Update Grande

Wednesday, March 27, 2013
It has been so long that I don't even know where to start.  I have come to not really like the word "busy."  We are all busy.  I guess I had no idea how my office business was going to shift around everything else in my life.  I have always worked a bit here and there speaking, coaching, and teaching classes.  But I completely underestimated how expanding my business would change everything. Time slips right through my fingers every single day.

My first priorities have always been God, marriage and children.  I've been able to manage that okay over the last 15 years. I sifted in volunteering, blogging, managing our home and various health issues, Bible studies, socializing etc as I could.  But sifting in a huge increase in public speaking, seeing clients and developing The Nurtured Home has really rocked my world. I feel so blessed that things are going well.  I feel so honored that clients choose me to help them with their families and marriages and relationships.  And although I sometimes wonder if I have taken on too much, I really LOVE everything I am doing. I am just trying to figure out our new normal.

So, I have done this by trying to be ultra intentional with my time.  As two of the peanuts schools asked me to be on the PTO boards next year, I politely declined.  But I did say yes to being a mentor mom at Will's school and working in the school store with Harry once a week.  I am trying to chose the things that will mean most to my family and that I can actually do.  It is hard.  I am learning to say no every day.  I have so much empathy for single moms (Dave has been traveling a lot) and other moms who work full time.  It seems impossible to do it all well.

Blogging fell by the wayside.  I LOVE blogging. I love having my family memories here.  I love connecting with other people here.  I love the creative outlet.  I won't stop blogging.  I just think that it might be  kind of sporadic until I figure out how to manage my time better.

So, to catch y'all up on Miss Kate...

She has lost her 2 front teeth!!!  I am going to take some photos of her "toothless" look tomorrow or this weekend and I will post them soon.  I have not really used my good camera much.  I lost Photoshop when my computer crashed last December and I am so frustrated that I cannot make simple edits on my photos (like brightening or contrast).  Also I got a new phone and I instagram a lot.

Also, Kate did join the competition team at our gym. I am so proud of her.  We are taking a break from violin so that she can manage the commitment.  She works really hard and she is so focused.  She was moved up from Level 1 to Level 2 within a few weeks.  She amazes me because she only started recreational gymnastics last fall and I almost did not let her do it because of ballet.  I did not want her over-scheduled.  Now at level 2 she practices 3 hours a day MWF and she never complains.   She loves every second of it. In fact this was our conversation the other day...

KATE: You did gymnastics when you were little, right?
ME: Well, yes Kate but it was so different back then and I was not really on a team.

KATE: Mama, I think you should get a job as a coach at my gym.
ME: Well Kate, I already have a job and I love what I do.  Why do you think I should be a coach?

KATE: Well, you get a really nice black t-shirt with the name of the gym on it.  And if you were a coach, I could go everyday!  But there is already a coach Kim, so you would have to change your name!

Here I thought she wanted more time with me but really she wants more time at the gym!!!

Switching gears here....

I also want to do a little update about Kate's academic progress.  Last year, I really agonized about whether Kate should do an encore presentation of kindergarten.  I just want share with you (in case anyone is contemplating it).  It was the BEST decision!!!!  Everything clicked this year both socially and academically.  And while she was not terribly behind in any one thing, her confidence is just so much better this year.  She is a leader.  And even though she was diagnosed with dyslexia in the Fall, she is reading at a GREAT level now (near the top of the class). We have worked really hard with her and it all just clicked this year.  I really cannot emphasize how happy I am that we gave her an extra year.  It is like things came into focus for her this year.


Also, last week (or 2?) was our annual trip to the rodeo...  We had a very nice time.  I think this might be the last time our whole family goes together.  Will is almost 16 and next year...he will be almost 17 and I think he will opt for going with his friends.  The only reason he went with us this year is that he was working when his friends went.


The boys wanted to wander around a little bit together so we split up.  I had the camera so there are lots more pics of Kate:)


In the petting zoo....


Lots of the animals chew on your clothes.
They did eat some holes in her tank top that was under this pink shirt:(


Kate was brushing this little guy while holding her nose from the stench:)





Kate really wanted a caramel apple.  Last year, she did not get to have one because she did not eat her dinner the night before.  She came up with a very creative solution last year and brought a regular apple and a stick to the rodeo.  This year though...she got that caramel apple right away.  And she was a big goof with it!



We met back up with the boys and Harry rode the big slide with Kate.
 I  just love that they held hands:)



Harry and Will are phenomenal big brothers!





The first time we took Will to the Livestock Show and Rodeo, he was a toddler and he LOVED the tractors. He basically spent the whole time sitting and pretending to drive them.


