Giant Homecoming post 2015

Sunday, October 4, 2015

For about 6 weeks, our weekends have focused on Kate's gymnastics (I have been posting on IG and FB) but this past weekend was all about the boys.  It was homecoming at their school.  Friday night is the football game and Saturday is the dinner and dance.  We did not have a homecoming dance where I grew up (all girl Catholic school in PA) but it is a BIG deal down here in Texas.

So, Harry is a freshmen and this was his first homecoming.  Will is a senior so it was his last. I will warn you that there are tons of photos here.  Here we go....

Harry asked a friend named Kate to homecoming this year. This is them at the game.


I had to get one of Harry with his sister too.


Kate Swales had a great time at the game.  She loved watching the cheerleaders and she was so excited for Will's girlfriend, Elizabeth. Will nominated his girlfriend for homecoming court and she made it.  It was fun to go the game and sit with her parents and see the court at half time.  She looked beautiful as you can see.


The Dads escorted the girls onto the field.


That is Elizabeth in the pink.

Kate gave Elizabeth roses.


Elizabeth and her Mom and her sister...



These shots are kind of yellow from the football lights (and I am too tired to correct them in photoshop).

How cute are these two?


I love this shot of Will and his friends at the game.  They are such an amazing group of kids.


Saturday was the dance.  Before the dance, groups usually meet at a house for photos and then most groups go to a restaurant for dinner.  Harry's group was going to a restaurant.  Will's group has never done that.  My friend Cathy and I have alternated years hosting them in our home.  She did freshmen and junior year and Dave and I hosted sophomore and senior years.  We serve the kids dinner and all the parents usually stay and hang out in the kitchen and eat and socialize too.  We have LOVED this tradition for the past four years and we were honored that Will wanted to do it at our house this year.
BUT, it meant that I missed the group photos for Harry's homecoming group.  This killed me.  I hated missing it. The house was kind of far away and I could not leave.  Harry's date and her parents did come to our house for a few photos though which I really appreciate.


Harry's date arrived first with her parents.





Kate and her parents.


Me and Harry.  So grateful for this shot.

Dave and Harry goofing around....



As Harry and his date were leaving, I snapped one quick photo of the boys together.  I really wish I had taken my time and gotten one of our whole family.  This is the only year they are both going to homecoming.  Will will be gone next year at college.


I asked the Moms at Harry's photo house to send me some group photos.  I HATED not being there.  This was one of those times, I wish I could clone myself.

Harry's homecoming group

Harry and his date hurried off to the photo party and dinner and Will's friends and parents started arriving immediately...


Just had to post this one for the photo bombers (Kate and Nicholas)



Some of Will's friends and their dates.

Will's best friends...David and Caroline.

Audrey and Thomas

Nicholas and Meagan

 Jonathan and Paulina

Pierce and Lauren


Elizabeth with her Mom and Dad and her sister, Katherine.


The dinner was really fun.


Kate LOVES all the girls and they are very sweet to her.







We Moms got kind of silly taking selfies with the girls behind us.





These 3 boys try to recreate this photo from Freshmen year.  It cracks me up.  Will really needs a haircut but he refused to get one.  He is getting one today!



Here is the original one from freshmen year...


We all love this group of kids.

DSC_1655 asklfj'lassvfjl DSC_1663

It was a little sentimental watching them drive off for the dance.  Several of us stood on the front porch as they drove away almost unable to believe this is their last homecoming.  It really seems like yesterday they were those awkward freshmen with their head shaved.  All of the parents stayed and ate and had cocktails and socialized at our house.  We sat outside under the string lights that Dave worked so hard to put up this week.  It was a really special night.  We talked about how much we will miss these times together when they are off in college.

I know there are a lot more photos of Will and his friends.  I am hoping next year that Harry will let us host his friends;)


  1. What a wonderful post. Harry is so grown up and handsome. I hope he enjoyed his first homecoming. What a wonderful pre-dance party. It looks like everyone had a great time. Will and his girlfriend make a beautiful couple. Such an exciting time in both of their young lives. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you so much Cyndy. Both boys had a great time and so did all us parents:)

  2. Looks like a great time! I love the picture of both of your boys in their blazers and bow ties!

  3. It looks like wonderful memories were made by all!


  4. Looks perfect. Everyone is so adorable.

    Great picture of you and Harry. My mom still has a pic of her and my brother from one of his high school proms framed in her room.

  5. Yay! A post! I've been waiting! First of all, I don't know if it's the haircut but Harry looks so much older!!! Secondly, I love that the you have the tradition of hosting the homecoming dinners. Such a great idea for all! My daughter is still very young but I am already filing this away to remember to do the same! Out of curiosity, what was on the menu? Love all the photos!

    1. Chrissy, usually I cook but we had so much going on this year that I ordered food from a local restaurant... various pasta dishes. Other helped with dessert appetizers and salads. Have a great day.

      Harry also got his braces off which makes him look older. Thank you for your kind comments.

  6. Oh, Kim! What a special and sentimental night for you. Your boys are so handsome and I'm sure are just as handsome on the inside, as well. What fun for you to get to experience this with both of them!

    1. Thank you Michele. They are really great kids.

  7. Everyone looks fantastic and looks like they had a great time. Never seen all the ribbons before. It must be a texas thing. How fun!

    1. They are homecoming mums and garters and it is a Southern thing. I posted about it before on here. Its a long tradition.

  8. What a lovely post!
    Such a wonderful evening. I sure feel your frustration not being able to be with Harry. I hope you get to host his group next year!
    Kate is as cute as ever!
    You look beautiful yourself!
    Kim, what is your InstaGram handle; I'd like to follow.
    Have a relaxing (if there is such a thing) weekend!

    1. Yes, was frustrating but he as fine with it an actually probably preferred me to not be there. It's a lot more awkward for the freshmen. If you click on the camera at the top left on the blog, it will take you to my IG.

  9. Isn't it hard to believe our kids are growing up so fast. What beautiful photos. Your boys are so handsome and Kate is beautiful. Such wonderful memories for you all to cherish.

  10. Yes, it really is. Thank you so much for the kind words.


Thank you for your kindness.