At the Beach

Tuesday, June 17, 2014
We are taking our annual Seaside beach vacation a little earlier than we usually do this year.  It is just us here this week. My sister's family always joins us but they could not make it this week and we miss them so much!

We are having beautiful weather so far and it's been fun.  Of course, every year is a little different due to the ages/stages of our kids.  This year, Will gets up kind of early to go fishing (5am one morning).  That certainly did not happen last year! Harry alternates between fishing and skim boarding and trying to catch blue crabs.  And Kate is looking for friends at the pool and beach and this little lake off the beach that all the kids love.  It is kinda gross but all the kids hang out there. And Kate makes friends quickly:)

I always get a photo of Kate coming down to the beach on our first full day....



I cannot even express how much I love his bathing suit. I buy most of Kate's suits very inexpensively on Zulily, Target, etc.  But when I saw this one, I had to splurge.  It is from Albionfit and it is so well made and so beautiful.

Will and Harry are doing a lot of fishing...


Since Sunday was Father's Day we needed some beach snappies with the world's most awesome Dad.



Dave is an incredible father. He is so patient and loving with our kids.  He knows where to draw that perfect line between being a fun and "friend" kind of Dad and being in charge and shepherding them into being great adults. We are very blessed to share this life with him.  He always puts me and the kids first. Always.

People ask me sometimes why I don't mention my Dad on the blog.  My parents divorced when I was about 13 and I don't have a relationship with my Dad at all.  In general, I have been fine with that but I do think it is kind of sad that he does not know what incredible grandkids he has. That makes me appreciate the kind of father Dave is even more. I was lucky enough to have a fabulous step-father for about 20 years but he passed away from Parkinson's disease just before we adopted Kate.

Moving on, here are few shots from the first day we got here.  We arrived late afternoon and had the BEST lunch at the Red Bar in Grayton Beach!  Then we had a few hours at the beach that day...

seaside 2014_7781

Total coincidence but I love how our sand toy bag coordinates perfectly with Kate's suit:)


Dave and Will went to the grocery store and I unpacked the house and took Kate and Harry to the beach.



Kate and Harry caught a blue crab in the lake/tide pool thingy.  And they cooked it up and ate it.  They loved it.




These two have such a special relationship. I love it.

Dave and the kids on Father's Day....


 And then I jumped in for a quick shot too...


Yesterday we swam with dolphins in the ocean.  I put a shot on Instagram.  I'll post more soon.
Internet is very weak in our beach house but I'll try again tomorrow.


  1. So glad you are all having a great time! Land caught and cooked blue crabs last week too. I already miss being at the beach, it goes so quickly, so enjoy every single minute!!!!


  2. Sorry you don't have a good relationship with your father because he is loosing out! My husband and I come from crazy family relationships and while we would like it to be different we know it helps us to appreciate and make better choices for our children. Love the beach shots!

  3. Looks beautiful! I cannot wait to see more pictures! We are heading to Rosemary Beach in September and I love looking at your blog posts from previous years for ideas of places to see and eat. :)

  4. Oh my gosh, Kate's swimsuit is ADORABLE! I wish they came in my size!!

    Looks like you guys had great weather, too. Can't beat that :)

  5. Beautiful pictures! I love your shorts. Can I ask where they are from?

    1. Rebecca. I got them this season at jc Penney They are Joe Fresh brand and I love them. They look cuter when I'm standing up πŸ˜‰. Kate' s are lace too and I found hers at Marshall's last week!

  6. I appreciate that you are candid and I am always inspired by your pictures. Beautiful family!

  7. I LOVE that last shot of you with your beautiful Peanuts on the swing! Kate's suit is adorable and I love how she's photo-bombing Harry. Funny girl.



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