm old school...I always give up meat on Fridays.

  27. Wow Kim! I love to see people take their religion seriously. It inspires me. I gave up soda a few months ago (I've had only one in about 4 months), and it is STILL hard. I may have replaced my diet coke addiction with sugar too, so now I need to address that ;( Good luck. I know you'll succeed in this goal, and I hope to learn from your experience.

  28. What a great challenge. I should really jump on board with this one. Or sugar. Those two things are truly my downfall. My distractions from what is really important.

  29. Dang Kim! I need to do this too... But, that is IMPOSSIBLE with China in my future.. The good news is I can SHOP for you! :) I know you can do this.. I love seeing how God is working in you!!!!

    Thank you for sticking with the blog because of me...

    Praying for Nickie!

    Love ya,

  30. I so admire you, Kim and I can SO relate. Rarely a day goes buy that I don't buy something! I am a huge shopper and do love it so.
    I actually started cutting back right after Christmas and have done very well. I haven't bought any new clothes/shoes for myself - this is amazing in itself!! Not a single on line purchase from J Crew - not sure how I've managed that!
    Lent is always hard for me (I am a Catholic too), and trying to give up something that gets in the way of my relationship with God is so important. I use to always give up sweets (and usually failed), but since I have been sugar/sweet free for over a year now, can't do that. I'm going to try to continue on with my no shopping for myself right through lent. Going to be a tough one!

  31. My hat is off to you Kim. I could do the same post as you with the same exact problem. I am really ashamed of myself. I will give this some thought. thank you, for this honest and thought provoking post.


  32. I gave up shopping for Letn last year! It was SO hard for me and at times I did not follow through, but all in all it really made me think! You can do it Kim!!

    This year for Lent I am giving up using my credit card. I am going to be using cash only so I will really have to think about my purchases. I am also giving up eating out during the week- something I LOVE to do and do at least twice, eek! I will take on cooking two meals per week at home instead. I am excited to give something up as well as take something on this year!!!

  33. First ,Great lamp! Second ,WOW ! No shopping, You are brave! I will try not to post about anything fabulous to buy during Lent, so that you are n't tempted:)

  34. Go KIM!! I am so inspired by what you give up for Lent... and shopping is a biggie!

    You are wise, it is so easy for us women to rationalize spending when desiring material things can really hamper our reliance on the ONE who we should desire MOST :)

    I am no longer much of a shopper now that we do Dave Ramsey (OUCH!!)... except for occasional over indulgences on my girls clothes! But I can imagine this is going to take some self-discipline and serious effort!!

    You GO, girl!! I know you can do it!

    P.S. I hope you got that cricket cage already :)

  35. Kim I can readily identify w/you on this post! Acknowledgment is the FIRST STEP to a cure! LOL! Seriously, I have decided 2010 was going to be my goal for changing 10things about myself in a positive way! I think "giving up" something for my "psyche" was a too much of a finalization! I decided it was something I wanted to "change"! I have chosen the "butterfly" for my symbol! The butterfly as we all know goes thru a stage of development before it takes wings and fly! I have joined a "journal" type blog via another blog and it has been enlightning! I have learned that CHANGE is not a "bad thing" as I always associated the word with! I have completely given up soft drinks and have watched slowly how CHANGE has taken place w/my body, I have CHANGED my way of geting complacent on Sunday mornings and going to church *as I was raised*, I have CHANGED my eating habits, I have CHANGED my shopping addiction, which have resulted in MORE CHANGE in my pocket!! This has nothing to do w/new years resolution, and not even LENT, this was actually personal choice for me! Yes, I still shop, but it's more in moderation and I can honestly say I can walk away from something NOW and say "I can live w/out it"! I'm far from where I WANT to be, but as the "butterfly" I know that a BEAUTIFUL CHANGE comes eventually! Meanwhile, I'm in my "cocooning" phase! There is a major transformation taken place from within and oh I can't wait to "spread my wings"! Thanks once again for continuing your blog and if you decide to stop I can fully understand! Wishing you all the best....

  36. Oh Kim, I too am a shopoholic and I need to go to rehab for my extreem problem. I love things for home, kids and for me. I need to stop as well. Good for you for giving it up. I have tried to cut back but am not totally sucessful yet-- currently bathing suits are holding me back beucase I cant stop buying them for Mia!

    Good luck and good for you!!

    Christy :)

  37. Sounds like this will really be a sacrifice for you, which is what it's all about! I am not Catholic, but our church is currently doing a 40 day fast...our time frame is Jan.4-Feb.11, so we're almost done! I gave up almost all carbs and chocolate. It has been so hard for me because I ALWAYS have a piece of dark chocolate each night once the kids are in bed to "unwind." I can't wait for this Thursday to be over, so I can have my dark chocolate again!

    However, these past 40 days, I have drawn closer to God and for that, I'm grateful...

    Blessings to you!

  38. oh my, this will be a hard one but you can do it!! wishing you the best during lent!!

  39. My dearest Kim,
    You can do this...if you remember anything about my headier blogging days, you know of my deep love of all things TJMaxx, and that is what I gave up for Lent last year. It was hard in the beginning, but, I must say, it was one of the best exercises in discipline I have ever experienced. Since I knew I could not go, the distraction of its magic did not even phase me. I spent more meaningful time at home with my husband and enjoyed the quietude of my Saturday mornings.

    You will be a changed woman ;)

  40. Ummm, goodluck to ya;0)
    It'll be hard because that's when all the cute spring/summer things come out!

  41. This sounds like a good adventure, as well as a real challenge for something to give up for Lent, which is the whole purpose, right? I just discovered your blog recently, and I love it! We have some very close friends here at home who have 3 boys and adopted their little girl from China when she was 11 months old(she's now 3 yrs old). I adore that kiddo, and hug her constantly. Your photography is also terrific. I'll keep checking in.

