Friday Finds~Bathing Suits

Friday, February 5, 2010

Okay, I have a little obssession with Kate's bathing suits. I have already purchased 6 suits for the 2010 season. I always have been that way though. Remember these?


Summer 2007

I LOVE Kate Mack bathing suits and usually buy Kate one or two a year. Remember this one?

Kate and Ruby~2008


I loved it and apparently everyone else did too because now there are copies everywhere. The original (which Kate wore for 2 years!) was pretty expensive at $58.

But this year several retailers are offering a similar look for less.
Janie and Jack has one for $32 and it is pretty darned cute. The color is a beautiful coral.


Target has a knock off for $9.99! It is cute too.

But I think the best one out there is from Old Navy...


It is only $16.50!

The pink is a little brighter than the original Kate Mack but it is adorable and it complements Kate's skin really well.

In addition to the Kate Mack suits, I usually buy Kate Emerson a few less expensive suits as well. This year I have found two others at Old Navy that I also love. Apparently, Old Navy has these on SALE right now (of course, right after I bought them). Thank you for telling us Denise and Mandi!


How cute is this bikini? Also, only $14.50!

And these darling cover-ups are also only $14.50!


You can find more "Friday Finds" here or add your own!

One of the reasons Kate has so many bathing suits is that we swim almost every day in the summer and we swim a lot longer year round here.


  1. Great finds. These bathings suits are just darling. The tutus, the ruffled layers...all just cute as can be!

  2. Love all the cute swimsuits. Looks like I am going to have to make a trip to Old Navy and get some for my niece!

  3. I can never find such cute bathing suits (bathers, or cossies, or swimmers) here in Australia. I always think Kate has THE cutest cossies Evah! I'm lovin' these.

  4. We love swimsuits around here too and adore the Kate Mack suits. I always buy a ton for my K too b/c we swim in the summer. I love that there are lots of affordable, cute options out there! I saw the KM knock-off suit at Target but I agree with you, the ON is the best. I am off to order it and that adorable bikini!!!

  5. I have a thing for swimsuits too.. I live in Indiana so we don't have extra long summers and Sophia usually has 5 or 6 swim suites too. It's a sickness.

    I got the yellow tutu from Kate Mack last year and it still fits :) I did a whole Polyvore page on swim suites for Sophia on my blog. It is a sickness!

  6. All so cute!! I just saw the knock off at Target the other day:)

    I am loving the navy polka dots!

    Have a great weekend!

  7. I love the flashback pictures! Kate had soooo many cute suits!

    Great finds! I hadn't seen the ones at Old Navy yet, but I do have my eye on a couple at the Children's Place! Spring break is right around the corner so I need to start buying a few!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  8. Thanks for the ideas...I am chuckling to myself that the snow is falling outside right now and I am looking at bathing suits!!

  9. Hey, that old navy pink one is only $10 now!!

  10. Oh what I wouldn't do for some US bargin shopping!
    How I miss me some Target and Old Navy!
    Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

  11. Well I have an addiction to bathing suits too. I buy my girls Kate Mack and Submarine....I usually find them at a childs that site!!!!! We swim every day during the summer and spend our weekends on the boat so we need a lot of bathingsuits...Kim I found this really adorable white eyelet cover up at Gymboree this is so cute!!!!!! Not sure that you saw it? It's long sleeve but perfect for those days when the weather is not super hot...: ) Thank you for that polka dot bathing cute!!!

  12. Thanks for all of the swimsuit shopping tips!! Kate does always have the cutest suits!!

  13. I'm thinking my KM needs a bikini this year. Us girls know that you really only look cute in one for so long! :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  14. Love the swimsuits. I went on Old Navy this morning and they are having their Kids sale this weekend. The swimsuits are on sale for $10.

  15. love them all!! can't wait to buy this baby some suits this summer;)

  16. I love bathing suits too! Last year I bought an adorable one from Funtasia! I will be visiting Old Navy for the pink a 3month and a 2T!!!!

  17. I'm coming out of the closet! I have an addiction to bathing suits for my Bree too! I bought like 5last year!!! This year I have already found the cutest HELLO KITTY at Macy's for16.99 and a cute ladybug (with a cute cut-out in the tummy area)complete with matching cover up 19.99!! I have to make a trip to Old Navy this wknd! I made a trip there last week and found the cutest little spring colored "no shoestring" tennis shoes ever!! They had the matching shirts as well! LOVE ME SOME OLD NAVY!!! Love the polka dot bathing suits! GOT.TO.HAVE.IT.!!!! Auuugh I can't stop!! I have a serious problem!!

  18. So cute -- love some great deals at Target & Old Navy! I found some really great ones at the end of summer from Garnet Hill for Maddy!
    Hope you have a great weekend!