And now, in a few months, he will have his license.  This time, Will sat in all the real cars and trucks.
 I tell ya.
It really does go by in the blink of an eye!!!


Speaking of cars, the bumper cars are always a favorite with the peanuts.
Harry was kind enough to go on the little kid ones with Kate...



I just noticed that Kate matched her car perfectly!!
I wonder if she did that on purpose?

After that it was onto the big bumper cars.
 For years and years, Harry had to ride with Will because he could not reach the pedals and that always bothered him.
I was very glad that he could go solo this year:)





I love their facial expressions.  Will is serious.  Harry is having a blast!



Here they are about to slam into each other!




We also went to the carnival at Will's school where Harry won 2 goldfish (much to my dismay).
He gave them to Kate.  One died within a week (Goldie).
But the other one (Silvery) is still going strong.
 Like I needed one more thing to take care of!!


One more little update on Will.
He is playing water polo for his high school and it is going really well.
He loves it and he scored his first goal last week!  It is a tough sport y'all!


I really do promise to get back to a regular blog routine.  Thanks for being patient with me as I figure it all out.  And thank you to those who reached out to check and see if we were all okay:)


  1. The fish story made me giggle. I think every adult in America hopes their kids don't win fish that are sure to die a week (or day) later.

    So happy your new business is going well. Tell us more about your speaking engagements! Is that part of your counseling business or something different?


    1. KK,

      I was invited/hired to give three talks this month. One was to middle school teachers on Positive Communication ( really not yelling at the kids!) The second talk was at a church on how to have more fun in your marriage (fun date ideas and how to get out of a negative rut). And the most recent one was sponsored by a grant at the Jewish Community Center and the topic was "What your marriage is teaching your children." That was my favorite one I think! I have been doing talks for 20 years but I don't usually have 3 scheduled in one month on completely different topics so it was a lot of work.

      Hope you are well. I feel bad that I have not been checking in on my fave peeps!


  2. what a great sight to see your update pop up on my blog roll. I couldn't wait to see what you all were up to....looking forward to seeing that toothless grin, donna

  3. Enjoyed this update . . . I had a feeling your absence was due to the success of your counseling business, and I'm so happy for you! I would love the chance to hear another podcast, like the one you did with Sibi several months ago. I thought that was fantastic!


    1. Thanks so much Jen. I will be doing blog talk radio podcasts weekly when I launch The Nurtured Home (very very soon). There will be specific topics and guests.

      Maybe you could be a guest to talk about adoption???

  4. I am so happy when your posts pop in my reader feed, Kim! You are such an inspiration to me while I'm in school pursuing my Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy. Thank you for sharing with us!

  5. Glad to see an update and that everything is busy but going well!

  6. When did Will get so tall? Wow. His whole demeanor just screams "grown up!" And there truly is no harder sport than water polo. It's actually a pretty brutal sport with more going on under the water than you can possibly see. I love to see the special relationship between Harry and Miss Kate, who is as darling as always!

  7. I've been wondering where your were! I can't imagine juggling everything that you have on your plate.

    Kate looks SO tall!

    Rodeo looks like fun. One day I'll make it to a real one. There aren't too many in NYC, not sure about Baltimore!

  8. Happy Holy Week! I hope the weekend offers you a rest from your regular routine. Adorable Photos!

  9. so glad to see your update! It's crazy, but I feel I know you and was worried when you hadn't posted :) You sound crazy busy! I am sure you will figure out a routine soon. Just pop in here to say hi so we won't worry!

  10. I've been thinking of you! So glad to things are going so well in your new business. After listening to your podcast, I'm not surprised at all! You really are gifted at what you do.

    I love all of the fun pics you posted of your day at the rodeo. Between the dimples AND the new smile Kate is killing me with the cuteness!! Seriously.

    Gin =)

  11. So good to hear from you Kim! Seeing pictures of your family literally always puts a smile on my face. Been away but am home now but heading off again for a few days, next week everything gets back to normal! I am so happy to hear things are going well with your job/work decision.
    Really happy to hear the school situation was the right one for Kate, sounds it all worked out perfectly. Glad things are goings so well.....but that you are still getting to enjoy life and your family despite the busyness. So important to stop and savor the little things. All the best!

  12. Hello! I happened upon your blog through Di Rouse's blog and I wanted to thank you for your comments about Kate's "kindergarten encore". My husband and I made the decision to do this with our late summer bday son and I have been very anxious about what it will be like next year in round two. It's great to hear positive things about your experience.

    Good luck finding your balance.


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