spring break beach day

Monday, March 31, 2014
Each year during Spring Break, our good friends invite a group of us to their beach house.  Due to Harry's Spain/France trip, Will's water polo schedule, Kate's intense gymnastics schedule and my work, only Kate and I could slip away for about 24 hours.  It was so needed though and it was very relaxing. We had an awesome time.

I did not take a ton of photos (like I usually do at the beach) but Kate had a ball with her friends.


Kate looks so grown up to me in this shot.


This is Kate's friend, Layne (her family invites us each year).

As an added bonus (and surprise) there were come other little friends from Kate's school there too.


The girls dug a hole and all sat around it with their feet inside.  They took turns filling a bucket with water from the cold ocean and pouring it in the hole. They did this forever and laughed and giggled each time.  It was so cute!

Kate loves her girlfriends but she is equally as happy and comfortable playing alone (which I love).


She is just the HAPPIEST little girl!


The water was really cold but it did not stop them...



And of course, cause my girl's gotta tumble so there was some of this going on...



Her muscle tone astonishes me.  I wish I had it!
This was Kate's first time in the sun this year but she looks SO dark to me in these photos.

And my favorite photo of the trip...


Both of Kate's bathing suits are can be found here.


  1. she does look like such a big girl! i sure love her long hair!! and i love that shot as well!! little stud!

  2. I love that last shot, too. I can't get over how long her beautiful hair is getting, and don't you wish we could tan half as nicely as our girls ?!

  3. Cutie-pie! She is getting so tall! Maddy loves seeing your videos of her gymnastics when you post those!

  4. Even if you only had 24 hours, it looks like you had a great time!

  5. Gosh, she has grown up from that precious baby!!!! beautiful family and love your sweet blog!
    -Linda, NY


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