  19. I bought the ruffle one from Target and a cute tie-dye tankini from CP. Alexa outgrew all her suits from last year so now I need to replenish..oh darn! ; )


  20. Oh, I am out of my mind crazy for the pink tutu suit. I just love it.

    They're all great. Thanks for sharing!

    Wanda (At Last...)

  21. Kim,
    I picked up the pink tutu suit at Target in December! Also got a beautiful eyelet (sorry, not sure of the spelling) lace dress at the price. I can't wait to get them on Josie! The Children's Place also had great boho cotton cover-ups. Have a great weekend!

  22. There is nothing more precious than a little girl in a cute bathing suit. I bought two smocked ones last year that I fell in love with from Kelly's Kids.

  23. adorable:)
    We are already on the swim suit hunt. The girls love them. I have a tough time finding ones that will fit their tiny hineys and legs though...

  24. These are all adorable. Grace is a swimmer and we love to buy swim suits too. I love the polka dot one, very sweet!

  25. Im right there with you on the Kate Mack. I always buy one or two a year and we had the tutu one last year as well. This year I already saw the old navy ones and bought the tutu one in yellow. I love mia in yellow and it is perfect. Have not got it yet but Ill post pics when she does get it. Also, I am a bathing suit person too. Already have about 4 bought for summer-- but hay, were in southern california-- we have a loooooong summer!!!

    Christy :)

  26. I am bathing suit obsessed too. Hayden had 12 bathing suits before she ever arrived home!! We have a pool so we will swim everyday this summer so will put them all to good use.
    Kate Mack is my favorite and I bought the tutu one two years ago to save...hoping we can wear it this summer(cutest bathing suit ever I think)
    Might have to make a run for Old Navy this afternoon and check out their sale. Would love to have a back up tutu for just everyday.

    Now if only I loved to buy bathing suits for myself:(

  27. Those are so cute ... she is such a little doll! I love summer ;)

  28. oh those baby pics of kate make me SWOON!!! love- love a baby in a swimsuit.

    have you seen man vs. wild? harry looks just like bear grylls (so handsome) and zoey is obsessed.

  29. I love bathing suits, too. I think I am living vicariously through my daughters since my bikini days are long gone. :( I love Kate Mack suits, too. That coral one from Janie & Jack is adorable. What a great color for girls that tan. (Again, not me.) lol

  30. Great finds.. you know me and swimsuits..
    Isabella will have to have tons..
    can't wait.. she will be a bathing beauty..
    thanks for all the hand me downs..

  31. thanks for the tips, will head to old navy, as soon as the 3rd blizzard of the season passes. please check out my giveaway on my blog...

  32. Cute!! I actually just bought that pink Old Navy tutu one this morning. Had to go to the post office and Old Navy is right next door, so... Hee!

  33. I burst out laughing at the beginning of this post. We had a swimming pool in Texas and my girls had SO many bathing was ridiculous! Most of them were Old Navy and some from Target but oh how we loved all of the frilly ones! I miss those stores;)

    These pictures of her are just darling!

  34. CUTE! Love all of those choices!

  35. Oh my! I can't wait to hit Old Navy!!! Have a great weekend!

  36. We already have the Target suit. I love that ruffed suit from Old Navy, but my lilly white baby needs a little more coverage. She likes to 'dress up' in her swimsuits too. She was so funny pulling her tankini down last week saying it was too small because it was showing her belly. I pray she does that when she's 16 :)

  37. Those suits look like confections! How could you resist?????

  38. Well Kate will BE so CUTE in any of those FINDS!!!
    Ny Favorite is the hot pink with the hot pink cover up!!
    Looks just like something Jenna gal would wear!
    and that is CUTE too!

    HOW so stinkin' cute kare will BE!
    Be sure to post pics of her in some of those!
    and the re-do of your Homes TOO!

    Hope Harry is better!!
    I will pray for Harry

  39. Ooooh, I've got to get to Old Navy this weekend =). Loved the adorable collage of Kate photos. I hope Harry and Dave are on the mend, now.

    Gin =)

  40. I have missed you!! I just went online and ordered some of these suits ;) I might be exhausted, but I still can't pass up a good deal!! I can't wait to catch up. I'll call you soon. Today was rough, but I'm hoping tomorrow is better.

  41. Kim

    Sure hope Harry is better by now!
    I have been praying for him!

  42. Hey! You are my Sunshine! Come visit my blog and see!

  43. I bought the pink ruffled one last week at Target and another one. I Eme really doesn't need anymore bathing suits, but as much as she wears them, I just can't resist.

  44. I love every one of your choices! A little girl can never have too many ruffles on their bathing suits!

  45. Thanks for these finds... I am mom to a 5 month old baby girl (and a 4 year old boy!) and am just loving all the girly stuff I get to buy now :) Just got the O.ld Navy tutu swimsuit for $10!!!! Too cute!


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