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Friday, June 6, 2014
Kate seems to be having a blast at camp!!!

Lots of people have asked how I am doing.  I am doing well.  I have not had one moment of anxiety or nervousness or worry for her.  But I have had a few sudden waves of emotion where I just miss her terribly.  They come on suddenly and pass quickly.  But I miss her smile, her laugh and her joy.  It is almost impossible to be in a bad mood around Kate because she's so happy.  She's my buddy.  I miss her bright, sunshiny self.  I really enjoy my kids' company. {And let me say I have been loving some special time with Harry this week.  Will has been working a lot and has water polo practice too:( }

Of course, I search the camp parent website a few times daily for any photos of Kate. It is easy to spot Kate because there are exactly 2 Chinese girls at camp this week!!!  And there have not been as many photos as I would like.  In fact, I was really disappointed on her birthday (Tuesday) when there was not one photo of her! I just needed to see her little face that day.

I did get a call from the camp Mom and she told me Kate is having fun and that she got her 3 top class choices (cooking/baking, equestrian care and hip hop).  She is making lots of new friends and having fun.  

Here are a few photos from camp....

Cabin mates Day 1

These are from the first day with her cabin mates and dancing...

dancing day one

On the waterfront with someone we know from home:)

water slide

Western Night...

Western Night


A frozen themed party...


These are from Kate's cooking class...

cooking corner

Can you spot her in the middle above?  She's clearly the youngest/littlest in the cooking class.
I hope the big girls actually let her cook:)

\\cooking class

(she's in the front right corner)

This is my favorite picture so far...


new friends

  I was so cheered up when I saw these last two photos this afternoon.
 She looked so happy and so in her element.  I as SO glad she went away to camp.  
It has been worth my waves of sadness.

Then I spotted these letters that came today.  So funny.  I send self addressed stamped stationery with the boys each year and they NEVER write (except for the one little postcard the counselors make them send).  I gave Kate 3 little notecards and all 3 came today (one for me and Dave, one for my Mom (Mimi) and one for Harry).  I am so thrilled that she wrote to us.  The boys need to step up their letter writing this year!


Kate spells very phonetically:) And she has dyslexia so she transposes some letters too.
 I'll translate if needed...

Dear Mom and Dad,
I am having a blast at camp.  The bus is a really long time.

So what is going on at our house?

A list of what happens:
The shower is freezing.
Horse back riding is not as fun as I thought but I do like it.
I had a swimming test and the water is freezing.
I went to the camp store.
I made new friends.
I am in Katie's cabin.



  1. Wonderful news. She seems to be having a blast. I hope that makes you feel better too. Loved her letter too. Can't wait to see the pictures of her when she gets home.

  2. That was interesting when I was reading Kate's letter. I have followed your blog since before you went to China to get her. My daughter will be 8 in Aug. and I just had her fully evaluated and she has dyslexia too. We are doing vision therapy this summer with a local optometrist. It is so hard to see them struggle like that. When I saw Kate's b's and they were made into d's and how she phonetically spells things...I knew before you even said that she has what Annika has. I just love your family. You are doing such a wonderful job rearing your children. I have 3 boys who are 26, 24 and yes, please enjoy every second with your children....they will be gone before you know it. And I am only I feel like it all went in a blink.

  3. That camp looks like a blast and I love the sweet letter she sent you guys! How fun! But, I bet you are excited for her to come home!

  4. I knew exactly what she was saying! So adorable. She does look like she is having so much fun. I went to overnight camp once and got so homesick I never went back. I was a bot older and all the girls had been going to camp together for years. Wish I had started younger!

  5. This is SO CUTE! Brings back so many happy memories of me going to camp when I was a little girl. I know your reunion will be worth the waves of sadness!

  6. Glad that she is having such a great time. It's a big step for her and it seems that she is handling it all so beautifully. You must be relieved!

  7. How precious!!!! Summer camp is my fondest memory of growing up!

  8. I just came across your bog & I will definitely be reading along now! This is such a sweet post and it really looks like she is having so much fun at camp. I am a dance teacher and it made me smile to see that she is taking hip hop class :) She will love it! Looking forward to reading more of your posts

    xo Kelli

  9. How cute to watch Kate grow up. I hope she enjoys the camp!

  10. I understood the letter perfectly. I giggled at the "double comment" about the freezing water. She looks like she is having a GREAT TIME!! There is NO WAY they would have gotten Bre of that horse!! That child LOVES horses!!!

  11. Camp looks incredible!!! And Kate's letter? Beyond precious! A keeper to be treasured for many years to come. No problems understanding it at all! She certainly got her points across....the water at camp is freezing, btw! Lol! Love it!

  12. Wow, that sounds like an awesome camp! Wish my daughter had a camp like that to go to. I'm in NW Indiana and I don't know of any camp around that offers any of those activities. Glad your daughter is having a great time.

  13. Oh my word! This might be one of my favorite posts yet! It looks like Kate had an amazing time at camp! How fun to see all of these pictures too!


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