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Saturday, March 29, 2014
So, it was just Rodeo time here in Houston.  Dave and I went a few weeks ago to the BBQ cook-off.  That was interesting and fun. Loads of good people watching! Will has gone a few times a night with his friends.  But we usually go as a family during Spring Break.  I remember last year thinking it might be out last year to all go together.  I knew that at almost 17, Will would be going with friends this year.  And Harry was in Europe on the coast of France and Spain this day so he missed it too!

I invited one of Kate's good friends from school to join us and they were sooo cute.  They walked around the whole rodeo carnival either hand in hand or with an arm around one another.  It was so bright and one of my cameras is broken so I am not thrilled with the shadows/overexposure of some of my photos but I LOVE looking back over the years at our rodeo photos. It brings back good memories.


Kate and her friend, Maria.

They held hands the whole cute!

First, we rode the ponies.  We always do that first because the line gets long.  The sun was so bright that each photo has Kate in the shadows of the tent.  I tried a fill flash and that blew the photos out.  But I got this...



Immediately after the pony rides, we went to the petting zoo. 
I love how I caught the cone mid-air in the photo below..  Dave was feeding a goat and he pulled it right out of his hands.  That little deer came right up to Kate's face:)

Kate's friend Maria was really nervous in the petting zoo so she did not last long. I cannot blame her. Years ago, I was was thrown down by a mean llama in the rodeo petting zoo and I still have flashbacks! Kate and I do love petting on the little goats though.  They were sweet.

After the petting zoo, the girls wanted to go on some carnival rides...



I think we went to eat after that. Rodeo food is awesome (it's all junk food). It is not the way we usually eat but we throw caution to the wind and eat the decadent food that is there. I had cajun shrimp and Dave had sausage. I think the girls had burgers.


I love this shot of Kate and Maria just before the pig races.

After lunch, we went to the pig races. This is a rodeo tradition too.  Both of our boys used to love the pig races.  They pick kids from the audience to lead the crowd cheering on a pig for that section.  Will and Harry had been chosen when they were younger but Kate has always been pretty reserved (shy).  This year, she was picked though!




After the pig races, the girl did a few more rides...the carousel and the swings/spider thingy.




We promised the girls a"sweet treat" of their choice on the way out.  If you've never been to a Southern carnival, you will not appreciate the "fried" food options available at Rodeo.  The girls chose fried ice cream.  I think they liked it!  I opted to try fried Strawberry Shortcake.  It looked tasty but it was not so good.

DSC_6807 DSC_6815
DSC_6819 rodeo_6818


 Bye bye Rodeo 2014~See you next year!

UPDATE: A few of you are praying for the girls injured on Harry's trip.  One of them returned to the US and needs surgery on her ACL.  The other girl was moved out of ICU this week and is still recovering in Spain.  She will be there another month due to the extent of her injuries.  Her name is Leslie and I am sure they would appreciate continued prayer.


  1. I so enjoy your blog but do not think I have ever left a comment. I will pray the girls that were on Harry's trip. Do you mind sharing what happened? Please keep up updated.

    1. Denise, They rented these small vehicles called go cars and they crashed on the last night of the trip in a traffic circle in Barcelona. They hit a pole and one girl was ejected from the vehicle. The girl who is till there broke her clavicle, 8 ribs and punctured a lung. This was NOT part of the tour but a few girls and a few parents went "off tour." She and her parents will be in Spain a month recovering, It is very sad. Thank you for the prayers.

    2. Oh how sad, I hope she gets excellent medical care. Will keep her and her family in my prayers.

  2. Rodeo looks like so much fun!! And so does your warm sunny weather!

  3. Looks like a blast! Kate and her friend are so cute. That pic of them before the pig races looks like an ad for something!!!

    I'm so sorry to hear about the girls on Harry's trip. I hope Leslie is able to get back home soon. Sending prayers...

  4. Kate and her friend are so adorable together! I'm glad everyone had a great time at the rodeo. I love the live carousel! That's definitely a great way to keep things interesting. Also, the ambience of the petting zoo is quite peaceful. I love how perfect that visit was. Thanks for sharing all the fun! All the best! :)

    Darren Lanphere @ Mirr Ranch Group


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