Ho Ho Ho!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009
ho ho ho

We finally made it to see Santa today. We have never waited until this late except the year my step father passed away. In fact, we usually go visit the jolly old man in November. We waited in line about an hour and 20 minutes but it wasn't too bad.

Will is a good sport and says that he will always go see Santa because he knows how much it means to me. He is very thoughtful that way. He brought his list and was quite impressed with Santa's beard. Although he did notice that Santa looked a little thin this year.

Kate and Harry rode the train while we waited. As soon as Harry got on the train with Kate he noticed a boy from his school and said, "Oh man this is embarrassing!"


While we waited, Kate had goldfish.

Harry tried to teach Kate rock, paper, scissors (she did not catch on).

Dave played patty cakes with Kate.

Finally, Kate spots Santa through the line!

There he is Mom!!!
I love how Kate is touching Santa's beard here:)

And even though I cut Will out...I love how Kate is looking at Santa Claus here.

It was hard to get photos because the photo lady wanted me to look at the ones she took and I wanted to look and listen to my children (and take their photo too). And I was trying to be cognizant of the long line too.

Here is what the Mall Photog captured (scanned)...



Tonight we are having one of our favorite special occasion family meals...beef tenderloin and roasted vegetables and then we are going to go look at Christmas lights. We are in the holiday spirit here! I might just bring an eggnog along for the ride:)



  1. OMG! Will is almost as tall as you!

    Merry Christmas.

  2. what a beautiful family! happy holidays!

  3. What a fun time!! The photos are great!! Our mall Santa elves confiscate (or try to) cameras so that you ONLY get their pictures! The boys look so cute and Kate -- what a beauty!! Have a fun evening!


  4. You have a truly beautiful family! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

  5. What great Santa pics! I love them all, but particularly the one with you and Dave in it, too. So sweet! Have fun looking at Christmas lights :)

  6. Adorable pics of your visit with Santa..... Love the family shot!!

    Have fun looking at the lights and enjoy that eggnog:)

    Merry Christmas


  7. I left you a little something at my place pretty lady! Beautiful pictures, by the way! :)

  8. Very cute pictures! I love Kate's dress and hair flower and how the boys coordinate with her!

  9. Now THOSE are some great Santa pics! Really!!
    And Kate's dress is LOVELY!
    You have a very beautiful family, Kim :)

  10. Cute pictures with Santa! Will is such a good sport!

    Have fun tonight!

  11. Love all the photos and love Kate's dress! Merry Christmas, Wendy

  12. Great photos!!! Have a very, very Merry Christmas!!

  13. Kim,
    That dress is absolutely gorgeous on Kate! I can't believe how great the mall photos turned out! Such a fun tradition for your family! I know you will have a wonderful Christmas!

    Miss you!

  14. I love your photos! I took the boys and Emma last week. I wanted to go before school was officially out for the holidays, but that meant me taking all three without my husband. It was sort of a disaster. My eight year old was already feeling like he is "too old" to "sit on Santa's lap"! But he conceded. We still waited in line an hour only to get to the front and Emma to start SCREAMING!!! The lady refused to put her on his lap. So...I am in the photo, and I am serious when I say that I had on no lipstick, had not brushed my hair since getting ready that morning, and was not color coordinated with the kids. BUT, we have a 2009 photo with Santa. This also meant that we only have ONE photo. This afforded me to take no photos of my own since Emma was stuck to me like a tree frog! :)

  15. Hey, tell that photo lady to move over and let you take the pictures! HAHA! Yours are much better and then you would miss any of the sweet moments. Then again, that is how they make their money right? hehe.
    I too, love the picture with Kate touching Santa's beard...it is actually quite fascinating! How adorable! Have fun looking at all of the lights! I would def. bring the eggnog...yummm!!!!!:)

  16. Sweet pictures! We will be seeing Christmas lights tonight as well. And I ALWAYS bring along the egg nog! :) Have fun!


  17. Such sweet pictures. I love Kate's dress!!

    Merry Christmas!

  18. Love it!! That Santa IS old!! Too cute!
    Merry Christmas!!

  19. Love it!! That Santa IS old!! Too cute!
    Merry Christmas!!

  20. Your boys are just the BOMB.COM!! My boys at that age would not be seen ANYWHERE near a Santa much less on a kiddie train!! Love the boys attitude for sure!! So far as my Bree getting close to a santa....NOT HAPPENING! She will wave from afar and if I so much as inch toward him, she shouts NO, get away Santa! Sighhhh maybe next year!! I did find a nice life size poster of Santa in a store, "we took one by it, but it just didn't have the same affect *know-what-I-mean*!!! In the meantime, I will just longingly look at other's bloggers cute pics or WAILING pics of their kids on Santa's lap! Love Ya 3 Peanuts~ I'm off to Dallas!!!

  21. All of you look fantastic!! Kate's dress and poinsettia are gorgeous! Yes, Santa appears to be looking awfully thin, but he looks like a good Santa. One that's very happy to have three adorable kids on his lap!

  22. LOVE Kate's dress (don't I always?!) Sweet photos - great family pics! :)

  23. Love those peanuts :) Wishing you all a Merry, Merry Christmas.

  24. Very cute!!!! : ) look at all of you with Santa : ) cute!!!

  25. You have a beautiful family :-) hope you have a wnderful Holiday Season!

  26. Very Sweet, All of the family with a Snata picture sounds like a great dinner in store, and bright lights to be seen!
    What a beautiful Family!

  27. Have a wonderful Christmas with your beautiful family today!


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