Must be Santa!

Sunday, November 30, 2008
I remember going to see Santa as a was truly magical. Taking my children to see Santa every year is one of my VERY favorite things to do as a Mom. I get butterflies in my stomach every year. I will be so sad when the peanuts get too old to do this.  When we lived in Houston before (our first 7 years of parenting) we always took the kids to see Santa the day before Thanksgiving.  When we lived in Va. we never really found a Santa tradition.  In fact, each year, I think we went a different place.  So, it was nice to resume our old tradition.

There a lot of photos (and some are not even good) but this was the first year Kate was not afraid and maybe one of the last years Will will be enthusiastic so I want to savor every single moment.
Kate and Daddy round the corner and catch a glimpse of the big man in red!
(Dress info at bottom~for those who have asked)



Waiting in line....
Kate was fascinated with Santa's gloves.

Kate did not want to talk to Santa but she posed for the photos with the bibery of one "sparkly gummy."

Will and Harry had a lot of time with Santa talking and sharing their lists.
Kate was far more interested in this chapel decoration than the man in red.

Bye Santa!

Santa gave Will some knuckles...
And Harry some skin.



After Santa and some photos...we went to Dylan's Candy Bar..
We had never been there before.  The kids loved it.  
They were each allowed to choose one thing.

Kate immediately picked up this lollipop!

May I please?
Please, Daddy?
Big lemon gumball
Harry chose a GIANT Lemon gumball!

Will opted for dark chocolate cookie dough bites.




Here is a scanned copy of the "mall photo." Please excuse the speck on Harry's nose.  It is from the scanner and no matter how many times I cleaned the scanner, it kept scanning.  It would not"retouch" in Iphoto either!

Kate's dress is made by Tra La La. It is available at a lot of on-line boutiques. To see our visit with Santa last year, click HERE.



  1. LOVE the photos..
    And put all of the pictures on here.. because they do grow out of the Santa thing.. I sooo can not wait to go see Santa again one day..
    Have a Great Sunday..
    Hugs girly..
    The kids are soooo adorable..

  2. What wonderful pictures!!! You have such a beautiful family. I love Kate's dress : )

  3. Great shots! I love Santa! He wears such a great vest in TX!!!!

    Kate's dress is stunning (just like her). Please share where it's from! I love, love, love the print and cut of it!

  4. What wonderful photos! I am so jealous of your Santa! We always had a "real" Santa we would visit in St. Louis and those are such precious photos to me - here in Australia we have never seen a single "real" Santa. I am still hoping we will find one this year to get some special photos.

    Kate looks so beautiful :)

  5. There are just TOO many great photos in this post, Kim...a blogger's dream : ) hee hee!

    Your peanuts could not be any cuter if they tried. I am glad to see Will still enjoys the man in red. I am taking Paige next weekend. I am afraid this might be the last year to believe : (

    I love the pic of Kate looking at Santa's hands, as if to be thinking, "How does he do it all?"

    Beautiful family!

  6. Cute!

    I love Kate's dress and the idea of picking one thing from the candy store...Hmmmmmm, there is a candy store right by our Santa in the Mall...what a cool idea.

    Have a great day.


  7. This time of year is so magical and the 3 peanuts look adorable. Traditions are the best!!

  8. What a great tradition for the day before Thanksgiving.

    I loved all of these photos!!
    All three of your peanuts looked so darn cute with Santa!! Looks like you had a fantastic day at the mall....I am sure the kids were in heaven at that candy store...I know I would be:)

    Have a great week!


  9. What a sweet tradition and memory for your children! When the peanuts get too old to see Santa, you can look forward to taking your grandchildren. As always, I am amazed by Kate's dress. So lovely.

  10. How fun to resume your Santa tradition again! The pictures are absolutely adorable!

  11. Beautiful pictures!! What a great Santa! Looks like he really shared the enjoyment with the kids. Love it! Thanks for sharing....

    Now if I can just get Em not to cry...


  12. Kim,
    What a sweet and wonderful day!!! Kate's dress was the PERFECT choice. I absolutely love it! She looks absolutely beautiful in it. I love the photo of her with Dave! What a special tradition! I am so glad you could do it again this year!

    I hope I can get a photo of Ruby near Santa!!!


  13. Oh what great pictures with Santa!!! I just did a similar post, but this year Mia was so scared...
    Looks like a real nice family day :)

  14. Love the photos. Kate's dress is beautiful!

  15. I am so happy that you are able to resume your tradition. I cannot wait to start those sorts of traditions with my family (I stole one of your traditions already - nutcrackers). Also, Kate's dress is just so very pretty!!

    Not much longer!!

  16. These are just adorable, every single one! Kate is beautiful in her red and white dress.

  17. I absolutely love all of the photos! Your Santa is magnificent, and you have inspired me to take my boys too!

  18. Your pictures are wonderful! Enjoy the Santa visits! Ryan (18) is way too old to indulge Mom and Dominic is really afraid of him. I only have one picture of Dominic with him and that is his first Christmas when he was too young to know the difference! I begged Dominic the other day while we were at the mall to get a picture taken with Santa. I lost that battle!!! :)


  19. Love the pictures-- they are all great!!! We need to start that tradition but I always forget about Santa- this year we will for sure visit santa.

    Great pic of you and kids-- you look beautiful!!

    Chrisyt :)

  20. The pictures are GREAT! I'm so glad you had a year with all three of them enjoying the big guy! The pictures from last year are so funny!

    If you feel like making a drive, you should come to our Santa party Friday!! Ya'll can just stay the night!!

  21. I just love this time of year and seeing everyones beautiful children with the man in red. Such a magical time of year.

