Harrison Reed is 9!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Today is Harry's birthday. Here are nine little things about Harry in honor of his Birthday...

1. Harry has a huge heart for the Lord. He is my prayer warrior and has a spiritual maturity about him that I love. He was born on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception.

2. Harry is an incredible brother. He looks up to and respects Will and he looks out for Kate. He would do anything for either of his siblings. He is so sweet with Kate and he will play all sorts of silly games with her. They invented a game called "ghostie, ghostie." He is really sweet to Scout too.

3. He is quietly brilliant. Harry is super smart but he is not that kid who is a know it all. In fact, until you really get to know Harry, you would have no idea just how bright he is. He is going to do incredible things in life.

4. He is very compassionate. We were talking about a kid at Harry's school the other day who has a lot of behavior issues. Because of this boy's behavior, he has trouble making friends. I told Harry that we should pray for the boy and Harry lovingly explained, "Mom he is just really creative and sometimes that makes him get carried away." I love that Harry could see the boy's gifts.

5. Everybody loves Harry. It is true. He makes friends easily wherever he goes (without even trying). He has a lot of charisma.

6. He is determined. Harry gives 110% to everything he does whether it is school work, judo, baseball, soccer, a board game or an art project. He is very driven and such a hard worker. The only thing he could work a little harder at is keeping his room and the playroom neat.

7. He loves to learn. Harry gets so excited every time they begin a new planner at school. He soaks up whatever the topic is (right now it is architecture) and fully immerses himself in it. Then, he comes home and teaches me everything he is learning. I love that.

8. He is humble. Harry would never tell you about his athletic or academic successes. (He'll leave that to me;) He does not brag or show-off.

9. He is creative. Harry is always coming up with clever ideas. I have posted several of his entrepreneurial ways here before.

I love you very much Harry and I am so proud of the values and morals that you display on a daily basis. I am honored to be your Mom. Happy Birthday!


You can read about Harry's other b-days here and here. I realized that I mentioned a lot of the same characteristics year to year so they must really be the ones that stick with me.


  1. He is SUCh a cutie!! Happy Birthday Harry!! I am just amazed at your posts. Bailey and i went to a motehr daughter giner bread making party and then we had snow when we never have snow!! TOO!! haha

    Love your photos!!

  2. Happy HAPPY Birthday, Harry!
    Sounds like quite an incredible little dude :)

  3. Happy Birthday Harry! What a wonderful son you have there! Don't you feel like the luckiest Mom on earth! Enjoy the birthday festivities!


  4. Happy Birthday, Harry! He is such an amazing little guy! You must be so proud to be his Mom!

  5. What a sweet boy! I love how you summarize all the great qualities of your children. You are so insightful and have such a talent for putting your thoughts in to words. Thank you for your sharing your special Harry with us! Happy Birthday!

    ps...I have a nephew named Harrison who we also call Harry. He is 8 and has freckles across the bridge of his nose too!

  6. Happy Birthday Harry!!!!
    Hope you have an awesome day!

    Blessings, Ashley

  7. Happy Birthday to your Harry! Hope he has a wonderful day :)

  8. Happy Birthday Harry! Hope the weather cooperates next weekend for your party~

  9. Happy Birthday Harry! You are a amazing boy and cute as can be too!!! Your mom is going to have her hands full when you and Will start dating!!!

  10. Awww, what a wonderful and handsome boy! Happy Birthday!

  11. Very sweet! Will you have a family celebration tonight and then the party next weekend? Do you have any special family traditions for birthdays?

  12. Happy Birthday Harry! He sounds like a wonderful young man.

  13. Happy Birthday sweet boy!!! I hope his day is as special as he is. I know you are one proud mama!

  14. Harry sounds like such a wonderful and special young man. Happy Birthday!!

    Gin =)

  15. Happy Birthday Harry! You remind me so much of my 13 year old Anna. You two share the same wonderful qualities. Have a super sports party!

  16. Happy Birthday Harry!
    You are one special boy! And very cute at that too!

    I know mom and dad are sp proud of you!

  17. Happy Birthday Harry... What a beautiful boy you are raising. He is so wise beyond his years. I hope Harry has the best Birthday ever :)

  18. Happy Birthday, Harry! You and my Jacob share the same middle name. Your mom described 9 wonderful traits about you! What a fine young man you are!! Hope your birthday has been special :)

  19. All those qualities and handsome too! Happy birthday to a great guy and best to his proud mom!

  20. Happy Birthday Harrison Reed, you are one awesome young man!

  21. Happy Birthday Harry!!!

    How do you get your pictures that big?

  22. Happy Birthday handsome Harry!!! You are a very special young man!!

  23. I know I already talked to you on the phone, Harry, but Happy 9th Birthday again! You are such a sweet, loving, talented, and very handsome boy! You are an awesome big and little brother, and a wonderful son! I know one day I will meet you in person, and I can't wait! I am so proud of you & so happy that your Mommy (my friend) has been blessed with you!

    Happy Birthday!!!
    Love, Miss Shana

  24. Happy Belated Harry!

    We love you!
    Miss Di, Mr. Jeff, Ainsley & Ruby too

  25. Happy Birthday sweet Harry!
    You know how your little guy just melts my heart. Love the pics. He is just too cute for words!
    I think my Bloglines is not working right for some reason because none of these posts resisted on it.
    Glad I stopped in to say Hi.
    Love you and Merry Christmas!

  26. Hope Harry had a wonderful birthday!! He is such a special little boy:) Cute pics!!



  27. Happy Birthday Harry!

    You are a special young man. God has BIG plans for you and I look forward to seeing what they are....that means you must tell your mom she can NEVER stop blogging :-).

    I hope you day was EXTRA special!

    Love you Kim, my TEXAS friend,

  28. Happy Belated Birthday, Harry!! I hope it was a great one. One day after my birthday. I shall remember that next year!

    Harry sounds like such a great kid! Such a special little guy!

  29. Happy Birthday to sweet Harry! What a fine young lad he is!!


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