  42. what an awesome goal kim! i don't know if i could do it. my shopping has been bad with this baby girl on the way. i know that i could be better though!!

  43. I am really inspired. I'm so weak though, I'm not sure I could do it and I hate to give something up and fail. I will let you know what I decide and I am truly impressed with your willpower!

  44. ps., love that lamp!!! AND, we are off to Amelia Island for Easter, so this might be my excuse for a big blowout Easter Monday?

  45. I love you ..
    You are simply AMAZING..
    I will have to say that I have done really well with not buying things for Isabella in a long time..
    saved a lot.. I need to do more..

  46. You are my inspiration! Even though I'm not Catholic, I'm going to copy you and give up shopping! I cut back the Starbucks runs to once a week, but I've been buying too many other goodies! I will be stopping ASAP.

  47. I don't dare show Chef Daddy this post or you know what I will be giving up for Lent too! I admire you sooo much. I am quite certain I couldn't do it! I have a serious problem too! I usually give up Diet Dew for Lent!

  48. I did it and so can you. It is tough. I find that staying out of stores and not bringing the children grocery shopping with me helps. I did away with Starbucks and eating out as well, but that was because I needed every cent to bring home my baby girl. You CAN do it.

  49. You have such great taste and you LOVE shopping, perhaps you should consult for other people (like me ;^)) instead of shopping for yourself. I don't have the time to put into shopping and I'm sure I'm not alone. You are such a great decorator, etc., you could turn it all into a business and make money rather than spend it. I must say that I have thought of you dozens of times when I think of buying new furniture, remodeling, redecorating, etc. Having your "expert" advice would be really helpful who either don't the flair or the time. Just a thought!

  50. Kim

    This is a great post:) Not sure what I will give up yet, I am not a Catholic but we all need to grow closer, in being closer, to the LORD we are his children, I don't shop all that much, but I may give up this computer, to just a few minutes a day! I could cut back on it!!

    We have a methodist friend, that practices lent every year:) I never did even know what that was until then:))

    Being a southern Baptist and please don't laugh the only "Lent" i knew of what like like lent on the dryer or somethng!
    Pitiful I knoW!
    We just never practiced it growing up but now that I have grown up in the years, I know what it means and know that it does a body good to give up somethng, of this world for , something good toward the LORD!

    Honestly you do a good post all the time
    I love to visit it,very inspiring!

    God bless you KIM!


    It is only the 9th and I loved the lamp too:)

    Only 8 more days to go!

    Don't ya love those Bible studies too??
    I love Beth Moore! Have you ever heard of her since she is from Texas??
    she is so hilarious but Godly too!
    thought maybe you might know of her!
    We are fixing to start the Esther studies!!
    I am so anxious! to see what come of that too!

  51. Kim.....
    I have read through the Purpose Driven Life and went through it with my small group and ENTIRE church back in 2002. Life changing!

    For the month a January I did the same thing....well sort of. I told David that I would not charge anything on the credit card. I too, shop way too much and although it never causes us any financial stress.....there are things that I don't always need to have.....usually for the kids....so I did that for the month of January.....and I made it.....and it really wasn't that hard......because as I looked around I realized that we have so much to thankful for and the stuff really doesn't make us who we are......I keep you in my prayers.....


  52. OMW...my chin hit the floor!!! I can't even believe it!! Matilda Jane's spring line comes out in a couple of days!! What are you thinking?!?!?! lol...

    You are hysterical! Richard would be THRILLED if I did this! I've actually been very good lately...but as I said, MATILDA JANE'S SPRING LINE COMES OUT IN A COUPLE OF DAYS!!!"

  53. You crack me up...I will be praying that you are able to succeed in this sacrifice. I know it will be hard but the whole purpose is to spend more time with the Lord "instead of"____________(fill in the blank)

    I am not Catholic but I do try to pick something so I can be with Him even more.

    I have to say...I cannot shop anymore for several reasons and will miss living vicariously through your shopping:(

  54. I'm not Catholic (actually Presbyterian, feminist and liberal!) But have always practiced Lenten sacrifice. Its the one thing I am usually good at sticking to as it is for God and not me. To this day I do not eat red meat after giving it up for Lent when I was 14 (at this point my body can't break it down easily so I can't justify eating it). This year I am planning Lent in conjunction with a goal of better health. I will be giving up processed foods and sugar unless it was made by me (so if I make a pie from scratch (not likely to happen very often) its ok, but I cannot have a soda or pie or cookie or 100 calorie pack). 100 calorie packs are my big downfall these days!

  55. This post set me to thinking, and I am going to follow suit this lenten season. I spend so much on impulse purchases - mostly online because it is so easy. You should see how fast I can type in my credit card number! I've never undertaken something like this. Hopefully knowing that you're doing the same thing will keep me on track.

    Have a good week!

  56. Hi Kim,
    Well I just pray for your days of not spending to be more amazing than you hope for. All I am saying is thank goodness you placed Starbucks in the right category. Or for my life I would be thankful that I did that one correctly.
    Hope all is well with you. Sending you sweet sunshine all over your soul today.

  57. I found that as my kids got older that I didn't shop as much...I'm not sure if I was all shopped out, or if when we moved on to different stages in life the urge just diminished...once they get older and have even stronger opinions about what they like, kid shopping is definitely done. I'm redecorating my house and finding it difficult to force myself to do the necessary shopping and 10 years ago, believe me, nobody would've believed that!

    This year for Lent, I am taking a step away from my blog and facebook. I spend way too much time peeping at what others are doing and not doing what I should be doing myself.

    Good luck....it's hard.


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