Kate's First Movie

Monday, December 21, 2009



Today, I took Kate to see her very first movie in the theater. We had been waiting for just the right princess movie to come out and this did not disappoint. We all (Harry and Will came along to share in Kate's special day) really enjoyed this movie. The plot was a little more complex than her beloved Cinderella but as long as Kate had her Skittles and her popcorn, she was happy. The music was fabulous and the message of this movie is a great one. The stereotypes bothered me a bit but in the end I think the message about what is important in life shines through. Raymond was my favorite character by far!

I was a little teary as I held my daughter's hand and sat next to her today. I know it might sound so ridiculous but it was a dream come true to take my daughter to her first movie today. It is the little things that get me sometimes.


And just to show you that I have always been sentimental about these milestones...here is a (scanned and awful quality) photo from Will's 1st movie 10 years ago!!! I took him to see Stuart Little with my dear friend, Linda and her son on January 3, 2000. He was 2 and 1/2. Can you believe that I lug my camera to the movies to document my children's 1st movies?

I feel really bad but I have no idea what Harry's first movie was. I am sure I have a photo somewhere but those albums are not complete. Sigh. Speaking of Harry though, we watched Akeela and the Bee tonight. Harry has been selected to represent his class in the school Spelling Bee and he has been studying his words. I thought it might be inspiring to watch that movie. The language is a little rough in spots but it is a GREAT movie. Harry has been quite the speller and I have posted about his previous successes here and here. I know he will have fun and do well. Go Harry!!!!

Isn't it ironic that Harry was a bee for his first Halloween?

Baby  Bee to Spelling Bee.JPG

Forgive me for being a little negligent with the blogging. I know I said I would post photos of our decorations but I have not had time to upload all of the photos. And I must confess, I feel a little silly doing so. We have been having such a nice time getting together with friends lately. This weekend we helped a very dear friend celebrate her 40th birthday. It was so much fun. Happy B-day Keesha and thanks for including us!!! The dinner was elegant, fun and delicious!

Then, we wrapped up our Advent Family get together. Each week during this advent season we have been meeting with two other families in our neighborhood and sharing dinner, fellowship, prayer, discussion and advent activities. I have throughly enjoyed it. It was challenging to keep 9 kiddos ranging in age from almost 2 to 12 and 1/2 busy while the adults had our discussion time but somehow we made it work. It was so worth it because it made us stop in the midst of this busy season and prepare our hearts for Jesus.

Our Advent Wreath

Last night we had a fabulous time with some friends that live here in town and our close friends who were visiting from Canada. This group of friends has known each other since our oldest were newborns (12 years) and we are so comfortable with one another. The conversation and the laughs flow so easily (as does the wine and good food). Our kids all get along so well too. A few of the kids slept over at our house last night so it has been busy!

Tomorrow we are finally going to see Santa. I don't think we have ever waited until this late. I am sure it will be another teary day for me as I love nothing more than to see my three kids on Santa's lap...and I know one of these years, Will is going to object. He knows how happy it makes me though.

I really hope that you all are spending good time with your family and friends this Christmas Season.


  1. HOW FUN...
    love the photos of the kids and thier first movies..
    Sounds like you have been having fun.. you are always busy and having fun..
    Merry Christmas my friend..

  2. kate looks adorable! love her whole outfit! and i think it's great that you document these milestones because in the end it's the things that we as kids remember, too.

    love your advent wreath ... i hunted for a candleaubra this season and didn't find one i liked, so i'm going to hunt for the next 12 months!!

  3. the boys just went to see Santa today. We usually go the day before Thanksgiving...but they enjoyed going! (not our usual Santa though)
    Your topiary comment on my blog made me smile!! :)

  4. No, it's not crazy at all that you take your camera to your kids' first movie. I am totally sentimental like that, too, and lug my camera pretty much everywhere we go as a family. I'm glad to know that this is a good movie. I plan on taking my girls to see it during Christmas break.

    Go Harry!! Best wishes on a successful Spelling Bee! I am sure he will do an amazing job.

  5. I love that Kate wore her sparkly "tiara" headband to the movie. I don't blame you one bit for getting teary-eyed over a milestone like this. I'm sure I will be the same way when Kerry is old enough for her first movie outing.

    Gin =)

  6. Oh Kim~ I'm glad to know I'm not the only sentimental sap out there! ;) I love that you cherish these moments with your kiddos, I think it makes you a very good mommy!! And "YOU GO HARRY!!"...awesome!...Good luck with the spelling be young man...I'm sure you'll do great!! :)

    Take care and have a very Merry Christmas and a Blessed 2010!


  7. Great pics of the Kate
    you enjoy every minute of the Season for they do pass to quickly!
    Where has 2009 gone too?
    The children are beautiful!
    Looks like your December has been Fun-filled!

  8. I just took my daughters to see this movie as well! This was my middle child's (4 years)first movie as well! It was such a lovely movie! My oldest (7 yrs.) started asking about New Orleans, so it was a great opportunity to talk about the culture, etc!

