Summer Vacation

Wednesday, August 26, 2015
For the last 6 years of so, we have traveled to the Seaside (30A) area for a week of beach vacation.  I have difficulty flying and we all love this area so it makes for a great family vacation.  Some years my sister and her family join us.  This year, they could not.

Since we know our family dynamic is going to change a lot next year when Will leaves for college, I told Dave that I think we should spend two weeks there this summer. We debated it for a while as we wondered about the expense and whether we would get bored.  I searched the area we stay in on VRBO and found a house we had stayed in before.  I called the owner and got a GREAT rate for 2 weeks.

Hands down this was such a great decision.  We always have fun but this vacation definitely ranks as one of our best ever. And for that reason, I will likely post too many photos.  Also, since we were gone 2 weeks (and added a stop to New Orleans on the way home) they will be spread out over a few vacation posts.

For the first 5 days, my childhood friend, Stacy and her family stayed with us.  They live in Florida so we don't see them as often as we'd like.  Our families get along so well.  Stacy has a heart of gold and she is so much fun.  She makes us all laugh.  Her girls are the kindest, most thoughtful girls you'd ever meet and her husband, Larry is so nice and easy going.  We just love being around them.


Kylie, Larry, Stacy and Kassi.  I cannot even tell you how much we love being around them.


 These photos were right before we went to our favorite Cafe 30A for dinner.

All the kids together.

We spent most of the day everyday at the beach.


Will, Kate and Kassi.
 The water was perfection.

Harry coming in from kayaking.

We brought our kayaks and the boys took them out and went fishing a bit too.

A few years ago, I bought a camera that can take underwater photo and video.
It was a fabulous purchase.
The ocean was so clear that it almost looked like pool water.



As always, there was a lot of this going on too...

Kate never stops tumbling.  She can do an aerial now but she would not try one on the beach for me.



Kate bonded with Mr. Larry.  He introduced her to the fried bologna sandwich.  She had never had one before but she is a fan now!


Harry and Dave playing frisbee in the ocean.


Kylie and Kassi, the sweetest teenage girls you will ever meet.


Kate's favorite part of the day is when the ice cream truck comes down the street right after lunch.  She starts asking at 9:30 am what time is it and when will the ice cream truck come:)  No joke!


Kate and Kassi.  Kate loves these girls so much! 
She calls them her cousins but she told me she really feels like they are her sisters.

This last photo sums up what happens when we are around the H family...


My lens was foggy as we had just walked down to the beach from the AC.  This was going to be the first photo of our first full day.  See the two photo bombers.  I love it.

More soon.


  1. Replies
    1. Those two have the same wry sense of humor, M.

  2. I am dying over the crystal clear water!! We have stayed in Rosemary the past 2 summers and decided to do Disney instead this Spring. Did you guys go in June or July? We usually go in September when the summer rush is over and the beach is more deserted. Those pics are totally making me want to book now!

    1. We were there July 18- August 1. We have gone in June, July and August over the years and we have usually really lucked out with clear water but this year was one of the best.

  3. Where are you? We live in Washington State our Seaside is lovely but nothing compared to yours.

    1. Amy,

      This area is referred to as The Emerald Coast. It is in Fla but we live in Texas.

  4. We love Seaside and go there every summer. We are always looking for a new house to rent. Do you mind sharing where yours was? Thanks!

    1. We typically rent in the Seagrove area in a neighborhood called Summer's Edge. It is not in the thick of things but very family oriented.

    2. Thanks! That is what we like. A little solitude. :)

  5. Wow -- that looks like fun! Love the beach -- sadly Nebraska is landlocked! :)

  6. What a great decision! Looks like you had a fantastc time!

  7. I love VRBO--it's so nice to have the extra room to spread out in with a family, especially with a full size fridge! We feel so cramped in a hotel room now. Love your family photo--you are getting some contenders for Christmas cards already!

  8. Do you know where Kassi got her high-neck bathing suit? Its so cute. Also love the post.

  9. Love the photo bomb in last shot.

    You guys really are making the most of your parenting years before kids leave the nest!

  10. Perfect vacation. Making memories.

  11. I havent stopped by in awhile, and oh my goodness, can your children get any cuter, and Will just keeps getting taller!!!! I have to stop in at least once a year to see how your beautiful girl is....


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