  22. Looks like a perfect day with Santa! The kids all look adorable! Looks like they had fun with Santa and at the candy store!! Love Kate's dress:) Hope you all have a great week!

    - Bridget

  23. How special to resume this tradition. Looks like everyone really enjoyed their visit with Santa. Kate's dress is just adorable!

  24. Kim, you guys all look great...what a pretty family photo. I love Kate Emerson's dress. Looking back at last years photo...the boys have gotten so big and grown so tall. Such a handsome family!
    Merry Christmas to you all!

  25. Great photos!
    I can't believe what a year makes, Kate has seriously grown this past year!

    *emailed you*

  26. What great photos and memories! It's wonderful you were able to resume your tradition. The kids look like they had a wonderful time!

  27. I love your Santa photos! I agree with you, we have to get them with the big boys while we can.

    It looks like you had a fun family outing!

  28. What adorable photos. Your three peanuts are just so cute!

    I just love Kate's dress. Mia had a very similar two-piece outfit last season. It is one of my favorite outfits.

  29. Adorable pics!! My son is only 1 and a half but this is one of my favorite things to do with him already! Your kids are beautiful!

  30. What a lovely Santa photo! And what a good lookin' Santa--some of them are downright creepy!

  31. How sweet, we love Santa too! Hope to visit him this week! The kids look adorable. Kate is looking very tall these days! Glad to see that your traditions can continue now that you are back in Houston. I unpacked my Christmas decorations yesterday and found the sweet gift you sent last year, I can't wait for to put it out!

  32. Oh, how those little Peanuts melt my heart.... I love Kate's dress!

  33. How fun. Glad yall are going to be able to make some new memories this holiday season! Kate's dress is just precious. She is looking so grown up!

    I'll try and hold out for the 8th for you and Harry!

  34. So glad you were able to continue this tradition with Kate. The pics are adorable. Maggie will probably not go near dear old Santa this year!

    Saw Rachel today for our goodbye visit. I am so sad when friends move away...

    Your posts have been oh so Kimmy lately...welcome back!

  35. precious!!! I hope you are feeling more and more at home in your new place everyday...what a priceless tradition to get to continue! Hope ya'll's Thanksgiving was blessed and lovely too!!

  36. oh I hope you get this comment today. I order a lot from They carry tralala and a ton of other brands I love...I just got an email that if you type in cybermonday you will get 25% off of your purchase plus I got free shipping. I order a few things for the girls and their Christmas Eve nightgowns. Just wanted to pass along the info : )

  37. Oh the boys are so handsome and Kate is just a beautiful little princess as always. I love seeing you in the pictures and I also love the way she is watching Santa hold her little hand. Sweet.

    Our two are terrified of Santa. We can't even walk on that side of the mall! lol

  38. What great pictures! Hope you family is have a wonderful beginning to the holiday season! (I don't know about you, but seeing the first advent candle lit at Mass yesterday - made everything seem so much closer!!)

  39. What a wonderful tradition! It looks like a great Santa and all the kids look so cute!

  40. LOVE the pics! Especially Kate with the Lollipop. The blog looks great! Did you design it??
    Kim and Katiebug

  41. I LOVE the way you guys always look ready for a family photo opportunity! GORGEOUS! Way to kick off The Christmas Season! Blessings!


  42. I love the whole santa thing and it makes it so much better when the santa looks like a real santa, not someone with a fake beard. The first year we moved to OK, one of the malls had a real santa that everyone oohed and aahed over and when I saw him for the first time I totally understood why people will wait 4 - 6 hours just to have their pictures taken with him. I cannot wait to take Darci next year. The pictures are great and I am so glad you have been able to return to a santa routine that will provide many many wonderful memories!!!

  43. Oh My! Time just flies, your children are just darling, and they are growing up! I love those big lolypops. :-)

  44. How very cute!!! Looked like it was a very fun family day!!

    Have a great Christmas season!!

    Jeannine Whitacre

  45. Looks like a fun day! Love the holiday blog makeover!

  46. LOVE her dress.

    LOVE the new look.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas!!!

  47. Darling pictures Kim....the boys look so handsome and Kate looks stunning.....the picture with her by the little is my favorite.....her dress has such an Asian least it does to me.....have a great week.....

  48. Great photos- awesome looking Santa- beautiful dress- fabulous blog! Happy Holidays!

    Michelle J.

  49. Hi Kim~

    Great photos with Santa. I love Kate’s dress.

    I have a contact in China that gave me the information about the Tibet orphanage and their needs. If you’ll e-mail me at I can pass along her information and the name of organization I go through.

  50. Sweet photos. These family traditions mean so much to everyone and it is great you got so many photos that the children will cherish. Kate looks gorgeous...I love that dress. Your blog also looks great all dressed up for the holidays!

  51. kim these are all wonderful memories beautiful pics of such a perfect time.
    I am so glad everything seems to be better. You all look wonderful!
    The blog looks great!!!!

  52. Hi Kim! I love your daughter's clothes. I love to shop but have not ventured into the world of children's on-line boutiques. You may have already done this, but I would love a "how-to" post (favorite brands, boutiques, etc.).

    Happy Anniversary! Ain't love grand!


  53. These pictures are so cute~ great family pictures!! The boys are so sweet with Santa and their lists. :) Kate looks adorable in her little dress and I like Harry's giant gum ball! haha
    I'm glad you all had such a great Thanksgiving!!

  54. What a gorgeous family!

    glad your gas troubles are over - how horrible for you!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Have fun at the Circa Lighting sale!


  55. I always post about how cute Kate is and how much I love her clothes, but I just wanted to tell you that those boys of your are so handsome! You have a beautiful family. Enjoy your Holidays!


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