Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Diana and I met on-line while we were awaiting referral for our daughters. Neither of us had blogs back then...we got to know one another through RQ, our Yahoo LID group and e-mails. Over the years, our friendship has grown so much. She has become one of my closest friends and it is amazing how similar our likes, dislikes and values are. I love her like a sister and feel so blessed by her friendship.

Last summer, our family visited them at their lake house in MN. You can read about it here and here.

Enjoying a margarita at one of our favorite cantinas!

We had a great time during her short visit...we took photos (of course) ate a lot, drank a little, shopped, relaxed at a day spa and we never ran out of things to talk about. We also got to watch Harry play in his playoff games. Of course, were late to one of his games and he scored another home run!!!

Di took some great photos during the games...


Harry playing 2nd base.


And catcher...

The players earn stickers for the offensive and defensive plays.


Di also took some other photos of the peanuts. She is a great photographer.





Di and Scout formed an immediate and very special bond.


Kate loved hanging out with Miss Di too...


Kate and Di perusing some decorating magazines. Thank you for flying south to visit Di. It was so wonderful:)

Tonight, Harry's team has another play-off game at the exact same time as Kate's 1st ballet recital!!!! So, tomorrow, I should have some exciting updates on both:)


  1. Love all these photos. Looks like you both had a great weekend together! :)

  2. Life is good when you have friendships that like! What a special lady Di seems to be.

  3. Dear Peanuts!!!
    Thank you for the wonderful visit!!! I loved every minute of it! Good luck tonight Harry & Kate!
    It is a blessing to call you all friends! I miss you all, and my new friend Scout too!


  4. I just had to leave a comment- there is nothing sweeter than good friends. I am so happy you all had such a great time together. That is how Lynn and I are- met through our adoption connection and have become to close- just like a sister!!!
    So sweet,

  5. So glad you had a wonderful visit! Good luck Harry and Kate~

  6. What fun!! Looks like the time together was great for you both :) Diana is obviously a beautiful lady, inside and out!!
    And wow, what great pictures!!

  7. Looks like a great visit..
    Love the photos..
    Kate's dress is adorable.. but I think I say that everytime..lol..
    Have a great time tonight..
    can't wait to see photos..

  8. Looks like I wonderful visit you and Di had! I hope you enjoyed the same pretty weather we've had in Dallas the past few days.

    Can't wait to hear about Harry's playoff game and to see pictures of sweet Kate's ballet recital!

    PS You have some beautiful spring dresses!

  9. So fun!!!

    Also, Will seems to be maturing at time warp speed???!!! I remember when he looked like a boy, well, like Harry and now he looks like a teenager!

    Love Kate's dress in the mothers day post!


  10. I'm glad you two had such a nice time together. It's amazing how many friends we meet on this journey!

    The photos are great. I love the one of Kate lying on her tummy with her hair blowing in the wind....gorgeous!

  11. Great pics! Looks like a wonderful weekend!


  12. I have been surprised at how close I am becoming to some of the ladies I have met on-line through my blog. I am so glad that you have someone special to share your motherhood adventures with :)

  13. Looks like an awesome weekend, glad y'all had such fun! She did take some great pictures.

    Good luck to Harry and Kate tonight!

  14. What great pics. Glad you and Diana were able to spend some quality girl time together- you two are my favorite blogs to read about- with 2 of the most precious girls (3 including Ainsley!)


  15. Great photos! I love your top/dress in the second photo would you mind sharing some of your favorite stores you shop at for yourself?


  16. looks like an amazing visit! gotta love great friends!

  17. I am so glad you had such a fun weekend and special times with your friend. I even think you LOOK like sisters!

    Good Luck to Harry and Kate...exciting times for you all!

  18. It's always great to have your girlfriend come and spend some good ol' fun time together!Glad you got to do that!

  19. I can't believe the fun you squeeze into a few days. Have fun at the recital!

    You and Kate have darling clothes!

  20. Such a blessing to have such a wonderful friend in Di :)
    Fabulous photos too!

  21. Good friends are one of the greatest Blessings in life. Glad you two had a nice visit.

  22. You pretty ladies look like you COULD be sisters!! What a fun visit!


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