    Yes, it is the little things that make such great memories.

    And...by the way...
    K-Your home is absolutely stunning! I remember some time ago you mentioned that you are the interior designer...you definitely have a gift!

  9. Can't wait to take the girls to P&F too! I love your milestones Kim. You are such a wonderful Mommy!

    Merry Christmas friend!


  10. How fun for Kate.... I bet she loved her first movie:) She looked so cute all dressed for the special occasion!!

    Congrats to Harry on being picked for the Spelling Bee!!

    Sounds like y'all are ready for the holidays. Enjoy every minute with your family and friends. It goes by rather quickly.

    Hope you don't have to wait too long to see Santa!!

    Merry Christmas.


  11. So sweet. I remember your posts before Kate was home and you listed all the things you wished to do with her and this post just makes me smile :)

    I'm having some co-workers (friends) over tonight for a cocktail party so I'm a bit busy but enjoy it so. Love this time of year.

    Can you tell me where your beautiful Advent candle came from, it's devine.

  12. So sweet. I remember your posts before Kate was home and you listed all the things you wished to do with her and this post just makes me smile :)

    I'm having some co-workers (friends) over tonight for a cocktail party so I'm a bit busy but enjoy it so. Love this time of year.

    Can you tell me where your beautiful Advent candle came from, it's devine.

  13. How wonderful that Kate enjoyed her first movie in the theater! It is so sweet that you have captured those moments and even sweeter that the boys were there to experience it too!

  14. oh, fun. I have to tell you, I have the exact same shot of my 5 year old daughter in front of that very same poster at our theater here in San Jose, CA. Not her first movie - that was rattatouie (horrible sp!), but this was the most anticipated. I'd been meaning to post the pic on my blog and am going to do it right now.

  15. I'm right there w/you on documenting! The Princess and The Frog was also Bree's first movie! She sat thru the WHOLE MOVIE totally enthralled! She only move to grab popcorn and sip on a drink, but never took her eyes off the screen BTW: we sneaked in a juicey juice) Soda are off limits LOL!! I thought the movie was just adorable, and agree on the "stereotypes"! It was a sad part in the movie though! Bree asked "the bug "sleep" momma" Whew try explaining that to an inquisitive 2 1/2yr old~~WE JUST LOVED THE RAYMOND CHARACTER!! I think I have bought EVERYTHING (P&F) I could get my hands on!! *Couldnt find the doll* I wish they geared a "toddler version" of the doll! It was mostly "barbie type" geared more 8 and up!!

    Will looks just too cute! Don't you just love looking back at how much they have changed!!!

    Harry is going to do wonderful in the spelling bee"! I also loved Akeela and the Bee! Overall the movie had a very wonderful message! Loved it!

    Don't worry about blogging this special time of the year (although we enjoy every moment of it) spend this time w/family and friends! I would like to wish you and your beautiful family a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!

    We head out for Dallas tomorrow afternoon, w/a antsy 2 1/2yr old, a 20yr old college aged daughter ( who thinks she OWNS the radio inside the car) and a dog (who thinks I'm a HUMAN LOLLIPOP Auuuuuuuuugh!!!!!!!!!!!!! Making a PINKY PROMISE not to cage the kids with the dog!!!

  16. I can't wait to take Maggie to see this one, although it will have to be without her brothers...they just wouldn't be that nice! Maggie saw her first one this summer and I loved watching her face the first time she saw that big screen! Have you been able to get your presents delivered? I am waiting on one Santa present that better get here soon, or I will be out Christmas Eve looking for it!

  17. I am very sentimental about milestones. Beautiful family. Came across your blog via Shana's.

  18. i love kates skirt! z still has not gone to a movie and it will be a big deal to me as well, i am planning the same movie for this holiday break! did kate have issues with the dark or loudness? loved the christmas card- the smiles are priceless. Merry Christmas!

  19. Oh, I totally get what you mean about being teary eyed!
    I sat beside Cash during his 1st movie and was in tears. I think he was getting a little tired of all the pictures.
    Kate looks adorable --glad you had a great movie that she will always remember to go see!

  20. I want to take Annika to see that movie, but I've heard there is alot of witchcraft and vodoo stuff. I'm afraid that it will frighten her. Was Kate okay with all that??

  21. We love Akeela and the Bee! We even DVRed it so the boys could watch it again - this morning in fact. It's a great movie...

  22. cute cute cute!!! Kim I cry over everything...I'm a sap!!! Addison saw this movie the day it opened...she was afraid of a few parts but that's my Addison...she is not super brave LOL I thought the movie was cute. : )
    Happy that Kate enjoyed her first movie : ) I think taking pictures is a wonderful idea. They grow so fast it's nice to mark every milestone.

  23. As a mother to all boys, I love that you were so excited about a princess movie! And from a mom who doesn't document events nearly often enough, I'm so impressed with the first theatre pictures!

    Your advent 'wreath' is stunning. I certainly know what I'll be shopping for this spring/summer...


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