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Tuesday, December 16, 2008
Added: I ran out of Christmas cards and ordered more~now I have extra.  So, if you are my blog friend and would like a card, e-mail me at
All weekend Kate kept telling us that she wanted to go see Santa.  We were surprised because when we went a few weeks ago, she was barely interested. Recently, I have been reading some books to her about Christmas and it seems to have clicked that "Santa brings presents."  Kate has been telling me this the last few days.
So, yesterday morning when Kate woke up she said, "Mama, I want to go see Santa."  I said, okay.  Then she said, 
"Mama, I want to go see Santa and go shopping!"
I almost fell over with delight.  That is my girl!  Those are some of the best words Kate has ever uttered. Now, in reality she hates shopping and throws fits if I take her but I took her up on her request.  We got to the Galleria at 9:45 and were the first in line....

Santa , where are you?
So we watied....

C'mon Santa
and waited....

10:00 came and went (which is when they open) and we still waited.....


Let me in~it is 10:30 people!

Mom, do you think he'll ever come?
(Santa FINALLY made an appearance at 10:45!)

I think he is coming!
Oh, wait...I think I see him!

Santa, want to see my band-aids?


Okay, I waited a really long time and now I am feeling kind of shy....

Feeling shy?
Ummm.....I am out of things to say, Mom.

Bye Santa, Can you bring me Diego for Christmas? I really like him!

Here is the "mall shot" that the boy (who reminded me of Franz from the Father of the Bride movies~the accent was so similar as he tried to sell me the photo packages~I had to bite my cheeks to keep from laughing) got!

After our visit with Santa, I decided to take Kate up on her offer and do a little shopping at Janie and Jack.  Next, we wandered into the shoe department at Nordstrom.  Kate immediately recognized the store and said, "Mama, I want to go upstairs to see the fish!"  That is so my girl.  She has only been to this Nordstrom once and she remembers it AND she remembers where the little girl shoe department is! Oh she is going to be so much fun to shop with her in a few years.

Looking at the fish in Nordstom.
I offered to take her to lunch at the cafe' but she opted to eat at home. 
 Oh well.  It was a perfect morning with my daughter.


  1. I LOVE the picture of Santa and Kate..
    Looks like he is telling her a story..
    Sounds like Kate is growing up to be a true girly girl... shopping all the way..
    What a Good girl..
    Have a Great Week..
    Hugs girly..

  2. What a fun time for you girls! She is so precious! Thanks for sharing! Ummm- can you give us a sneak peek at your tree? I just KNOW its to die for! Merry Christmas!

  3. Santa and shopping! A perfect day! Kate looks so cute talking to the big guy... she has such a funny look on her face. Adorable.

  4. What a great time!! I can't wait to have these sort of dsys of with my children!

  5. Oh how fun!! I've only had a handful of those days Sophie and Ella...On Sunday I took my two three year olds to pick out Daddy's present and I quickly realized what a HUGE mistake it was as they were chasing each other around BabyGap... Next time they will each have their "special day" with mommy...and then there is the baby!!!! Oh goodness!
    Anyway...cute pictures! Cute outfit! I just got an email that the lounge sets I ordered from Dillybops is coming!! yay!!!!

  6. What a perfect morning with your girl! I met my girlfriend at the mall last week, and while we were waiting for her Lucy and I were in Nordstrom in the girls dept...and she said...Mommy, I look at to this Mommy's ears! at Nordstrom, is there anything better???

  7. Oh, what a dream day for a Momma!!

  8. what beautiful pictures and what a fun mommy daughter morning. I wish we had a Mall here to do just malls were we live:( Love the Santa pix.

  9. Kate is surely patient...what a good girl!! She is just darling sitting up there on Santa's lap....I wish Sarah would take a cue from Kate.....she is still a no go when it comes to the man in red!!

    It sounds as though you had a perfect morning....I do see lots of shopping in your future with Kate Emerson!!

    Happy Holidays!


  10. wonderful pic captures the conversation with santa I think.

  11. Those words are golden...My daughter asks to go to Starbucks which is why I love her!!

    Love the fact I love it so much I have it!! We have worn it and worn it over and over this holiday season because it is so comfy and cute. I even have pictures of my daughter in it on my blog from black Friday..

