Celebrating 8

Saturday, June 7, 2014
Since Kate would not be home for her actual birthday, we celebrated last Saturday before she left for camp. When we realized Kate would be at camp on her birthday, she said, "I don't even need a party, Mama!"  And I was fine with that as we have had some great parties the last few years.  It was nice to take a year off and celebrate more simply this year.

Typically, on her birthday, we bring Kate a doughnut in bed. When I woke up on Saturday morning, I realized that I had not thought of that yet...so I ran out quickly and got her an apple fritter (her new favorite).  Everyone else (Dave and the boys) were still sleeping and I knew better than to wake them;) It is unwise to wake sleeping teens early on a Saturday morning.  Nothing good will come of it-- trust me.


I cut a few sad roses from our garden yard and put a little gift on the tray too.



As I sang Happy Birthday to Kate, she started dancing around in her bed.  She's such a happy little girl.






Thinking of a wish.




I gave her a bow with the camp name on it for her take to camp.  I actually got her two and a headband because all the bigger girls wear them at camp.  BUT I  have not seen any in her hair this week...so maybe I wasted my $!

After breakfast, we finished packing Kate's trunk and taped photos of friends and family inside (we added a few more after this photo too)....


Then Kate's best friend (and our next door neighbor), "S" came over spent the day with us.


The girls played Lego friends and American Girl dolls.  Also, on their birthdays, my kids get to choose dinner (either something I cook or a restaurant).  Since we had been invited to some friends house for dinner, we let Kate choose a place to go for lunch.  She surprised us by choosing buffalo wings.  Harry LOVES wings and I am guessing that is rubbing off on his little sister.  I did not bring my camera to lunch but everyone had fun.

After lunch we had a few presents for Kate.  She wanted knitting lessons for her birthday so I am working hard to try to find someone to teach her how to knit. That is not easy.


Kate's friend gave her Legos.  It's blurry but that picture is so very Kate.  She's a goof ball.


About a week or two ago, we were in Claire's getting something for one of Kate's friends and she spotted this Panda Journal.  Kate LOVES journals.  She has several.  She hinted heavily how much she'd like that journal for her birthday so Harry gave to to her.



You can see how much she loved it!  She even took it to camp.  Can't wait to see what she wrote:)


Kate loves to read.  Her teacher introduced her to Mrs. Piggle Wiggle books recently and I was thrilled because I remember reading them as a child too.  They're old school (published in the 40's-60's!). So I found a "treasury" of them in one book for her.




She was thrilled.  I love that our kids love books.

Will went to lunch with us to celebrate Kate but then he had tickets to a big outdoor music festival with his friends so he missed the presents and cake.

And speaking of cake, Kate wanted an ice cream cake this year.

And the AG girls had to have cake too;)




  (Harry had a bad headache that turned into a migraine.  He stayed up late at a sleepover the night before and that always triggers one.)


Kate partly picked this cake because it had a cute little cone on top that she really wanted....



Also, the night before we brought cupcakes to the gym after Kate's gymnastics practice.  She spends so much time with her teammates and they all do this to celebrate each other's birthdays.  I only had my phone for a picture.





Happy birthday sweet girl.  I cannot believe you are 8.  The time has flown by!

And if you can believe it, Will is going to be 17 in a few weeks!!!

I know that all the posts are about Kate lately.  With 2 teenage boys, I am sensitive to their privacy (and moods).


  1. adorable pictures and kate is a doll! i know you miss her terribly while she's at camp but i'm sure she's having a blast.

  2. Happy birthday! My little girl just turned 8 and you just reminded me I never snapped her 8-year pics! Kate is adorable!

  3. I have been enjoying your recent posts on sweet Kate!!! Not long now until she is home, Kim!

  4. I loved this post! Such a sweet girl! Happy Birthday, Kate!

  5. She is precious and you are a great momma :)

  6. Happy birthday. She is a doll. Love the suitcase!!


  7. Lovely post, she is so happy and your photography is wonderful, too.

  8. Happy Birthday, Kate! Love how your photos capture her personality! On a side note- have you ever done a house tour? I would love to see one? Although I also understand if that you prefer to keep that private. I just bet your house is beautifully decorated. :) From what we can see it is. :)

  9. Poor Harry looks miserable...hope the migrange wasn't too long or awful.

    Kate looks so excited in bed! Adorable!

    I loved Legos as a kid, but was always annoyed there were no girls. I drew on the blocks and on the men to give them girly hair and faces. Can't believe they just came out with "girl" ones...I would have been all over them!

  10. I adored the Piggle Wiggle books!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to read those to my boys. I'm thinking when they are closer to 7-8, so just a few more years :)

  11. Adorable, adorable, adorable! I love the pictures of her dancing to "Happy Birthday" in bed - such a genuine smile :) Glad she had a great day.


  12. Happy Birthday. What a blessing she is!!! Lovely photos, all!!! My Sullivan has the Panda Bear Journal. You gave her a lovely send off for camp!!


  13. Great Birthday Pics.... Such a blessing!!! Always so joyous!!! Sullivan has the Panda Journal....Know you're very glad she's home!!!!

  14. re the knitting lessons: an older neighbor or church friend might love to spend a few hours one afternoon teaching kate.


  15. Happy belated 8th, beautiful Kate! Wow time really does fly! She just oozes happiness.

    Gin =)


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