4th of July

Thursday, July 5, 2012
Oh my goodness...we have had a lot of stuff going on and I will write more about all that soon...but tonight I am EXHAUSTED so I am going to make this quick.....


Our neighborhood has a great little 4th of July celebration.  We almost did not go this year due to some things but we rallied and went afterall.  In years past, Harry, Kate and I have all won the hula hoop contest and it is funny how people recognize us now for our mad hula hooping skills.  Anyway, I was in no mood to hula this year (very sore from my weight lifting class PLUS my plantar fasciitis (read excruciatingly sore foot) is back and a very stressful late night before).  But the kids did great....


Kate is ALL business with the hula hoop.  Some little boys hoop kept hitting her face and she spun on!



Yup--she WON!!!!

She shared 1st place with one of her little best friends, Layne....


Then it was Harry's turn.....



And he won 1st place too!!!!  He even beat all the girls in his age group!

If only there were corporate sponsorship or Olympic hula hooping, our family would have it made!!!

The it was time for the bubble blowing contest.  Harry won that last year too and he has been practicing  for a few weeks.  A teenage girl almost beat him but in the end it was a tie for 1st!


I am not sure if this was the winning bubble or not (they blow them during an entire song).



After the contest!

{Will has been doing a junior life-guarding program and he had to work the morning of the 4th.  He LOVES it though.  He cannot wait to finish his certification and work for $!  He has been working for free so far!}

Later that day, we went to our one of our best friend's house for a delicious cookout and fireworks.  I snapped a few photos as we were walking out the door...




  I brought a caprese salad with fresh basil from our garden and a spinach, feta, pine nut and strawberry salad with this dressing.  The dressing was DIVINE!  Although I make that salad a lot, I had never made that particular dressing before.  Try it.  It is so good. I will definitely make it again.

We had a nice day even though Dave was fighting bronchitis and we were dealing with some other stuff that I'll blog about soon.

Hope y'all had a great 4th of July!!!

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  1. Love Kate's dress!!!! I thought of you today when I took the kids to see Spiderman!! I think you will have many people tell you how much Will looks like him!!!

  2. You all look great, but I LOVE your outfit. So so cute! Where did you find your chambray shirt? I've been looking for one for ages.

    1. Thank you so much. That shirt is not actually chambray (I have been looking for a short sleeve chambray one too). It is a french blue linen shirt from Banana Republic. It is a camp shirt and I got it about a month ago online.

  3. Love the bubble pop photo! Hope it came out of his eyelashes easily- haha. I have plantar fasciitis too, and just thought I'd let you know that yoga really helps me. I'm not great with the pose names but I believe the ones that help me the most are the warrior poses (the one that looks like this: http://www.a2zyoga.com/img/poses/Veerasana.jpg , with the bad foot in back) and down dog. Hope that helps you, too!

  4. Love that bubble pop photo! Hope the gum came out of his eyelashes easily- haha. I have plantar fasciitis too, and just thought I'd let you know that yoga really helps me. The poses that help me the most are down dog and warrior (I'm not great with pose names, but I'm referring to the one that looks like this: http://www.a2zyoga.com/img/poses/Veerasana.jpg , with the bad foot in back). Not sure if you've done a lot of yoga before, but just to warn you, down dog HURTS the first few times, especially in the heel for me, but it gets better. Hope that helps you too!

  5. First , I WANT your closet!!!!!!
    Second , praying for you and your family. Life isn't easy but it is worth it .

  6. LOVE the picture of the boys holding Kate! You could win a contest with that one! :)

  7. What a darling family you are!

  8. What a lovely pictures full of love happiness and joy, congrats on your family:-)


  9. I love your outfit!!!! I was thinking of you today, as I have been feeling - yucky and about 100 years old (pulled a trapezoid muscle). Anyway, was thinking I really need your clean eating and fitness regime, stat, to feel good again. Skinny hubby just found that he gained 10 pounds so he is ready to join me. : )

  10. Kim- Such fun 4th pix!! Totally feel your pain on the plantar fasciitis- the summer kills me with all the cute FLAT shoes (including my beloved flip flops). I found a pair of Spenco flip flops that aren't the cutest but also aren't terrible and wearing them for a day or so clears things right up for me! Maybe you could try too?

    AND- HOORAY for your Rally Cap photo. So exciting and ALL AMERICAN.


  11. I LOVE YOUR SKIRT! It is so cute. You look awesome.

  12. Looks like you had a great 4th!!! Love the last photo of you and the kids........ Always dressed to the nines!! You look fabulous as always:)



  13. Congratulations Kim!! Awesome photo! Also congrats to THE PEANUTS!! They seem to be having a great summer!!!

  14. I really like your skirt. Would you mind telling where you found it? Thanks


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