    Great minds think a like.

    Merry Christmas.

  12. sounds like a wonderful morning!!! kate is so lucky to have you as a mommy:)

  13. I love this story. It is so nice when you can start to see yourself doing things together. What a lovely little girl who is so lucky to have days with you!

    My daughter just saw these photos over my shoulder and wants to know, "Can we go with her?" If only we lived a little closer!

  14. Oh what a morning :) I cannot wait until Mia can express her thoughts like that ~ hopefully they will be similar to Kate's and she will want to shop!!!

  15. Oh, Kim, what a lovely post! I'm so happy that you and Kate were able to have such a happy mother-daughter morning together.

    She is so adorable! How could Santa not grant her every wish?!

  16. You sound like such a great mom!!!

  17. We posed with this same Santa a week or so ago. He wouldn't even talk to my three year old little boy, which was so frustrating. My son looks completely bored in the picture because he's trying to figure out why Santa is such a dud! It looks like he was a bit more responsive to your little one. Glad for that!

  18. That is awesome. These pics of Kate with Santa are great. Yes, we would get in trouble shopping...I heart that damask outfit she has on.

  19. So sweet. She is learning quick! I am laughing because we just went to see Santa today at the mall, Myah clammed up too. And asked for a Diego video, and we went to Janie and Jack, and we went to Nordstrom and she loved looking at the fish (with Mark) while I purchased something special for her. I think we are two "peanuts" in a pod! I loved your Christmas card by the way! Gorgeous!

  20. I must second that: "Oh, Happy Day!" How amazingly patient you both were to wait in line with no Santa in sight!
    Happy for you both that Santa clicked for her.
    What a fun Christmas it will be!

  21. Sounds like such a delightful morning. I can't wait for the day to take our daughter shoe shopping at Nordstrom...I guess getting her first would be in order :) Happy Holidays!


  22. Oh, I just cannot wait for a little girl! My boys greatly dislike shopping! Kate's dress is absolutely adorable! Great post!

  23. What a sweet mother-daughter morning!

  24. It sure does sound like the perfect mother/daughter morning! (Well... except the 45 minute wait.) But Kate looks like she did an exceptional job!

  25. Just darling.....we are taking the Things this week....Sophia is totally excited and it will be Daniel's first time....and one never knows how it will go with the boy! lol

    Kate's outfit is adorable...

  26. Love the pics!! Kate is simply adorable!! And what a realistic looking Santa!

    Have a very Merry Christmas!!

  27. What a lovely start to a day -- a morning our with your princess - at the mall no less!!

  28. Sounds like a great mommy/daughter day.

  29. These pictures are sooo cute! Kamree wanted nothing to do with Santa this year!

  30. Miss Kate looks so darling on Santa's lap!! I love her outfit. And what a perfect mother-daughter morning together.

  31. I knew there was something I loved about Kate!!! She is so precious! I can imagine how "let's go shopping" would be music to a mother's ears :)

    As always, she looks absolutely adorable!

  32. Love it!! How awesome that she loves Santa now! And even more so, shopping. Oh, I can only dream...

  33. The whole post is so darn precious! I LOVE her!!!!

    And you too of course!


  34. What a fun morning! Kate looks like she really enjoyed herself. Oh how I miss Nordstrom Cafe! Merry, Merry!

  35. What a fun morning!!! I totally love the mother daughter time and to get to shop-- wow that would be amazing!!I cant imagine that day with mia-- hopefully soon!!!

    Christy :)

  36. I'm sorry Kate. Diego is going to Em's house for Christmas. I'm pretty sure you would have to thumb wrestle her for him. :)

    Merry Christmas!!

  37. oohhhh how adorable!!!!!! Love the pictures of Kate with Santa!!! My Addison is a shopper...she dropped out of preschool so she could shop with me at the that's serious! : )

  38. Yay! What a delightful surprise for you! Isn't it amazing how they change so much every day!

  39. so cute - looks like Kate loves Santa - Lucy thinks he's "scaaary". Lucy loves looking at the fish and getting a balloon when we go to Nordstroms- she and Kate might have to go shopping someday!! Hope you all are enjoying the holiday season!

    - Bridget



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