Happy Happy Hanukah!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I am sure if you have read my blog for even a little while, you know that we are Christians. However, I like to teach my children about all faiths and cultures of the world.  So today, we had the opportunity to attend "Hanukah Happening" at Kate's preschool.  It was so much fun....

First, we made a little dreidel...



Then, we lit the Menorah...



I am not sure of the significance of these glasses but Kate LOVED them!

Then we made necklaces.....


Then we did the Latke toss....
Now, I have enjoyed eating latkes but never tossing them!


Kate totally cheated!  You were supposed to throw from the blue line.  She just walked up and dropped hers into the pan:)

Next, the kids played "freeze dance" to traditional Hanukah songs. Kate LOVED this part and got very into her dancing.....





She was rockin out so hard, the bow had to come out!

You shake it girl! Ovey!


Again, such serious work required Kate to remove her bow.  Kate, the icing is supposed to go on the cookie, not your hair and face, sweetie!!!



Here is Katie Ru with some of her buddies from school....


"You're not going to tell them I have bacon in my kolache are you?"


Whew, thanks, Hannah!  I owe you one, girlfriend.



Hannah and Kate playing with a sculpture of the star of David.
Miss Lucy, one of Kate's teachers.

The gang.  These are Kate's peeps (Lyall, Hannah, Kate, Joshua, and Gray).

This little guy is Joshua and he speaks primarily Chinese. Apparently, he goes up to Kate and speaks Chinese to her all the time. He assumes she understands him. She kind of loves him. However,  Diego is still her number one man!  Sorry the photos are so bad.  The lighting was HORRIBLE.

I would totally have the Adam Sandler song playing with this post but I am not sure the verses are appropriate for a "family" blog:)

Happy Hanukah to all of our Jewish friends!


  1. Precious pictures! That Kate loves a celebration, doesn't she? :)

  2. The photo of her face reflecting in the star is beautiful and intriguing!

    Addressing cards tonight ;)

  3. Paige is looking at your pictures with me and all she wants to know is..."are they Hanukins?"

    I am cracking up!

    Your pics are wonderful! Kate is sooo cute and I love that you are exposing her to such wonderful things.

  4. What a fun day for Kate and you. She looks so cute! That little Joshua is such a cute little boy!

  5. This was the funniest post!! I loved your commentary under all the photos!

    The kids are just adorable and it looks like everyone had a good time learning about Hanukah!

    I have been having major problems with indoor lighting on a lot of my photos.....I still have lots to learn...one day I will figure it out!

    Happy Holidays!


  6. Such a nice post and it sounded like a special day for your daughter. How fun.

  7. What a great opportunity to experience! And they made it so fun! That's awesome!!

    Have a very Merry Christmas! Can you believe it's only a week away!?!?!

  8. this is the cutest post!!! sweet kate looks adorable, and i love all of the activities they did at school;)

  9. HOW FUN...
    LOVE all the pictures and the different events that Kate did today...
    And by the way...
    LOVE , LOVE , LOVE her outfit..
    but then again.. I don't think I have ever not loved her outfit..lol..
    Have a Great Week..
    Hugs girly..

  10. LOL loved this post!!!! I love the Adam Sandler song. He was singing it the other day on TV and I was cracking up!!!

  11. That is just a great experience! My oldest came home tonight asking if we would be having "Latke's" tomorrow night???

  12. What a wonderful celebration.
    The pics and your commentary are too sweet!

  13. Kim,

    What an adorable post. I think Kate's little man Joshua is a little doll. Miss Kate is precious as always...do you know something I noticed...she has the sweetest little hands ever! I love that she is so serious about decorating her cookie...too cute!


  14. Ainsley and I enjoyed these this morning!!!!

    Love her outfit too!! :)

    Di & Ainsley

  15. First I LOVE your children!! Kate seems so secure now in her school and it looks like from the pics, she just may be the LEADER!! I think it is so tender-hearted that the little Asian boy finds comfort in kate, makes me want to cry.. Mazel Tov!!!

  16. Looks like great fun if you ask me! My personal favorite is the latke toss...although like you, I much prefer to EAT mine!!!

    Lia's school hits on all the holidays this time of year as well. She has been alking about a phantom "sister" lately...and last week told me her sister lives in Mexico. And she celebrates Hanukah. Any professional opinions as to how to respond to that one would be appreciated!! :-)

    Hope you are enjoying the week...and it seems like you are!! I am mailing out Christmas cards today...and I put that recipe in yours...finally! :-)

  17. Absolutely precious. I love all the pictures and I think it is wonderful that Kate learned about Hanuakh. I am so glad your family routine is returning to "normal." Merry Christmas to your family and God Bless your 2009.

  18. Oh what fun! Kate just loves life and every day is a celebration to her. Mallory was the same way at that age. I love all of the photos. Looks like she had a fun time at school. That little Joshua is a handsome fellow.
    As always, Kate is precious and I love her outfits.
    Hope you are enjoying the holidays and settling in your new home. Happy happy holidays!

  19. What a fun time you all had. Love her "boyfriend"

  20. Wow, that looks wonderful! Please come and take the Christmas award at my blog..you are definitely decked out for the holidays. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Thank you for your friendship over the past couple of years. I truly cherish it.

  21. What a fun Hanukkah carnival! I think all my kids would have fun at that.

    I usually would prefer to toss latke's than eat them. I always just tolerated them at Hanukkah and don't know if I will ever have the inclination to actually make them for my kids!

    Kate seems to really be enjoying her school = that's great!


  22. Joshua is precious. I love that he talks to Cate thinking she understands him. Looks like Cate is making friends and getting adjusted. merry Christmas

  23. Love the pics. Kate is adorable and very serious in her icing decorations. G is as serious in eating icing as Kate is in decorating it.

  24. Love the pics. Kate is adorable and very serious in her icing decorations. G is as serious in eating icing as Kate is in decorating it.

  25. Too cute! At the girls Holiday Pageant they sang Kwanza and Hanukah songs along with Christmas.


    PS - I need your new address! Thanks!

  26. Love the pictures of her decorating! How is it that kids always feel that to decorate cookies the icing MUST get other places than just the cookie!! It looked like you and Kate had a great time!


  27. I love all the pictures and they look great! She is always so precious and sweet. We used to live next door to a Jewish family when I was a little girl and I was always fascinated at their getting presents each day!

  28. Such lovely pictures of one gorgeous, happy little girl - and you are an inspiration as a Christian woman teaching your children tolerance and understanding of other cultures and religions. Living in Northern Ireland I know how divisive religion can be - and it is lovely to see such a positive example of bringing other faiths to our children.

  29. That is ONE handsome little guy (don't tell Kate, but I think he's more handsome than even Diego ;))
    Looks like SO much fun!
    P.S. I believe it's spelled Hanukkah. My best friend as a child was Jewish and I still remember celebrating Passover with her :)


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