Emerging Dress Collection 2007

Sunday, February 11, 2007
Let me begin by saying that first and foremost I look forward to getting to know my daughter. I cannot wait to read with her, bathe her, hug her, take her to the zoo, feed her and love her. As I wait to do those things, I really am having the time of my life shopping for her. Hopefully, we will make memories through the years of shopping together for her prom dresses and her wedding dress. Well, here are some of my favorites that I have bought for Kate so far. As always, if you click on a photo, you can see an enlarged version with more detail. I think bows, accessories and casual wear will be posted next.
I really think this lavender color will compliment Kate's dark hair and skin.

There are little seed pearls in the smocking.

This will probably be her Easter dress. I also think turquoise will look beautiful on Kate Emerson.

The bunnies on the smocking have fluffy tails.

This simple slip dress has different color sashes. I think this will look pretty in a beach photo this summer.

Rosebud embroidery up close.

I love this dress!

Close-up view.

Purple Gap Sundress.


  1. Oh, you have GREAT taste! Congratulations on your referral! I found your blog thru "waiting for Sophie" - and I look forward to following you on your journey to your little girl!!
    P.S. where'd you find the white dress - it's PERFECT!

  2. Joanne,

    I got the white dress at Strasburg. I bought it in VA but they have them all over the country and you can order from them. They run a little big though. They have beautiful traditional children's clothing. Several of their stores are outlets and the prices are much lower for the same exact thing. E-mail me where you live and I'll let you know if there is an outlet there (city).


  3. I can't decide which I love more...the lavender dress or the teal one right before the gap dress! They're all beautiful. We have a Strasburg store in Phips Plaza, Atlanta--a good excuse to take an afternoon trip into town. You may also like the clothes in Janie and Jack stores. I melt when I see their cute outfits.

    I hope travel approval to bring Kate home arrives very soon.


  4. Love the dresses! LiLi has the same sundress from the gap:-) I also like stuff from Lilly Pulitzer if you need more places to add to your shopping list!

  5. You, my dear, have impeccable taste! The dresses are just beautiful and are perfect for your girl.;)


  6. great great taste and more for me to purchase one day maybe??
    perfect for your perfect little girly girl!


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